All the spring colors

Saturday morning Reagan was a little fussy and the weather was cool, but sunny, so we headed out for a walk to see the many spring colors.  Our yard is a little different than most because it was previously a tree farm, but what that means is we have rows and rows of beautifully flowering trees!

I love the rows of brightly colored ornamental cherry trees!

It’s amazing to walk through the trees when they’re in full bloom!!

Walking through the rows of flowering trees! What an amazing time!

I also took some up close pictures of the blooms.  They were so beautiful and fragrant I really wanted to capture the moment as much as I could.

Up close of some of the beautiful blooms!

Unfortunately Reagan wasn’t quite as taken with the beauty of nature and passed out before we even made it out to the trees! Since it was cool out I had her in the Baby Hawk sling facing me and then zipped up one of James’ spring jackets around us!

Reagan in her sling and with Daddy's coat zipped up around us!

Heading back towards the house I also saw some other signs of spring around the yard including some tadpoles in our pond and blossoms on one of the peach trees we planted last year!

If you look closely you'll see the little black tadpoles!

Walking up to the back of the house

Peach tree blossoms!

We finished our walk by heading to the bridge to look out over the creek.  The water is way down, but it is still nice to look out over the water!

The water is way down on the creek

Favorite baby things

It’s amazing how much stuff first time parents buy when they’re having a baby. Yes, I at least partially fell into this trap and probably ended up with more than we really needed.  Yet, there are some things others might overlook that I absolutely love and consider a necessity in our household! Below is my list of must haves for at least the first few months with your baby.

  1. Super Cozy Striped Blanket – I originally got this in green for James’ dad diaper bag, but ended up nabbing it for everyday use because it’s so soft and snugly.  After not having it because it was in the wash, I went back and also ordered the pink one as well.
  2. Tweezerman Baby Nail Scissors – These are super expensive for a tiny pair of nail scissors, but are hands down the best for cutting teeny tiny baby finger nails. They make cutting Reagan’s nails fast, quick, efficient, and with no worry about accidentally cutting her.
  3. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer – Any diaper warmer would probably work, but we like the Prince Lionheart and Reagan definitely appreciated the warm wipe on her little tush during the cold winter months.
  4. Baby Comfy Nose Nasal Aspirator – This is a MUST HAVE for every new parent.  Unlike the blue bulb syringes, this nasal aspirator actually works and is gentle on your baby.  Unless we need to do some major unclogging, Reagan normally doesn’t even cry when we use this on her.  And yes, it might seem kind of gross to be literally sucking the snot out of your child’s nose, but trust me, when your baby can’t breathe and is miserable, this is a lifesaver and you could care less about the gross factor.  I also liked this so much that I bought an extra one just to keep in the diaper bag!
  5. Bumbo – This isn’t for newborns, but once Reagan started holding her head up, the Bumbo has worked pretty well.  Reagan gets to look around and be a part of the adult world and it’s lightweight enough we can easily move it to wherever we’re at.
  6. Gerber Burp Cloth – These are super soft, don’t easily stain, and Reagan loves gnawing on them!  We use them not only as burp clothes, but also to wipe off her little face when she has milk on it and to catch any extra spit up!
  7. BabyHawk – I tried a few different baby carriers, but this one by far the best for not only me, but James as well.  It’s nice to have one carrier that we can both use and Reagan almost instantly quiets down when you put her in it! An extra bonus is that it really does help distribute Reagan’s weight across our shoulders, so it’s much easier to carry her long distances.
  8. Sleepers with snaps, not zippers! Maybe we’re just lazy, but it so much easier to change a baby when their sleeper has snaps instead of a zipper! I found we naturally gravitated toward only putting her in sleepers with snaps, so I quit even buying ones with zippers no matter how cute they were.
  9. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump – If you are breastfeeding and need to pump, this breast pump is a work horse that cuts your pumping time down to almost nothing! I can pump both sides at the same time and finish completely from setting up to taking down in 10 minutes! This has been a must have since I have to pump at least 4 times a day while I’m at work.

So there you have it, my list of must haves for new parents or any parents! It should be interesting to see how my list changes and adjusts as Reagan gets older!

Reagan three months

I know we say this pretty much every month, but it really is amazing how much Reagan has changed and how quickly she is learning to do new things!  Here are some of her bigger accomplishments for the month!

  • Started rolling over, but is an accidental roller in that she hasn’t quite figured out what she needs to do to roll over on purpose
  • Found her fingers and is chewing on them all the time!
  • Is much more interested in rattles and toys, but hasn’t figured out how to use her hands to get them to her mouth!
  • Is sitting up in her Bumbo chair
  • Is putting pressure on her legs and standing when we hold her up
  • Loves to be outdoors and go on walks in the Baby Hawk baby carrier with Mommy
  • Is a little over 16lbs!!

Shower with daddy

Reagan seems to like taking a bath, but what she really loves is showers with Daddy! I’m not sure what it is, but she really enjoys the splashing water and doesn’t cry at all! It’s actually easier for us if she showers, so most of the time we end of giving her a shower rather than a bath.

In bloom

Sunday it was absolutely beautiful out so Reagan and I went on a walk to check out all the spring blossoms! We got a good walk in and Daddy kept busy mowing us a path around the yard!

Get well soon visit

Saturday morning Reagan and I met up with my Mom in Bloomington to visit with my Grandma Jones. Grandma had been in the hospital for a few days and we thought she might want a little cheering up!

We had a good time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, but we didn’t want to wear Grandma out so we didn’t stay too long.

We spent the rest of our time together doing a little shopping for some clothes for Reagan (she is growing out of everything so quickly, it’s crazy!!) and looking for sandals for my Mom.  While we were walking around the mall we almost walked right by the Easter Bunny before it hit me that I (as a good mother) needed to get Reagan’s picture with the Easter Bunny!  Luckily she was wearing a cute outfit and was sleeping, so she didn’t even lift an eyelid when I briefly handed her over to the bunny for a quick picture!

Reagan and the Easter Bunny

I know it was cheesy, but it really was cute and I’m glad that we got the picture. Especially because you know we don’t have nearly enough pictures of Reagan… 🙂

Treadmill time

Walking, walking, walking…. Reagan is a pretty good sleeper at night, but getting her to go to bed at night is a completely different story. No matter how tired she is, she does not go down without a fight.  Yet, what I’ve found is that if I put her in her Baby Hawk baby carrier and start walking she quiets down almost immediately. Normally I walk our driveway from the house down to the mailbox and back (about 1 mile total), but some days the weather isn’t nice enough to walk outside or it’s too dark.  On days like that I do our walking on the treadmill!

Walking on the treadmill Reagan

Reagan and Mommy walking and walking on the treadmill! 🙂

Reagan and Mommy!

 It takes a while, but eventually the little lady gives up and finally goes to sleep!

Twelve weeks

Reagan Kay – 12 weeks!

Bathing fun

Fun bath time pictures! Reagan seems to like taking a bath, but appears to prefer showering with Daddy the best!  Sorry no pictures of that though… I haven’t figured out a way to get them PG rated! 😉