New daddy gift

So much attention has been focused on me and the baby, that I thought it would be a neat idea to get James a “daddy” gift just for him. James isn’t a sentimental person at all, so I knew it would have to be something practical and useful.  With that in mind, I decided on a guy diaper bag filled with useful things for the baby, but things that James might enjoy or at least find funny as well.

To start with, the diaper bag is a “Diaper Dude” bag, so it’s manlier looking than your normal diaper bag and it’s in one of James’ favorite colors, blue!

Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag in Navy Blue

I then filled the bag with lots of odds and ends that I thought might come in handy for a new dad, including:

  • “I Love Daddy” sleeper (white with multicolored poke-a-dots)
  • “My Daddy is a Math Superhero” onesie (light green with multicolored writing)
  • Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag – small light blue bag with waterproof lining for wet/dirty clothes or diapers
  •  Sound protecting headphones – James wants to take the little one on the tractor with him, so this way his/her ears will be protected
  • Sunglasses for pool time and being out on the tractor with Daddy
  • Sunbonnet for pool time and being out on the tractor with Daddy
  • Bill D. Beaver – Small cute beaver toy with lots of colors and sounds. Even though there was a huge selection toys, I had to get the beaver in honor of James battle with the Beavers in our creek last fall!
  • My First Spanish Number Board Book – James thinks it is very important that we start teaching the little one a foreign language as early as possible, so I thought a number book also in Spanish would be perfect for him to read to Euro.
  • Daddy Hugs Board Book – Adorable counting book about a Daddy and his little girl
  • Green & brown striped blanket – Fuzzy blanket that is just the right size for a diaper bag
  • Traditional diaper bag goodies – diapers, wet wipes, diaper cream, and a portable changing pad.

Below are pictures of most of the items that I crammed in the diaper bag! By the time I was finished, the bag would barely close!!

Some of the items I filled James' diaper bag up with!

I wasn’t sure when to give his Daddy gift, but eventually decided on the night before we went to get the cerclage out. I figured anytime after that the little one could come and this way James would be more than prepared!

James opening his "Daddy Gift"

James seemed to have a good time opening his gift and going through all of the different items in the bag. He checked out each one and I especially liked the ones that gave him a chuckle!

Overall I think James enjoyed his new Daddy gift and is as prepared as he possible can be for the arrival of our little bundle of Jones Joy! 🙂

"My Daddy is a Math Superhero" - Love it!! 🙂


Psychic Washers

Sometimes life is good without you even knowing it.

A week or so ago, we started talking about logarithms and exponential functions in my Calculus 1 course and I wanted the students to graph a function involving an exponential function.  On paper, we would write ex, but when you go to graph it, we use the longer form of exp(x). One student was having trouble with the graph, it wouldn’t show up. By the time I got to the student to see what the problem was, another student had already identified the problem — the student had typed “ESP” instead of “EXP”. I walked back to the front of the room and made one of those corny jokes that teachers like to do … “You didn’t have to be psychic to see that one.” Then I did a faux buckle over laugh and said “I slay me” like I was being super funny instead of just corny.

In case you’re living in a black hole and haven’t heard, we’re having a baby and they occasionally wear clothes.  Kona had sent me to the store to by Dreft detergent because it’s supposed to be this ultra-pure, no dyes, no perfumes, no detergent, detergent for baby clothing and blankets.  Being the person I am, I saw that Sam’s Club had Dreft and figured it was probably bigger and cheaper than I would find elsewhere so I went ahead and bought the big bottle.

While I was in Sam’s, I picked up some other stuff that I normally buy in bulk and was running low on.  Dove soap, Bounty paper towels, Northern toilet paper, and Era laundry detergent.  This was before we got the new washer and dryer, so I was buying normal detergent.

Then, less than a week later, the washer and dryer went out and we had to get new ones.  Well, “had to” is a bit strong. We could have continued to wash clothes without getting them clean in a washer that had no cold water unless you turned off the hot water at the faucet and then you didn’t have either hot or warm water, only cold.  Oh, and on top of that, it wasn’t spinning properly and it was pretty loud.  By loud I mean the kind of loud where you have to close every door between you and the washer or you can’t sleep at night.  We also could have continued to dry clothes in a dryer with no heat.  Some people do that with certain clothes anyway, it’s called fluff dry.  It takes about three times through to get some of the clothes dry, but the good news is we could have saved on propane.  Or, we could have called someone out to repair the washer and dryer and it probably would have been cheaper for now, but in the long run,  we agreed that it was better to go with new ones.  Not only would they work, we would also get to increase the capacity of both of them, and there would be new features that the old one just didn’t have.

We went ahead and got the new washer and dryer the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the washer was a High Efficiency washer. This means you can’t use normal detergent, you have to buy a special low-suds kind marked with the HE label.  When I bought them, I knew I’d need to get new detergent, but I figured I would get that some time while I was at Walmart, rather than trying to find some at Lowe’s.

When the washer and dryer was delivered the next day, I want to try it out, but we didn’t have the right HE detergent.  I knew I didn’t have the right detergent, so I resign myself to just looking at things and pressing the pretty buttons.  Besides, Kona wanted the door reversed on the dryer, so that was the first thing I did.

Then, when I started moving the old detergent out of the way, I noticed that the Dreft I had bought from Sams had the HE label.  I had somehow purchased High Efficiency detergent without even realizing it.  Had the old washer not gone bad, we would have had detergent we couldn’t use or that wouldn’t get the clothes clean.  So I went ahead and did laundry that night using the Dreft and decided that I would go to Walmart the next day while we were in Champaign for our doctor’s visit and pick up some regular (not baby) HE detergent.

I’m sensitive to smells.  We have to get the fragrance free Bounce or I can’t stand the smell of the clothes to wear them. Perfumes cause problems and after Kona’s baby shower, I couldn’t sit in my chair for over a week because someone with perfume had sat there.  I finally had to Febreeze it to try to clear it up and that didn’t completely get rid of the problem.  So, when I went to Walmart, it was important to try and find a detergent that won’t make me go nuts.  Era is my normal brand, but Walmart didn’t have the HE kind  and the Sam’s website said the HE variety wasn’t carried in stores. Tide and Cheer both had high efficiency detergents at Walmart and one of them was even free of scents and dyes.  Yet, I knew that I had used Era for years and it didn’t cause a problem so I was willing to test a new brand, without resorting to fragrance free — but I got the smallest size possible just to see if I would be okay with it.  Maybe the smell from the washer would disappear in the dryer?

So, I went ahead and got HE Tide and Cheer at Walmart in Champaign and then came home and used the Cheer to do some laundry. There wasn’t really any smell, but I had also used the sanitizing setting on the washer, so I wasn’t sure if that’s why there was no smell or not.

If you remember from earlier in this story, right before we got the new washer and dryer I had just bought a new super-size (because that’s what you get) container of Era from Sam’s. With our new HE washer, we now weren’t going to be able to use it or the rest of the Era laundry detergent we had left from before. What should  we do with it?  The decision was made to give it to Kona’s Mom and let her use it since she has the regular kind of washer.

When Kona’s Mom came for Thanksgiving, I explained the difference between the detergents and why you needed the high efficiency one and what to look for on the bottle so you would know it was high efficiency.  She agreed to take our extra detergent, but when she went to take the new container of Era she saw the “HE” label on it and asked about it.

It turns out that I had purchased High Efficiency detergent for both Dreft and Era without knowing I was buying it in either case.  Had the washer not gone bad, I would have had two new bottles of detergent that we wouldn’t have been able to use because they wouldn’t have gotten the clothes clean.  But, as it turns out I instead had two bottles of the right kind of detergent and they were waiting for the new washer that I didn’t know we needed at the time I bought the detergent!

Sometimes life is good without you even knowing it.

Or, maybe I’m psychic and knew that the washer would go bad and we would need High Efficiency detergent for them and that’s why I bought them without realizing what I was doing and thinking I was buying regular detergent.

Observations from bedrest – week 15

Fifteen weeks of bedrest and we are in the clear!!

After 15 weeks of bedrest, we are in the safe zone!!!

We have successfully made it past thirty-six weeks (36 weeks 4 days as of today!) and are in the safe zone! The little one could come and any time and everything would be ok. Except, I still have the cerclage blocking the little ones exit! Thus, until the cerclage comes out (Thursday) I am still on bedrest because we do NOT want the cerclage to rip my cervix! Once the cerclage comes out I’ll probably have a few more days of bedrest (to let my cervix settle down), but then I should be off bedrest and able to start the long recovery process! I have no muscle tone, no stamina, no strength, and can’t even sit up for very long without getting totally exhausted. But, I’ve incubated this baby to full term and that is ALL that counts!

And now for my random observations from bedrest!

  • Even though the little one could have come at any time in the last 15 weeks, for some reason it just recently hit me that there really are some things I need to get finished before baby Euro makes his/her appearance. This has caused more than a little bit of stress.
  • Even though I’ve been a lot more tired recently, I have been very busy and very productive with the things I am able to do while lying down.
  • Euro definitely knows Daddy’s voice. James was talking and singing to the little one while rubbing my belly the other night and Euro was going crazy moving around.
  • It must be getting pretty tight in my uterus because Euro’s kicks have turned into big strong pushes in the most inconvenient places. Ouch! It feels like the little one is trying to stretch out my uterus to make more room! Sorry little one, but I don’t think it’s going to get much bigger in there. Guess you’ll just have to come out to get some room to stretch! 🙂
  • I’m not sure what is more painful: Pushes on my belly button or pushes on my bladder/cervix. They are each uniquely different in the type of pain, but both quite uncomfortable. Could this be Mother Nature’s way of preparing me to be ready (and more than willing) for childbirth?
  • My Mom and I really did have too much fun creating my 36 Weeks – Black Friday sign!
  • I did it! I took the initiative (and some stress off of James) by taking the time to figure out how to get our Jones Family 2010 video up and on the blog! So yes it was almost a year late, but it’s up BEFORE the 2011 video, so I’d call that pretty good! Also, now that I know what I’m doing I’ll be able to get the Euro video and the Jones Family 2011 video up in a reasonable amount of time!
  • In the spirit of taking care of videos, I also updated the 2009 Jones Family video as well. I think it’s a little bit better quality, much bigger, and loads/plays much faster!
  • Finding background music for videos is hard! I spent a good chunk of the day Sunday trying to find the perfect music for the Euro video and the Jones 2011 video. Not only did the music need to “fit,” but it also needed to be long enough for all the pictures I want to include! Yet, I did it and am pretty happy with my song choices.
  • I am so in the mood to organize and go through things. It could be nesting or that I haven’t had control over my house in over 15 weeks! Either way, I hope I am able to at least get up and do some stuff before the little one comes!
  • It’s finally time to take down all the fall decorations and get up something a little more festive for winter time! Hope my Mom is ready this weekend!!
  • We used our wedding china for the first time on Thanksgiving; that only took 2.5 years! 😉
  • It was great to be with family on Thanksgiving. I’ve missed out on so many different events due to bedrest this year, that it was nice to have a “normal” feeling holiday!
  • Oreo’s and milk are awesome! Actually anything with milk has been awesome lately. The strange thing is I don’t even really like milk, but I’ve been drinking a LOT of it in the last few weeks. Guess the little one needed some extra calcium!
  • I’ve got just about all of my Christmas shopping done! I think I did pretty good online with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Just a few more odds and ends and I think I’ll be set!
  • I’m not sure what (if anything) to get for Euro for Christmas. The first issue is that I’m not even sure if the little one will be here by Christmas since technically that’s my due date. Yet, given everything I’ve had to do to keep the little one from coming out early, it seems crazy to think I’d last that long. I have some things in mind that I’d like to get, but something just keeps holding me back from actually buying them.
  • I actually enjoy sharing my experiences and (what limited) knowledge I have with other pregnant women who have cerclages and issues with their cervix.  It seems hard to believe that I’ve come far enough to be considered a success story and to be able to give some women hope that they could make it to full term as well.

Fifteen weeks done and hopefully only one more week to go before I am technically off bedrest! I know there will be a long recovery period, but the only thing that really matters is that I’ve got a fully cooked baby that could safely come at any time! 🙂

Hedge apples

Saturday afternoon, James decided to go out and pick up hedge apples from the driveway. We’ve got a whole row of Osage Orange trees (that produce hedge apples) lining the drive from the house down towards the small barn and they make quite the mess every fall. Somehow though, James went from picking up hedge apples to deciding to cut down a huge tree limb that has been hanging down over our driveway (by the garage) and dropping hedge apples on unsuspecting guests cars.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of James cutting down the tree (darn bedrest), but James got the action shot of the limb coming down.

Action shots of the tree limb coming down!

After hearing all the noise, I did step outside for a few brief minutes and managed to get a few pictures of James picking up the mess from the limb coming down. There were hedge apples everywhere!!

36 weeks


36 Weeks Pregnant!!

I’m not sure if there are words to explain how joyous we feel making it to thirty-six weeks. Remembering back, it’s hard to believe we’ve made it through so many ups and downs. We started this pregnancy with a specialist helping us prevent a first trimester miscarriage, had a relatively calm period between 13-20 weeks, and then spent the last 15 weeks (from 21-36 weeks) constantly worrying about whether my cervix was going to give out and cause me to have baby Euro before the little one was ready. It has been a tumultuous time and through it all we’ve not only gotten stronger, but also been amazed at the outpouring of love and concern from others.

We have been extremely blessed and are eternally grateful for the support we’ve received from our friends and family. I don’t think either of us realized how many people cared so much about us. Thank you to everyone for the kind words, time, food, and sometimes just being a shoulder to cry on.

This pregnancy has been an adventure that neither James nor I anticipated when we decided to start a family. Yet, after everything we’ve been through we are not only closer than ever, but even more ready to welcome our little bundle of Jones joy into this world!

Celebrating being 36 weeks pregnant!!

Thirty-six weeks feels pretty darn good, but our story isn’t even close to being over! Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!!

P.S. And yes, my Mom and I had way too good of a time creating our “36” sign this week. The inspiration behind the Black Friday theme was from James, but then I had a 4AM brainstorm Thursday morning about doing the sign on an actual shopping bag and decorating it with clippings from Black Friday ads. Mom helped me find clippings to use, position them on the bag, and then glue them on!

Thanksgiving 2011

Being on bedrest and almost 36 weeks pregnant put a slight damper on us going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year, so luckily my parents and grandparents decided to bring Thanksgiving to us!!

Mom and Grandma taking over my kitchen for Thanksgiving!

Mom and Grandma did a great job with the meal and there was more than enough of food and a great variety of dishes! It was great to see everyone and even though I couldn’t help with any of the Thanksgiving preparation it was still nice to sit and talk.

When it was time to eat everyone decided since I was eating for two that I could dish up my food first and I was more than happy to kick things off!  Dinner was amazing and afterwards we sat around the table chatting and letting our food digest. That then led to dessert! Dessert included pumpkin pie with whipped cream and raspberry pie with Dairy Queen ice cream!! Yum Yum!!

Since I was dressed in something other than PJ’s (my normal apparel for the last 15 weeks), we also decided to take some nice family pictures.

Overall, it was a great day and a great Thanksgiving! We all had so much to be thankful for and it was nice to be able to relax and have such a good time together.


This has been not only a crazy pregnancy, but a crazy year. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is what I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful to have such an incredible husband. James is unbreakably honest and responsible in all of his actions. He is astoundingly intelligent and thinks about things in ways most people can’t even comprehend. He rarely (if ever) loses his temper and even then is able to stay calm and rational. He has the strangest and yet most charming sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever met (Rock around the clock anyone?). He is adventurous without being reckless. When he loves, he loves deeply and completely. When he gives, he gives selflessly and without thought to himself. And last, he is definitely not hard on the eyes!

Kona & James - March 2011

I’m thankful to still be pregnant and hopefully have a chance to be a Mommy to the little one I’m carrying. After our miscarriage in March and then all the scares with this pregnancy, I am continually amazed and grateful that we are almost full term with a healthy baby!

It's positive!!! - April 2011

I’m thankful that Euro is completely healthy, has strong kicks, strong lungs, lots of movement, and loves to hear Daddy play the piano!

Baby Euro - November 2011

I’m thankful to have the best Mom and role model anyone could ask for. There aren’t words to express how amazing and forgiving my Mom has been throughout my life.  She makes sure her children know they are loved unconditionally. Is strong, independent, and doesn’t let anyone tell her she can’t do something (that would probably be the Kelso genes). She is an amazing listener. Is brilliantly creative, amazingly resourceful, and in general just a fun person to be around. I would not be the person I am today without her love and support.

Mom & Kona - Easter 2011

I’m thankful for my Dad. He may be rough around the edges and keep his emotions/affections under wraps, but he has always been there for me and has always done his best. He is one of the hardest workers I know and makes sure the things he does get done right. He is also a closet giver and amazingly generous and unable to say no to the ones he loves.

Dad & Kona - July 2011

I’m thankful my parents are still in love and happy after 35 years. It makes me feel good to know that they enjoy doing things together and being in each others company.

Mom & Dad - February 2011

I’m thankful I didn’t completely scare my parents when I was a young child and that after eight long years they decided to give me a baby brother! I couldn’t imagine my life without my brother. He is one of the funniest people I know and can make any situation better with his optimistic and good natured outlook on life. He is a giver that enjoys taking care of other people. He is level headed and doesn’t back down from tough situations. He is much more intelligent than he gives himself credit for and I am very very proud to be his older (and better looking) sister.

Kona & Ty - May 2011

I’m thankful that my brother found the perfect partner to share his life with. Ty and Austin are completely suited for each other and are adorably cute in their daily banter. It is wonderful to see my brother settled down with such an amazing woman!

Ty & Austin - November 2011

I’m thankful for marrying into such a wonderful family! It is impossible to single any of them out because all of them have gone out of their way to make me feel loved, accepted, and part of their family. I attribute a lot of how amazing James is to his family and the way he was raised. Their support through our pregnancy has been a blessing and I am grateful for all of the love and prayers sent our way.

Jones family picture at Jess & Daniel's wedding - October 2011

I’m thankful for my extended family. I am beyond lucky to have such thoughtful, caring, loving, generous, supportive, funny, and just absolutely amazing family! I love you all so much!

Jones family picture at Grandpa Jones 80th Birthday party - January 2010

Davis family picture at James & Kona's wedding - July 2009

I’m thankful for my friends. Even though I don’t live very close to most of them, they are the people who have been through thick and thin with me and supported me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They are the ones I can go months or years without seeing in person, but pick up like we just saw each other yesterday when we do get to see each other.

5th Grade Halloween Party - October 1988

I’m thankful for my (our) coworkers. I really feel that James and I’s workplace is like a family and many of our coworkers have become really good friends. They have been unfailingly supportive and generous with their time, resources, and abilities. They also go out of their way to make sure we know that they care about us.

A few of our closest coworkers - July 2009

I truly have been blessed this year and am happy I took the time to mention some of the most important reasons I’m thankful! Have a great (and thankful) Thanksgiving!!

Observations from bedrest – week 14

The countdown is on! Only 8 more days until my cerclage gets removed! Once it’s out I’ll need to take it easy for a couple of days, but then I should technically be off bedrest!!!!! I got put on bedrest because I was at such a huge risk for preterm labor. Yet, when they remove the cerclage I’ll be 36+6 weeks and considered full term, so it won’t matter if I go into labor or not!

Right now I’m sitting at 103 days of bedrest (not that I’m counting every single day or anything) and if I’m released from bedrest within a day or two of the cerclage coming out it will be 112 days/16 weeks of bedrest total!!  Unfortunately, once I’m off bedrest it’s not like I’ll be able to jump up and get back to “normal” life. I’m pretty weak from not being able to walk or sit up very much and right now it wears me out just to take a 10 minute shower.

So, while my bedrest days are coming to a close, my rehabilitation days will be starting! Yet, also factoring into my recovery is that we have no idea when little Euro might decide to come. Once the little one comes I’ll need to recuperate from giving birth, so I’ll technically be dealing with a double whammy of recovering from long term bedrest and giving birth! Fun fun stuff, but at that point I’m sure I’ll be so happy to be off bedrest and to have our little one with us that I won’t care!!

But, while I’m still lying here on bedrest, here are my completely random observations from my 14th week!

  • I’m really excited about getting to use our new washer and dryer once I get off bedrest! Yes, sad, I know.

Our new high efficiency washer and dryer!

  • Men really do like electronics of all kinds. James spent almost an entire evening checking out and playing with the settings of our new washer and dryer.
  • James is so cute when he makes up funny songs and sings them to Euro. My favorite is the one he made up to the tune from the Flintstones (which he then played on the piano!).
  •  Euro really reacts strongly to James playing the piano. Regardless of whether it’s holiday music or whatever, the little one really starts moving and pushing all over once James starts to play!
  • I wonder how long it’s going to take to put my house back in order once I get off bedrest. I am a neat/clean/organize freak, so I hope my body recovers quickly so I can reclaim my house!
  • I am constantly amazed by the female body and how it can stretch to accommodate a living growing person! Also, no stretch marks so far (fingers crossed), but we’ve still got at least a few weeks to go!

Holy cow... is that really my belly? Yep, and I love it!! 🙂

  • I know this might sound silly, but the ability for women to grow and nourish new life is absolutely phenomenally the most amazing thing ever. Sometimes I just sit and watch the little one move and bump my belly around and it renders me in complete awe that there is a little person in there that my body grew from a minuscule cluster of sex cells (sperm & egg).
  • I am completely caught up picture wise with our Jones 2011 video and the Euro video! I’ve got everything set up and ready to go so all I have to do is add new pictures as we take them. Yet, still need to decide on background music for both.
  • I’ve got over 800 pictures on my iPhone that I really should transfer over to my computer before Euro comes!
  • My mom did a pretty awesome job with my baby books (yes books). She brought them to me last weekend and it’s been really funny and touching to see all the pictures and memories.

My baby books!

  • Yes, it is official, I have always been a big nerd when it comes to school.  Here’s what my Mom wrote down about my first day of Kindergarten:

I'm still friends with Kelley and I loved school so much I made it my career!

  • I can’t find James’ Baby Book. I know we’ve got it here at the house and I know I put it somewhere safe. The only problem is that I can’t remember where that “safe” spot is. I’ve looked in a few places, but I just can’t stand up long enough to really look for it.
  • Euro is definitely getting bigger. Before I hardly ever felt the little one in my ribs, but now it’s pretty common to get a good jab or kick on and off throughout the day.
  • I really truly enjoy spending time with my family! Last weekend my Aunt Linda came to visit while my Mom was here. We had a great time talking and the time passed way too quickly!

Aunt Linda, Kona, and Mom

  • I’ve actually gotten pretty inspired with my Christmas shopping this year. I was having a lot of problems figuring out what to get people, but lately I’ve had a ton of ideas!
  • I’m so glad some of my family is able to come to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • I wish I could do some cooking for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite food holiday.
  • I’m really glad the family that’s coming is willing to cook the whole meal, including all my favorites!

One hundred and three days of bedrest down and hopefully only nine more days left!! It is amazing that we’ve made it this far and it will feel even more amazing to be able to get up and move around again; even if I do need to take a nap after every time I do something!

35 week doctor’s visit

Today we went in for our 35 week doctor’s appointment. We started with an ultrasound, which showed Euro to be doing great.  The little one was doing lots of practice breaths, moving a lot, still head down, and overall was just perfect.  I thought we were doing a weight check at this appointment, but the ultrasound tech said it was actually on the charts for next week.  Right now, Euro should be about 5.5lbs, but by the time we have our next ultrasound, the little one should be right around 6lbs!

Profile of Euro at 35 weeks 4 days!

After a little excitement from me, I was lying too flat on my back during the ultrasound and ended up getting too hot and slightly nauseated, we decided to get some lunch before heading upstairs to our next appointment. We ate in the hospital cafeteria and it was interesting to be eating hospital food while NOT being confined to a hospital bed! It was also the longest I’d sat up since going on bedrest!

Once we finished eating, we went up to the 4th floor for my monitoring (Non-stress test) and regular doctor’s appointment.  The monitoring went like clockwork; Euro’s heartbeat and movements were perfect and I didn’t have any contractions! In addition, my vitals were all good and I got my LAST progesterone shot for this pregnancy!!

For our regular doctor’s appointment, our doctor wasn’t available, so we ended up seeing the physicians assistant.  Interestingly enough, one of the first things she said when she came in was that I gained 1/3 of my pregnancy weight in the last 2 weeks!! This was funny because she was the same nurse who questioned my weight and if I was eating enough, etc… about 4-5 weeks ago! She also said I still haven’t put on as much weight as normal for this stage in my pregnancy, but I guess they’re happy that I’m finally gaining weight!

Can you tell a difference in my weight? Left is 33 weeks and right is 35 weeks!

We also talked about how I was doing and that I could start weaning myself off the procardia (pills I’ve been taking to prevent contractions). I have about 16 pills left and instead of doing 4 a day, she said to go ahead and cut it down to two a day. Once I finish up those last 16, then I’m done with them! Yay!!

The last thing we got figured out was my cerclage removal.  We thought it was going to be next Tuesday, but in order to get everything done at the same time (ultrasound, monitoring, cerclage removal, etc…) we had to move the date back to a week from Thursday. I’m really excited to get the cerclage out and by then I’ll be 36 weeks 6 days, so the little one could then come at any time and would be considered full term!

To recap today’s visit: Baby is perfect, Mommy is doing great, no more progesterone shots, about a week left of taking procardia (but half the daily dose), and the cerclage comes out December 1st!

New washer and dryer

After fighting the washing machine for a while, the dryer (that had been doing fine) quit working right on Saturday. I knew this had been coming and in all honesty they came with the house and I never really liked them in the first place. At first James and I thought about having someone come out to take a look at the pair and see how much it would cost to fix them. Yet, after talking about it a little we figured with a new baby coming, it was worth it to just go ahead and get a brand new set.

So, here are the newest additions to our family…

Our new washer and dryer!

After much discussion and much research, we decided on the Samsung 4.7 cu. ft. top-load high efficiency washer. It is Samsung’s largest capacity washer and has a ton of different settings, adjustments, and other crazy bells and whistles. The match to the washer is the 7.4 cu. ft. large capacity electric dryer that also came with tons of useful settings and features.

James went into Lowe’s Sunday morning, bought the set, and arranged for delivery Monday afternoon! Lowe’s offers free next day delivery, set-up, and removal of old appliances for large in-stock appliances, which I think is pretty good deal all the way around! We got the set quick, without having to worry about how to get them home, and got the old one removed all at once!

Monday afternoon I was the only one home when they delivered the set, but as soon as James got home that night, he definitely checked everything out. The first thing he did was switch the side the dryer door opened towards. It was installed to open to the right, but given the set-up of our laundry room, we needed it to open to the left. After that, he played around with the settings and started the first load of laundry!

Luckily, the Dreft laundry soap he bought for Euro last weekend at Sams was for High Efficiency washing machines. Thus, he just went ahead and used it for our regular clothes since we didn’t have any regular high efficiency laundry soap yet. James seemed to have a good time playing around with the settings and continually checked up on the washer as it went through it’s different cycles. I have to admit it was pretty quiet and seemed to do a pretty good job getting the clothes clean. The dryer also worked quite well and I think I’m going to really like the rack you can insert in the dryer to dry shoes and other things that don’t need to tumble dry!

Overall, I think we made a good choice with the new washer and dryer and I think the extra big capacity will definitely come in handy once Euro is born! 🙂