Five weeks

Reagan is five weeks old and growing like a weed (a very cute weed)! It about broke my heart, but I had to start putting up the newborn clothes and getting out the 0-3 month outfits this week!

Poor baby

Poor baby Reagan… both of her parents are just a “little” camera obsessed! 🙂

Mommy and Daddy both clicking away trying to capture that "perfect" expression!

Aunt Becky’s visit

Sunday, my Aunt Becky (as opposed to James’ Aunt Becky!) drove over from Missouri just to meet Reagan for the first time! Becky brought us lunch and spent the afternoon holding and checking out Miss Reagan. I think it was love at first sight for both of them! Becky seemed to have the magic touch with Reagan and was easily able to soothe her and get her to sleep! 🙂

First shopping trip

Saturday afternoon my Mom and I took Reagan on her first official shopping trip to the mall!

First shopping trip to the mall!

Reagan wasn’t all that interested in the adorable shoes and clothes we looked at, but we’ve got a little time to work her up to it! 🙂

Visit with the Neumann sisters

Friday I went and got Reagan early from the babysitter and met up with Rosalie and Sarah Neumann back at Richland. Rosalie was a student worker in my office during the Spring and Summer 2011 semesters and during that time I not only got to know her quite well, but also her sister, Sarah. They are brilliantly intelligent and the sweetest women you could ever meet! They had been wanting to meet Reagan since she’d been born and the first day that worked for us was Friday.  Reagan unfortunately spent most of the time eating, but she did pause long enough to let them both hold her for a little while! Rosalie and Sarah also made Reagan some amazingly thoughtful and personalized gifts while taking a pottery course!

Reagan one month

It’s hard to believe that Reagan is one month old! Well, at least for me it’s hard to believe! James said this month has been the longest of his life!

Here are Reagan’s accomplishments for this month:

  • Much more alert and for longer periods of time
  • Very very healthy appetite; she’s currently weighing in around 11lbs!
  • Is breastfeeding whenever she’s with me
  • Is taking a bottle from James, my Mom, and the Babysitter (anywhere from 1-4 oz per feeding; we are feeding on demand)
  • Can lift her head and move it from side to side to look at things
  • Loves looking out the window next to her changing table
  • At night she sleeps in spurts of 1-3 hours at a time, gets changed, nurses, and normally goes back to sleep again


One Month Video

Here is a video chronicling Reagan’s first month!! It is unbelievable how much she has changed and grown in such a short period of time!


Wednesday we met up with the China Joneses and James’ Dad and Alice at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate James birthday. We were a good sized party of nine, so we had to sit at two tables. We ended up having a “Girls Table” and a “Guys Table,” which actually ended up working out pretty well.

The food was good, the company and conversation even better, and it was great to get to see the China Joneses one last time before they headed back to China!


After almost four weeks, it was time for Reagan to start going to the babysitter. We had found the babysitter back in December before Reagan was born and really liked her and her family a lot. Yet, I am definitely not ready to be away from my little girl that long!

Loaded up and headed to the babysitter's house

I freely admit that I cried the whole way to the babysitter’s house (only about 5 minutes or so), sucked it up long enough to take Reagan in and get her situated (James just about had to drag me out), and then cried pretty much the whole way to work (about 10-12 minutes).  I knew Reagan would be fine; we had gone over the the babysitter’s house the day before so she and Reagan could meet and it went great. Reagan seemed perfectly comfortable and at ease with her and we got the same positive vibe as before about the babysitter (we really do like her a lot!). Yet, Mommy just really was NOT ready to give up her little girl to anyone!

I made it to early afternoon and then texted the babysitter to see how Reagan was doing. Reagan was doing great and eating like a champ, but I just couldn’t take it any longer and decided to go pick her up early and bring her back to work with me for the rest of the day (I only had about 1.5 hours left and used my lunch break to go get her).

When I got to the babysitter’s, Reagan had just been fed and was almost asleep… and of course was doing just fine. On the other hand, I started tearing up as soon as I saw her and full out started crying when the babysitter handed Reagan off to me!

I know Reagan has a wonderful babysitter and will be perfectly ok, but at four weeks I’m just not ready yet. I really wish things hadn’t worked out the way they did with work, bedrest, cesarean, etc…, but that’s the reality of the situation and I’m trying to deal with it as best I can. Everyone says it gets better, so I can only hope it really does!

Bucket bath

Even though Reagan lost her umbilical cord well over a week ago, we had never given her a “real” bath. Instead, we’d been taking showers with her.  She seemed to enjoy the water and the shower, so I decided to go ahead and give her an actual bath.

Before Reagan was born I’d checked out all the different options for bathing babies and what I liked the best were the tub baths. These were tubs that looked like regular buckets and allowed the babies to be fully submerged in the water instead of half in and half out like most baby baths. Yet, these tubs were pretty pricey and it seemed crazy to spend $40+ on something Reagan wasn’t going to use for that long, so instead, I bought an actual kitchen bucket from Target for $6!

Reagan chilling in her bucket bathtub

At first I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work and whether I’d keep the bucket in the bathtub after I’d filled it up or put it on the bathroom floor, but James took the decision out of my hands by climbing into the (empty) bathtub with Reagan.

Daddy holding Reagan up in her bath

Reagan really seemed to enjoy the warm water sloshing around all over her and was making all sorts of cute cooing sounds and little faces!

Reagan enjoying her bath!

After we let Reagan enjoy the water for a little bit, Daddy held her while I soaped her up and got her all clean!

Getting all clean and shiny!

The getting out of the bath was not nearly as agreeable to Reagan as the being in the bath, but we quickly got her dried off, lotioned up, and dressed!

Getting tried off... not nearly as fun as the bath!

It was great to see Reagan enjoying the bath and gave us great hope for her enjoying the pool this summer! 🙂