Nine weeks

Nine weeks old and getting so big! 🙂

Just a few pictures from this last week! Reagan is growing so fast that that I’m worried I won’t be able to go through all of her 0-3 month clothes before she grows out of them!


Reagan two months

Two months! Yes, our baby girl is now TWO months old! Where did the time go?

Reagan is such a sweet little baby that loves to be cuddled and is definitely developing her own little personality! As this month has progressed she has become more and more alert and aware of her surroundings. She will smile and making all sorts of adorable cooing noises when James and I talk to her, but is quick to let us know if she is not happy!

Here are Reagan’s accomplishments for this month:

  • Big smiles for Mommy & Daddy
  • Cooing and other cute little noises when we talk and interact with her
  • Very very healthy appetite; she’s currently weighing in around 13-14lbs and we just switched over to size 2 diapers
  • Is breastfeeding on demand whenever she is with me and taking a bottle when she is with James or the babysitter
  • Has more control over her head and is trying to figure out how to roll over when we put her on her belly
  • Is starting to enjoy her swing more and just started using her jungle gym
  • Still sleeping in spurts of 1-3 hours at a time, but normally gets changed, nurses, and normally goes back to sleep again

Two month video

Here is a video chronicling Reagan’s second month!! Our little one is growing and changing so fast!

Eight weeks

Reagan is eight weeks old! Wow, almost two months since our little angel was born!


Deluxe Gym

This weekend we finally put up the Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym my parents got Reagan for Christmas. She had been much more active and alert lately, so we thought she really might enjoy the colors, textures, and sounds. She hasn’t quite figured out her hands yet, but she waves them all over and was able to knock the different toys and get them to make noise! After playing a while Reagan got worn out and ended up crashing. It’s hard work being a baby! 🙂

Reagan enjoying her gym time!

February shopping

Saturday I met my Mom in Bloomington for a little shopping trip. We were looking for a wrap for the dress my Mom is wearing to my cousin Mer’s wedding and a nice spring dress for Reagan. We had a great time and while we didn’t find the perfect wrap for my Mom, we did find an adorable spring dress for Reagan! 🙂

Reagan and Grandma

Thank you

So this post (and the thank you’s) are REALLY REALLY late! I could blame it on bedrest, followed by Christmas, followed by a crazy labor and cesarean, followed by a new baby, being in a lot of pain, not missing a day of work, and the start of a new semester, BUT none of those are good enough excuses. I have been very bad about getting “Thank You’s” out to all the people that were so generous before and after Reagan was born.

Before Reagan was born a lot of people not only sent positive thoughts and cards, but also visited me in the hospital, and gifted us with food and presents.  At 32 weeks I had an amazing baby shower where Reagan got tons of cute and much needed gifts. After Reagan was born, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of kind words and amazing very thoughtful presents.  This is not to mention all of the family and friends that have gone out of their way to come and visit our little bundle of joy!

So, after all of this, I am declaring myself the worst person in the world. It makes me feel awful to think that people might believe that we didn’t care or weren’t touched by the outpouring of love and generosity.  This is the absolute opposite of how we feel and if anything I’ve been so overwhelmed by everything, I didn’t know where to start with the thank you’s.  Yet, it’s important that everyone knows how much what they did mattered to us, so I am officially starting the thank you’s! 🙂

Cracker Barrel

Tuesday night we met James’ Dad and Alice at Cracker Barrel to celebrate my birthday. When we scheduled it I didn’t realize that it was Valentine’s Day and that it might be pretty busy, but luckily we got there early enough that we missed the rush!

It was the third time in three weeks that we had Cracker Barrel, but this didn’t bother me at all! I love Cracker Barrel and the only downside to our visit was that it wasn’t Wednesday when their special is Broccoli Cheddar Chicken! Regardless, the food was still great and after Reagan was finally done eating (she nursed pretty much the entire time we were there!) Grandma Alice and Grandpa Gene had a good time getting to hold her!

Seven weeks

This has been a busy week! Reagan is making the most adorable little cooing sounds, is definitely looking around and checking things out more (she still loves looking out the window!), and the smiles are happening a LOT more! Our rough weight estimate is 12lbs and height is 23in, but we won’t know for sure until Reagan’s two month pediatrician appointment on March 1st.

First Valentines Day

Celebrating Reagan’s first Valentine’s Day!