Redneck romance

And I thought James wasn't very romantic!

Not every guy will pressure wash your initials in a heart on your back stairs!

It could be worse

I was only gone Saturday night and I guess James kind of went on a bender while I was away…

Check out all the empty water bottles on the floor by the chair!

I guess it could be worse… 😉

14 weeks

It’s hard to believe it, but I’m 14 weeks pregnant!! We made it past the 13.5 weeks from last time and everything seems to be going great.  And, if you notice from the picture below, I’m steadily getting bigger! 🙂

Side view of the belly!

This weekend my Mom and I went to Iowa for my cousin Clare’s wedding shower.  It was going to be quite a drive (around 2.5 hours to Kewanee, another 2 hours to Solon, Iowa, and then the 4.5 hours home) and I was a little worried because I’d been pretty tired lately.  Thankfully my Mom understood my problem and easily agreed to meet me in Peoria the day before the shower. This way I left my car at the OSF parking garage and she drove us back to Kewanee and then after the shower back to Peoria, which cut my driving down to 3 hours instead of 9!!  Thank you Mom!! 🙂

We had a great time at the shower and were able to surprise everyone with the pregnancy! While some people at work knew, I hadn’t said anything to most of my extended family so it was quite a shock when I showed up with the belly! Everyone was really excited and it was good to spend time with some of the Davis side of the family.  It also got me excited for Clare’s wedding, taking place in August! She’s going to make a beautiful bride!

Father’s Day 2011

For Father’s Day we had James’ Dad and Alice over for lunch.  We had just seen them a few weeks ago, but it was still great to have them over to the house!

For dinner we had a steak cooked out on the grill, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, homemade rolls, and cherry delight! Way too much food, but it was all very good!

Afterwards James took his Dad out to see the new barn because he hadn’t seen it yet, and Alice and I chatted while she helped me pick up the kitchen.  When the guys came back in we sat down and chatted for a bit longer, but I kept yawning and yawning, so they decided to head out so I could take a nap! Sadly enough I think I was in bed before they made it out of the driveway!

June visit from Mom

Sunday my Mom came down to visit with us.  It was great to get to see her and we crammed a lot into our day!

We started by grilling burgers on the grill for lunch and then went into Forsyth & Decatur to do wedding shower shopping for my cousin.  We had a full afternoon of shopping, but once we got home we planted the flowers my Mom and brought me and then did a walk around the yard.

After such a full day I was pretty tired, yet James had a great idea about going to Clinton for dinner and a movie, so off we went! What a wonderful ending to a great day!

The next morning Mom was heading to Bloomington to visit with my Grandparents while James and I went to work, but we did take a few minutes to get some pictures first!

Mom and Kona out in the front rose garden

Notice the little baby bump? Isn’t it cute?

James and Kona

First trimester screening

Today we went for our first trimester screening.  This basically consists of an ultrasound of the baby and blood test (from me) to identify any potential risk of the baby having Down’s syndrome, Trisomy-21, Trisomy-18, and other fetal abnormalities.  Once again (and probably for the rest of the pregnancy), I was a nervous wreck because I wanted to make sure the baby was alive and healthy.

James went with me and was fascinated by the numbers the nurse gave us when she was explaining the test and its likelihood of identifying abnormalities correctly and the rates of false positives.

The accuracy of the test is 85% with a false positive rate of 5%, which means:

  • Approximately 85 out of every 100 babies affected by the abnormalities addressed by the screen will be identified
  • Approximately 5% of all normal pregnancies will receive a positive results or an abnormal level.
  • A positive test means that you have a 1/100 to 1/300 chance of experiencing one of the abnormalities.

Resource – First Trimester Screen: American Pregnancy Association (2006)

James was so into it, he actually had her go through all of the numbers again just so he could remember them to use on a test question for statistics.

After hearing all about the screening, we finally got to the part I’d been waiting for, the ultrasound.  I kept my eyes focused on the screen and almost as soon as she started I saw the baby (which was much bigger than last time) and the little heart beat!  The little one was moving all around and spring boarding off my uterus like it was a trampoline! We got to see five little fingers on one of the hands, as well as the baby’s little nose.

Here's the little Gummy Bear at 11.5 Weeks!

Unfortunately, when the technician went to get the measurements for the screening, the little one decided it was nap time and curled up into a ball at the bottom of my uterus and would not move.  She tilted me up so my head was above my feet, had me lay on one side and then the other, but nothing got the baby to budge!  Finally I got up and moved around and this did the trick long enough for her to get the needed measurements and a few pictures!

The measurements were all within the normal range, but we have to wait a week for the blood work to come back before we’ll know the final results.

**Update – Friday, June 10th – We got the results back from the screening and everything came back good!

**Side note: This post wasn’t released until after we started telling people about the pregnancy**

Getting reacquainted

It was great to be back home and to sleep in our own bed, but now that we were back, it was time to get the pool ready and check out the yard.

We didn’t get the pool ready before we left on vacation because we figured it would be gross by the time we got back and James didn’t want to open it twice.  Yet that didn’t make it any easier to open now that we were back! The weather was beautiful and the pool looked like this! Icky!

This is what the pool looked like when we got home... ICKY!

With James working on the pool, I spent some time walking around the yard and enjoying all the frogs around the yard and in the pond!

All different types (and growth stages) of frogs around the yard!

It was great to see how green everything was around the yard and how much it had grown! What a nice reminder of how much I love our home and yard!

May 2011 trip recap

Our May 2011 trip was one of many memories and an overall great time.  We drove 6,444 miles and visited 18 states to finish our quest to visit all 48 contiguous states! The best part… we visited the 48 states in a little over ONE year! Now we just need Alaska and Hawaii to finish all 50 states.

Below is a day-by-day break down of our trip and a map of the route we took!

Day 1: Saturday, May 21st
Lambert’s Café, Oklahoma City (Oklahoma State Capitol), & Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Day 2: Sunday, May 24th
The Cadillac Ranch, Petroglyph National Monument, & Petrified Forest

Day 3: Monday, May 23rd
Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Bearizona, & Delgadillo’s Snow Cap

Day 4: Tuesday, May 24th
Hoover Dam, Pinball Hall of Fame, & Vegas Strip

Day 5: Wednesday, May 25th
Carson City (Capitol of Nevada), Lake Tahoe, Sacramento (Capitol of California)

Day 6: Thursday, May 26th
Avenue of the Giants, Humbolt State Park, Redwood State & National Parks

Day 7: Friday, May 27th
Oregon Coast, Cape Blanco Lighthouse, Botanical Gardens, carnivorous plants, & Salem (Capitol of Oregon)

Day 8: Saturday, May 28th
Mount St. Helens, Olympia (Capitol of Washington), & Mini Golf

Day 9: Sunday, May 29th
Center of the World – Wallace, Idaho & Driving through Montana

Day 10: Monday, May 30th
Helena (Montana State Capitol) & Argenta, Montana

Day 10/11: Monday, May 30th & Tuesday, May 31st
Antelope Island, Salt Lake City (Capitol of Utah), Mormon Temple, & Kennecott Utah Copper Mine

Day 11/12: Tuesday, May 31st & Wednesday, June 1st
Cheyenne, WY & Surprising Ty & Austin

Day 12: Wednesday, June 1st
Colorado, Kansas, & Nebraska

Day 13: Thursday, June 2nd
Lincoln (Nebraska State Capitol), driving through Iowa, & Kewanee

Day 14: Friday, June 3rd
Homeward Bound

May 2011 route through the last of the 48 contiguous states!

Homeward bound

Day 14: Friday, June 3rd

Friday morning we woke up, Mom made us a hearty breakfast, and we headed HOME!! By this point we’d been traveling for two weeks and hadn’t stayed more than one night in any place, so we were quite happy to be heading home!

We briefly stopped in Bloomington for some much needed groceries and then after 45 more minutes we were home!! The grass was starting to look more like a meadow, the bunnies looked like they had tripled in numbers, but we were home home home!!

It was a great trip, but nothing felt so good as to be back home!

Driving through Iowa

Day 13: Thursday, June 2nd

Thursday we left Grand Island, NE with the goal of making it to my parents in Kewanee, IL by that evening. We didn’t have any other destinations in mind otherwise, but we did want to make a few pit stops along the way including one at the State Capitol of Nebraska in Lincoln.

State Capitol of Nebraska

After seeing the capitol, we got back on the road (pretty much the theme of this trip) and headed east through the long state of Iowa. Our other stops for the day included a Motherhood Maternity outlet outside of Iowa City and James’ favorite camera store in Davenport, IA.

With such few stops, we easily made it to Kewanee by 8pm and were happy to call it a night so close to home!