Busy weekend with Mom

Thursday night my Mom came down to stay for a few days.  James was going to a Math retreat on Friday & Saturday, so it was the perfect time for us ladies (Mom, Reagan, & I) to have some girl time!

Grandma and Reagan dipping their feet in the pool Friday morning!

Mom watched Reagan Friday morning and then I got off work early so we could go to Bloomington to celebrate a late Father’s Day with Grandpa & Grandma Jones.  We had lunch at Red Lobster and Reagan wooed the entire waitstaff while we enjoyed our yummy meal! Then, after a slight detour to check out a park, we headed back to Grandpa & Grandma’s.  Reagan slept for a while, but once she woke up and nursed she was ready to play!

Reagan and Great-Grandma Jones

Reagan loved playing with her Great-Grandma’s feet!

Reagan and Great-Grandpa Jones

Reagan was obsessed with Grandma’s feet and trying to grab them and get them in her mouth! She then moved on to Grandpa’ shoes and the velcro on his shoes kept her occupied for a while!

Saturday morning we headed out to the farmers market for some fresh produce. Yet, while the corn and green beans were amazing, what we really loved were the brats we got from Jones Boys Market. We got Apple and Smoked Mozzarella Garlic brats that we ended up having later on for lunch and they did not disappoint!

Reagan and Mommy at the Farmer’s Market

We also spent Saturday morning trying out my Baby Brezza, baby food maker! We started out with Avocado and then also did some sweet potatoes.

Getting ready to try some avocado!


It was really easy to make the baby food and Reagan seemed to enjoy it a lot! She really doesn’t eat a lot of anything, but gets some tastes here and there that should help her developing palate.

After a late morning/early afternoon nap and some lunch (fresh brats, sweet corn, & green beans from the farmers market!), we headed out to the pool to enjoy the hot weather and the perfect temperature of the pool!

Reagan and Grandma playing in the water!

Reagan and Mommy having some fun on the pink floaty! Love the tongue sticking out!!

Grandma and Reagan swimming

We enjoyed our swim (and Reagan trying to drink all the pool water) and then it was time for Mom/Grandma to go home.  It was a great weekend and we all had a lot of fun!

Playing in bed!

Six months

Our baby girl is officially half a year old today!! Wow has time flown by!! It doesn’t seem possible that we have a bubbly adorable six month old little girl!  Reagan is sitting up on her own with no problem (once we set  her up), has started to try some solid food here and there (her primary nutrition is still breast milk), and will definitely scooch around if she wants something! Reagan finds the baby in the mirror pretty fascinating, but not nearly as much as watching videos of herself on Mommy’s phone! Being outside and swimming are some of her favorite things to do and overall Reagan is just simply amazing!

Happy Six Months!!

It’s crazy to think back over the last six months and how much our little bundle of joy has grown and how much her personality has blossomed! Reagan is such a happy little girl and really does smile pretty much all the time! The only things that get her down are being tired, hungry, having a wet diaper, and teething! Yet, even these things don’t get her down too much!

Reagan at one week and then at six months!!

Having Reagan has completed our family and brought about a whole new dynamic to our lives. She has definitely changed our lives for the better!

Jones family then and now!

Being a Mommy to Reagan these last six months has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.  Reagan is simply amazing and I cherish every minute I get to spend with her.  She lights up my life with her smiles and I can’t imagine life without her. The love I feel for her is overwhelming and completely encompassing.

Reagan and Mommy

Yet, I think the biggest change has been for James.  James does not let people into his life very easily and yet this little bitty baby girl has him completely wrapped around her teeny tiny finger! James is an extremely hands on Dad and this summer has been Reagan’s primary caregiver Monday-Thursday afternoons and all day on Friday’s (during the Spring semester he had her all day Tuesday & Thursday’s). I love coming home from work and finding James and Reagan in the pool splashing around, in the office listening to music, or in bed snuggled up and napping.  They are always together and always having fun! James is definitely enamored with Reagan and being Reagan’s Daddy, but Reagan is equally as captivated! Reagan will literally light up when she sees her Daddy and even reaches out for him (something she doesn’t do for anyone else).

Daddy and Reagan!

The last six months have brought about so many changes, I can’t imagine how many more we’ll have in the next six months!!

Reagan at six months!

Happy six months Reagan Kay!!

Twenty-six weeks

Little Miss Reagan Kay is half a year old, well at least week wise she is! Month wise she turns six months tomorrow!! Where has the time gone??  This week Reagan has become more independent and is playing on her own for longer periods of time as long as Mommy or Daddy are still visible! She also has gotten quite interested in watching videos of herself. I have a number of them on my phone (imagine that?!?) and she loves watching herself, and giggles and talks while she watches them! Too cute!!

Weekend of Becky’s part 2

To finish our weekend of Aunt Becky’s, Sunday my Aunty Becky came from Missouri to visit and give Reagan some loving! It had been a few months since Becky had seen Reagan and she was amazed at how much she’d grown!

Reagan and Aunt Becky!

Reagan definitely enjoyed playing with her Aunt Becky and seemed to eat up all the loving and attention! She was almost all smiles and even sat in her high chair (playing with her freshly mashed sweet potatoes) for almost an hour while we had lunch and chatted.

Reagan enjoying her lunch

After lunch Reagan needed a quick sink bath and costume change before she was back to playing with Aunt Becky!

Aunt Becky playing with Reagan

It was an enjoyable day catching up with Aunt Becky and seeing the joy coming from Becky and Reagan’s interactions! Reagan really is such a happy baby and loves socializing, and I think her Aunt Becky definitely enjoyed her little personality! Overall a great way to end the weekend!

Kona, Aunt Becky, and Reagan!

Family that reads together

James and Reagan were hanging out in the bedroom reading their books and it was just too cute to not take a few pictures!

Reading together in bed! Or at least James is reading in bed while Reagan is looking at her picture book!

Aren’t they cute!

Hopefully this will continue as Reagan gets older! James and I both love to read and we hope we can instill the same love in Reagan!

Weekend of Becky’s part 1

This weekend we somehow managed to have both James’ Aunt Becky and my Aunt Becky come and visit us. We started with James’ Aunt Becky and Uncle Bob who came Saturday morning.

Aunt Becky, Uncle Bob, and Reagan!

Aunt Beck and Uncle Bob hadn’t met Reagan before, but that didn’t slow Reagan down at all! She seemed to really like her Aunt and Uncle, and I think they might have liked her a *little* bit.

Aunt Becky and Reagan! I think they like each other!

Look at that smile!

They spoiled Reagan with some amazing gifts and lots of attention!

Some of the adorable outfits for Reagan

We had lunch while they were there and while we enjoyed talking and being with them, to be honest, we knew they were there for Reagan and that was just fine with us! It was good to see them and I think James especially enjoyed getting to spend time with his family.

James, Aunt Becky, and Reagan

It was a great day and I think everyone had a good time!

Family picture

First day of summer

In honor of Reagan’s first day of summer (technically yesterday), we decided to do a quick photo shoot this morning! Reagan was wearing her bright teal “Baby’s first summer” onesie and an adorable hot pink flowered headband. Too adorable!!

What a cutie pie!

Love those little teeth sticking out!

She was awfully cute sitting in her little lawn chair on the back porch and even showed off her balancing abilities by leaning over to grab at some of the plants!! Luckily it was a basil plant so other than her smelling like basil, it  didn’t matter if she put it in her mouth or not! 🙂

Baby in the mirror

Who is that baby in the mirror?  We have a mirror on the floor in Reagan’s room and she loves to look at herself and play with her toys! It’s just way way too cute! 🙂

Who is that baby in the mirror?

Twenty-five weeks

Reagan is twenty-five weeks old!! The little munchkin is becoming quite skilled at sitting up on her own (once you sit her up!) and seems to enjoy being able to look around and play with her toys this way. She’s also interacting a lot more with her toys and reaching/going for certain favorite toys.  On Sunday Reagan enjoyed her first meal of mashed potatoes (and loved them!) and Saturday her first fall into the pool (didn’t enjoy this so much!). It’s just amazing how quickly she is growing and changing! Slow down baby girl and let Mommy & Daddy enjoy you! 🙂