Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Kona and Baby Euro celebrating Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We made it to the end of October and can’t wait to start November!! This month has flown by and it’s hard to believe we’re a little under four weeks away from the “safe zone” of 36 weeks!

I think his is a little bigger!

Both James and I have been in pretty good spirits and hope we get nothing but treats and no tricks this year!!

Baby shower

This pregnancy had been pretty crazy and very little has been considered normal. Yet, some of my friends from work decided that they wanted me to have at least one traditional experience and threw me a baby shower this weekend!!

Since I’m on bedrest the party was at our house and only included a handful of friends so I wouldn’t over do it. That was fine though because it kept the atmosphere intimate and still a lot of fun.  Everyone brought a dish (or sometimes more) to share and we ended up with an amazing selection of yummy food!

"Euro" Asparagus Casserole!!

Just to be polite, I had a little bit of everything (yeah right, the food was awesome and I WANTED some of all of it!!) and tried to leave some for everyone else!

After stuffing ourselves, it was time for shower gifts! Opening gifts was a lot of fun and it was clear that a lot of thought went into each gift we received! It was also good for me because I learned about things I hadn’t even thought about and some really good “mommy” tricks!

Overall, little Euro was pretty lucky and got a lot of funny, thoughtful, and just plain adorable presents.

Amazing shower gifts!!

Daddy also got a present just for him and wow was it appropriate! Just in flipping through he was already getting a kick out of it and it will definitely come in handy once little Euro comes!

Once the presents were open, it was time for dessert! We had a bevy of desserts, including an amazing pumpkin cake!!

Dessert led into everyone trying to guess how big around my belly was and more talk about babies, toddlers, and young children. And for the record, my belly was 38 inches around, about a foot bigger than pre-pregnancy!

It was a great evening and I know I laughed and smiled more than I have since I went on bedrest!! In addition, everyone brought plastic containers and stocked up our refrigerator with the leftover food! 🙂

Poor James! All those ladies and the baby talk wore him out!!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful food, conversation, gifts, and comradely! You have no idea how much all of it meant to us!

32 weeks

It doesn’t seem possible, but we made it to 32 weeks pregnant!!

Thirty-two weeks pregnant!!!!

Way back at 21 weeks when all of this started, 32 weeks was discussed as some mythical number that I would more than likely not see with this pregnancy. Thirty-two weeks is considered the safe zone where the baby will spend some time in the NICU, but will survive and, as our high risk doctor bluntly put it, “ride the regular bus to school.”

At 23 weeks 4 days we got the news that my situation looked even worse than before and I got put on strict hospital bedrest and told there was a good chance we wouldn’t make it much past 24 weeks (50/50 chance of the baby surviving and likely to have long term health problems). At this point our goal was to just make it one more day and we treated each day as a major accomplishment.

Slowly we edged past 24 weeks to 25 and breathed a little (very little) sigh of relief. Yet, the baby was still at high risk of having problems if born, so we kept looking forward and counting each day and then week as a miracle.

Somehow, we made it to 28 weeks and even the doctor took a little breath. At 28 weeks the survivability rate jumped up to around 90% and there was a much lower risk of long term health issues. But, there would still be a long stay in the NICU and the possibility of things not working out that well, so James and I didn’t take much of a breath quite yet.

I continued on with strict bedrest and did my best to stay off my feet and lying down with my hips above my head.

Then one day, my doctor said she thought the baby and I were doing well enough that we “might” be able to go home around 30 weeks.  This seemed impossible, but on the doctor’s orders I slowly began to spend a (very) little more time on my feet and sitting up for short periods of time. Amazingly my body was able to handle it and we were released from the hospital at 29 weeks 5 days.

We’ve now spent a little over two weeks at home, are holding strong, and have finally made it to that huge goal of THIRTY-TWO weeks!! And yes, I finally took a big breath of air and for the first time during this pregnancy feel confident that our little Euro will survive and be healthy (even if he/she is born early and spends time in the NICU). I really believe that I’ll get to be a Mommy to this little one and I think even James is at the point where he fully realizes he’s really going to be a Daddy!

Look, we're having a... pumpkin... I mean baby!!!

From here on out each week is still important and gets us closer and closer to a full term baby, but our next BIG goal is 36 weeks! At 36 weeks Euro will be considered full term, won’t have to be in the NICU, and will get to come home with us from the hospital! It would be great if the little one stayed in a little past that (James wants 39 weeks), but for me anything from 36 on is fine! So, mark your calendars everyone, 36 weeks is Black Friday and there will be a celebration at the Jones house if we’re still pregnant!! 🙂

31 week doctor’s visit

Our weekly doctor’s visit went really good this week. It was my second since being out of the hospital and this time we just had a monitoring and a general check-up.

For the monitoring, little Euro was once again doing great and moving all over the place and had great looking heart beat accelerations. I also did good and had no contractions!

Look at all that movement on the monitoring strip!

After the monitoring they did my vitals and everything looked perfect, yet I was still at the same weight from last week (and this was with my shoes on and my cell phone in my hand!). I got my weekly progesterone shot and then we waited for the doctor.

When the doctor came in, she told us the baby looked absolutely perfect and that I was doing great as well! In fact, she thought we were both doing so good that she decided to give us the option of skipping our next appointment! She said it was completely up to us and if I wanted the security of getting checked or if anything felt funny and I just wanted to come in we could, but she thought we’d be fine coming back in two weeks.

This was huge for us because we’ve gotten so use to hearing bad news and/or getting admitted to the hospital every time we go to a doctor’s appointment we still aren’t use to hearing good news for a change! We decided to keep our appointment for now and see how I was feeling on Monday, but regardless, just knowing we’re doing that well feels really good!

The doctor also talked to us about taking the cerclage out and that she’d probably do it in 4-5 weeks, depending on whether I was contracting or not. We told her we’d rather wait for 5 weeks (I’d be 36 weeks 4 days), but that we understand if it needs to come out sooner. Luckily though, taking out the cerclage should be much easier than getting it put in and they can take it out in about 10-15 minutes right there in her office. This was a huge relief because the putting it in part was not all that fun!

James asked her if once I get the cerclage out if I’ll still be on bedrest and unfortunately for me, her answer was my cervix would be irritated from them taking out the stitch, so yes I would continue on bedrest.  My hope though is that “maybe” it won’t be strict bedrest and I’ll be able to walk around a little bit and maybe even get out and do a little shopping (from a wheelchair!).

Regardless, it sounds like we’re on the right path and I just hope my cerclage holds out a few weeks more!

Observations from bedrest – week 10

Ten weeks, yes TEN weeks of bedrest!

It's been 10 weeks of bedrest, but I'm still here!!

As unbelievable as it seems, I have been lying down on bedrest for TEN weeks! I’m as weak as a lamb, but the bigger point is that I am still here and baby Euro is still baking!! 🙂

And below are my random observations for the week! A little late (work was crazy busy), but here none the less!

  • Eating chicken noodle soup while lying down is not a smart thing to do; yes, I’m still lying down at least partially to eat!
  • James walks louder than anyone else I’ve ever met; this does not bode well for having a sleeping infant in the house soon.
  • I love how into the countdown (or count up) my family is getting!

My sister-in-law made me the sign on the left and my Mom made me the sign on the right! Guess they thought I really needed to celebrate being 31 weeks!!

  • Since I normally lay on my back in a lounge chair to eat, I’ve started resting my plate (or bowl) on my belly. It has been quite funny watching stuff bump around (and almost fall off) as Euro moves and pushes on it.
  • Heartburn has finally kicked in and wow is it NOT fun!
  • Visits from family (and friends) are still really appreciated! Even at home things can get kind of boring!!
  • Having fall decorations up around the house make me smile! I love decorating for the different seasons!

Fall decorations on loan from Liz!

  • After 10 weeks I’m still not wearing makeup or doing my hair; this is now starting to bother me just a “little” bit.
  • Will I remember how to do my makeup and hair once I’m off bedrest?
  • Once I’m completely off bedrest I’ll have a newborn, so will I even care about hair and makeup?
  • It’s not that easy (or nearly as fun) to do your baby registry completely online. And P.S. Target’s website is miserable! It’s crazy slow to load, sometimes won’t load, and they don’t make doing the registry very streamlined or easy to do.
  • There are a zillion options when shopping for baby things online, but it’s just not the same as being able to see it and feel if it’s as soft and comfy as you want it to be for your little one.
  • I love the fresh air when we go to the doctor’s office in Champaign!

Enjoying the fresh air and beautiful blue sky on the way to the doctors!

  • I’m really looking forward to the baby shower some of my friends from work are throwing for me! It will be at the house because I can’t leave, but I’m still really excited to have at least one “normal” thing for my pregnancy!
  • James is freaked out that I’m going to over do it at the baby shower and end up having the baby early. Yet, between my Mom, Liz, and some of the other Momma Bears that will be there, I really don’t think there is even a possibility of me misbehaving (and I definitely don’t want to or plan to!).
  • It’s pretty cool to talk studying and the the best way to utilize notecards with my baby brother! This is especially awesome when he then thinks I’m pretty cool because I know all this stuff! I guess 11+ years of higher education really did pay off!
  • I’m very proud of the hard work and effort my brother is putting into his air traffic control school! I know he’s going to kick butt and do awesome!

Ty when he was stationed in Qatar

  • There may be a big age difference between Ty and I, but it makes no difference in how close I feel to him and how much I love him!!
  • I’m really really trying to not drive James crazy; I’m not sure how well I’m actually doing at this.
  • Typing while laying down is NOT fun. It takes almost twice as long to do everything AND I end up hurting because I have to position myself awkwardly because of the belly.

It may look comfy, but it's NOT!

  • I think my belly is cute! It might help that I haven’t gained weight anywhere but the belly, but wow I would have looked adorable in maternity clothes!
  • I seriously think I could live in yoga pants. Oh wait, I AM living in yoga pants!! 😉
  • James enjoys waking Euro up if the little one isn’t moving around when he goes to feel him/her. He better get over this BEFORE the little is born!
  • I’m so crazy with my shopping list that I include links to the specific items when I email it to my Mom. Hey, I figure it’s easier to find something if you know what color, shape, size, etc… the package looks like!
  • I hate it when I then forget to write Mom a check for my groceries.  It’s now written and on the fridge!!
  • Neither James or I drink coffee. My Mom NEEDS her coffee in the morning.

Hmm... wonder who this new coffee maker is for?

  • Guess who got the new coffee maker when the small 2 cup one Mom kept in her Mother-in-law suite (AKA our downstairs where she has her own bedroom, full bathroom, and living room area) broke? Hey, we have to do what we can to keep her happy and show our appreciation for her coming down to help every weekend!
  • I have been crazy busy at work this week and last weekend. Thus the two day late blog!
  • Some people still don’t realize that I’m not AT work! I guess that means I’m sending out enough emails and campus wide announcements.
  • I really am grateful that I work at the type of place that recognizes I can be just as productive working from home as I can from my office.  Yes, it would obviously be preferable for everyone if I was ON campus, but I am truly thankful that until I can be back on campus everyone has been extremely accommodating.
  • I really do love my job and that every day is completely different and I never know what to expect.
  • I really do love that part of my job involves me working with James. He on the other hand might not be quite so thankful for this, but hey, he DID help write my job description!!!!

So, ten weeks of bedrest down and a “few” more left to go before it’s safe for little Euro to come out and meet the world. The doctor is planning on taking my cerclage out in 4-5 weeks, which will be the start of the safe zone for Euro. Unfortunately, the doctor still wants me to take it easy and be on bedrest after the cerclage comes out.  This was slightly disappointing, but if we make far enough that the little one will be healthy, I won’t care if I’m on bedrest or not!! 🙂

31 weeks

We made it to 31 Weeks!! Just one more week to our next big goal!!

31 Weeks Pregnant!!!

I think the most amazing part of making it to 31 weeks pregnant is that we are only one week away from THIRTY-TWO WEEKS!!!!

Thirty-two weeks was our big goal from way back when we start at 21 weeks (10 LONG weeks ago), so being this close is pretty exciting! Granted I’m not there yet, but Euro and I seem to be doing well and we are optimistic that we’ll make it!

Kona at 31 weeks pregnant!

Home bedrest has been good this last week and I’ve done my best to get up as little as possible. James has been taking good care of me and I’ve got all of my necessities situated within arm’s reach.

Tuesday I actually got to leave the house because we needed to go to Champaign for my weekly doctor’s appointment.  We started with an ultrasound of Euro which showed the little one still scoring an 8/8 on the biophysical and weighing in at 3lbs 4oz. That’s a weight gain of 1lb in the last three weeks! In addition, the ultrasound tech pointed out that the little one already has some hair!

Euro at almost 31 Weeks

After the ultrasound, we headed up to my doctor’s office and got hooked up for a monitoring (same type that I was getting three times a day when I was in the hospital). Monitoring was good, lots of movement and heartbeat accelerations for Euro and no contractions for me!

While there, I also got my weekly progesterone shot and a general check-up which showed I am perfectly healthy. Yet, the nurse practitioner who saw us indicated some concern that according to their records I’ve only gained 8lbs since my first prenatal visit (at 7 weeks). This actually seemed kind of crazy to me because I feel like my baby belly is pretty good sized!

Baby belly at 31 weeks! Doesn't look small to me!

After talking some more and assuring her that yes, I really do eat and no I am not trying to keep my weight down, she decided that since the baby is still growing fine they won’t worry about my weight. And the best part? I actually got to go home with James after the appointment (and we got Dairy Queen!!)!!

Starting at the beginning of August, every doctor appointment I’ve been to has resulted in bad news and me being admitted to the hospital! It got so crazy, there is a now a packed hospital bag in the car every time we go to the doctors.

Otherwise, I really am doing good and staying pretty upbeat.  About my only complaint is that this baby keeps pushing and kicking like he/she wants to exit Alien style (right out the middle/side of me!!).  I think this type of activity is supposed to be good because it means the little one is strong and healthy, but all I know is that my uterus feels like a punching bag that’s gone 12 rounds with Ali! Ouch! Good thing I am so dedicated to getting this little one to full term!! 🙂


Observations from bedrest – week 9

Nine weeks of bedrest and counting!

Up on the kitchen counter while my Mom washes my hair!

I have now been back at home on bedrest almost a week and am VERY thankful my 6 weeks and 1 day of hospital bedrest has come to an end.  With any luck (and as long as nothing big happens), I will be able to continue bedrest at home until little Euro decides to make his/her grand entrance into this world!

I have to admit though, being back at home on bedrest has taken some readjusting.  Thursday, the day after I got home from the hospital, I think James was ready to send me back to the hospital and I think I was about ready to go!!

At the hospital I had gotten into a regular routine that I was comfortable with and that met my needs: easy access to my work things (computer, internet, books, papers, pens, etc…), snacks, fresh cold water, meals delivered, etc…  At home, James had gotten use to having a nice quiet house, eating whenever and whatever he wanted, and no one demanding anything of him.  Once we meshed that back together with me being at home, I turned *slightly* whiny from not having easy (or any) access to everything I needed and James got frustrated with me constantly asking for things and bugging him. Definitely not the welcome home I imagined, but luckily after that first day things have definitely gotten a lot better. I was able to quit whining and nicely ask for what I needed and James was able to realize I really am pretty much helpless and need him.

And now for my random observations from my NINTH week of bedrest!

  • You know you’ve been hanging out at the hospital too long when you leave your room less than once a week, but when you do leave, you recognize all of the food service staff when you pass them in hall and they recognize you as well!
  • I missed my husband!
  • I missed my house and being home!
  • I hate it when I have a random thought and then forget it before I get a chance to write it down.
  • Strangely enough I was more physically comfortable in my hospital bed (the fancy air one with the egg carton mattress pad) than I am in my own bed, couch, and yellow bedroom bed (and yes, I’ve tried them all!).
  • I do NOT miss getting monitored three times a day.
  • It feels amazing to be able to go to bed at night whenever I want!! To bad I still don’t get any more sleep than I did at the hospital.
  • Every week my Mom has been bringing me a little outfit (or two…. or three…) and baby stuff for Euro. Not only are the outfits adorable and the other stuff greatly appreciated, but they help me feel like I’m starting to get prepared for this little one which feels really good!
  • I’ve worn shoes four times in the last nine weeks! Gives a whole new meaning to barefoot and pregnant.
  • I love it that my amazing sister-in-law has started not only sending me stories about James as a child, but including pictures to go along with them!! What priceless insight into James and his family!
  • I end up crying every time I watch Animal Cops: Houston.
  • Why do I watch Animal Cops: Houston when I know it’s going to make me cry?
  • Ouch! Steroid shots (betamethasone) hurt worse than any shot I’ve ever gotten! Luckily I’ve only needed four (two series of two shots each) for this pregnancy.
  • I hate sneezing and coughing. It makes me feel like I might rip out my cerclage and that really freaks me out!
  • I love it when James randomly comes over to wherever I am to feel the baby move.
  • I’m trying not to mind when James’ hands are FREEZING and he wants to feel the baby move.
  • I missed my husband.
  • Online pregnancy discussion forums can be a really good way to connect and commiserate with other people going through the same or similar problems as you.
  • Online pregnancy discussion forums can scare the heck out of you when you read the sad outcomes of some women with the same or similar problems as you.
  • I am jealous of women who are enjoying (have enjoyed) healthy/normal pregnancies. Not that I wish them ill, and in fact would NEVER wish bedrest or my problems on anyone, but it makes me sad that I’ve missed out on a lot of things I was looking forward to experiencing while pregnant.
  • The hospital internet was slow… our home internet is even slower (that is country living for you!).
  • I have zero tolerance for slow internet.
  • Watching a web page load does NOT make it go any faster.
  • I miss the super fast (at least compared to home) internet connection at work.
  • After six weeks of sleeping alone, James has started sleeping in the middle of the bed; this is not conducive to restful sleeping for a pregnant lady and all the pillows it takes to make her comfortable. (Side note: After reading this, James told me he started sleeping in the middle of the bed shortly after I got put in the hospital because it reminded him of me.  Yes, go ahead and sigh and say “How sweet,” I know it made me cry when he said it!)
  • I still missed my husband.
  • The hospital wifi didn’t work with my phone very well, so I had 60 apps that needed updated when I got home! Yeah, that took a little while!
  • Hearing the rain after not being able to hear any outdoor noises for 6 weeks is enchanting!
  • I love the sound of James in the kitchen cooking
  • Even more than James cooking, I love the sound of James cleaning in the kitchen!
  • When I got home, our beautiful house looked like James’ Mayfern house before we got married (a.k.a. messy bachelor pad).
  • I still missed and am happy to be home with my husband.
  • I kind of miss my nurses from the hospital, but NOT enough to want to go back to the hospital anytime soon.
  • My Mom is an amazing blessing! When I think of the women I know who don’t have close relationships with their Mother’s (or have lost their Mother’s) it makes me very sad because my Mom is my best friend and confidant. She cheers me up when I’m down, she kicks me in the tush when I need it, she loves me unconditionally, she is my shopping partner, my reading partner, the person I can call just because I need to vent, the person I can easily talk to every day and still have things to talk about, and my Mom will literally do anything she can to help me when I need it. I love you Mom!!!
  • My Mom is going to be an amazing Grandma!!
  • I missed home cooked meals! Between my Mom and James they have been working through all of the foods I’d been missing while at the hospital!
  • It’s nice to know what the weather is like outside!
  • I was so disconnected from everything at home I had no idea our creek had run dry and the city of Decatur was on water restriction.
  • I missed my husband! Notice a theme throughout this weeks observations? Regardless of the adjustment period after I got home, I really can’t describe how much I missed seeing, talking, and being close to James every day. I can honestly say I respect him as a person and as my husband, value his integrity, intelligence, and brutal honesty, enjoy spending time with him, and truly love him exactly the way he is (even if he could be a little less messy! 🙂 ).  I love you James!
  • James is going to make a great Daddy.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good and doing ok on home bedrest. It’s amazing to think that the end is getting closer and that I probably (hopefully) only have another 5-6 weeks of bedrest depending on when the doctor wants to take out the cerclage! And yes, I am feeling especially thankful (and hormonal) this week!

30 weeks

After all of the ups and downs, we made it to 30 weeks pregnant!!!

30 Weeks Pregnant!!!!!

Wow, 30 weeks pregnant! I know we still have a ways to go for a full term pregnancy and that the next big goal (after 28) wasn’t 30, it was 32 weeks, yet for some reason 30 still seems pretty big! Maybe it’s the switch from the 20’s, which was the start to this scary and stressful journey, or maybe it’s just that I see a possible light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless, I am beyond thankful to have made it this far!

My doctor seems to think I’m holding pretty steady for right now, which means that while I could still have this baby any day, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate risk of this happening.  Just to be safe though, we’re going back to see my doctor every Tuesday from now until this little one comes! The plan is if everything continues to look good I’ll get the cerclage out at either 35 weeks 4 days (2 days before Thanksgiving!) or 36 weeks 4 days.  The date will depend on how much I’m contracting by then; if I’m contracting a decent amount then the cerclage will come out earlier rather than later so it doesn’t rip out. Once the cerclage is out then it’s up to nature to take its course.  I could stand up and go into labor or I last for another few weeks.  As we’ve come to find out first hand with pregnancy, nothing is ever definite!

Now for a Euro and Kona the incubator update!

Euro got another biophysical ultrasound done on Tuesday, which came back absolutely perfect. The little one is still head down, amniotic fluid around the baby is spot on, all major organs and body parts were doing what they should be doing, and there were good practice breaths.  After Euro’s ultrasound, I got an internal ultrasound done on my cervix to see how things were going.  As I reported in my previous posting about coming home, my cervix was extremely short, but not significantly more than before.

Otherwise, Euro looked great on the monitor all week.  The little one is quite the mover and is regulating his/her heartbeat perfectly.  I also looked good on the monitor. A few contractions here and there, but I’m still not feeling them which the doctor says is good. Otherwise, the only thing to report is that compared to my last weigh in 2 weeks ago, I haven’t gained any weight and in fact lost 1/2 lb. The doctor still isn’t concerned though because Euro is very active, heart beat is great, and the little one isn’t showing any signs of not getting enough nourishment. Yet, Euro will be getting another growth scan  on Tuesday to see how much the little one weighs and has grown since 3 weeks ago, so I guess that’s when we’ll find out for sure that the little one is getting everything he/she needs.

Right now I’m enjoying my second morning at home and am attempting to get settled back into some semblance of a routine! It’s definitely an adjustment after being away for so long, but it really does feel AMAZING to be home and with James!! 🙂

Out on good behavior

Yes, after 43 days (or 6 weeks and 1 day – however you want to count it), I was released from the hospital last night to finish out the rest of my pregnancy on strict bedrest at home!!!

Getting ready to head out of the hospital

My release didn’t come as a complete shock, but we didn’t know for sure that I’d get out until we got ultrasound results on my cervix back from the doctor yesterday (Wednesday) morning. The results? Yes, my cervix is extremely short and funneling, but not significantly more than when I was first admitted to the hospital. So, as long as I remain on strict bedrest it seems like my cerclage will continue to hold and keep the little one safely inside for at least a little while longer! Yet, same as before, I could still go at any time, but there is nothing the doctor or being at the hospital can do right now to prevent that from occurring.

And how you might ask did all this come about?

A few weeks ago, my doctor started talking to me about the *possibility* of me *maybe* going on home on bedrest at 30 weeks if everything continued to look good with me and Euro. These were all big maybes, so James and I didn’t mention it to anyone and tried to forget about it until it got closer.  Then, last Monday, my doctor came in and said that she hadn’t wanted to upset me before, so she hadn’t let me know that the previous week my insurance company had all of a sudden decided they weren’t going to pay for ANY of my hospital stay. She then quickly followed this up with, but we got them to agree to pay so everything is ok. And yes, she definitely did the right thing by not letting me know until after everything was straightened out!

I guess my doctor and Carle Hospital really went to bat for me and convinced my insurance company that it was in their best interests to pay for me to be in the hospital rather than a preemie in the NICU for three or more months! Yet, before it got straightened out the insurance company accused my doctor of being “hostile” towards them, she said no, she was just passionate about doing the right thing for her patient and the unborn child! Regardless, the insurance company agreed to pay, but only until yesterday (October 12th) unless there was a major change in my condition.  Because the 12th was only two days away from when my doctor originally said she might let me out (at 30 weeks), she agreed.

But, even though my doctor agreed on the 12th to the insurance company, she told me that she would NOT let me out if either the baby or I wasn’t ready. To make sure we were ready last week she had me:

  1. start using the bathroom instead of the commode (to make sure I could walk to the bathroom safely at home),
  2. start to sit up a little bit (not much and once again just to see if I could do it and be ok),
  3. get my booster shots of steroids to help Euro’s lungs in case the little one comes early (this was my second and last set),
  4. get a biophysical of Euro (to confirm the little one was perfect), and
  5. get a internal ultrasound of my cervix (to make sure I had at least some cervix left and that the cerclage was holding strong).

So, after a week of checking to make sure I was ready to go home (and Euro and I doing fine), once we got the cervix results from my doctor, I was cleared to strict home bedrest! Unfortunately, since this happened on a Wednesday, a work day for James, he wasn’t able to come and get me until 6pm. On the high side though this meant I got a full day of pretty much uninterrupted work done, had a surprise visit from my Aunt Carla, almost a visit from James’ Dad and Alice (fortunately I was able to talk to them before they came and let them know I was heading home!), and was lucky enough to have one last pizza turned packing party with Aunt Linda and Grandpa & Grandma Jones!

I’ve been having regular Wednesday night pizza dates with my Aunt Linda for almost the entire time I’ve been in the hospital, and as soon as Grandpa and Grandma got back from their whirlwind trip out west, they started to join us as well.  Yet, for this pizza party, they not only brought enough for James (they knew he’d be hungry because he was coming straight from work), but also were extremely helpful in getting all of my window decorations down and the last of my stuff packed.

James had brought our HUGE suitcase from home on Tuesday and had already packed up a large amount of my things (he was being VERY optimistic about me going home on Wednesday), and my Mom had also gotten some stuff ready for him to bring home when she was visiting over the weekend (another optimist!).

James loaded up with stuff to take home

And, with all this help and some big goodbyes from some of my favorite nurses and techs who were on duty, I got wheeled out of room#1146!!

James giving me a smooch for good luck as we head out!

James had the back seat of the car all ready for me with plenty of pillows and at 6:58 PM we pulled out of the hospital and headed home!!!

All comfy in the back of the car!

The best part of heading home… FRESH AIR!! We drove the whole way home with the windows down and it was amazing to breath in that fresh air. James stopped at Casey’s for some juice for me and then went home!!!!

At home and getting out of the car!

Like a good patient, I headed straight in the house (ignored what the house looked like after me being gone 6 weeks) and went to bed where I found nice clean sheets that smelled just like home!!

Home in bed!!!

It felt amazing to be home and even better to be able to snuggle up with my sweetie in our own bed and watch little Euro wiggle and push on my tummy. Life is good!

James’ favorite

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a number of flower arrangements from friends and family while I’ve been in the hospital.

Some of the many beautiful flower arrangements I've recieved!

I love flowers and my garden at home, so having these flowers gracing my window was pure pleasure for me! These bouquets cheered up my room immensely and really gave it a great homey feel! Yet, James is very sensitive to smells and the flowers were situated right above where he normally sits when he comes to visit. So, out of all these amazingly beautiful arrangements, you know which one James liked the best?

This one!

James' favorite arrangement? This edible bouquet!!

Today we were happily surprised when this edible bouquet of fruit arrived from an amazing friend of mine who is also pregnant and must really be feeling my bedrest pain (Thanks Angela!!!).

Both of us were ready to dig in as soon as we saw it and once James was able to get the bag it came in open, we both dug in immediately!!

The fruit in this bouquet was very high quality and all of it was juicy, fresh, and extremely yummy!! James was nice enough to let the pregnant lady have first choice in fruit and between the two of us we easily finished up the entire thing!!

All gone, but it was super yummy while it lasted!!

I haven’t had this type of fresh fruit since I’ve been in the hospital and definitely nothing this high quality! It was a bouquet to remember and luckily even after finishing it I still have the mug to keep as a souvenir!!