Hog Days 2012

This weekend is my hometown of Kewanee’s annual Hog Days!! I grew up enjoying the many different Hog Days activities, so I’m pretty excited to take Reagan for the first time!

Reagan and Mommy ready for Hog Days!

Today after work we’re heading to Kewanee and spending the weekend at my parents. It should be a good time and I hope the weather is decent so we can take Reagan on some of the little kid rides at the carnival!

I’m ready, let’s go!

Reagan seems pretty excited to be going to Hog Days!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

Making baby food

Reagan is still primarily on breastmilk, but she does get the opportunity to eat solids almost every day. We mostly give her fresh fruits and veggies while we’re sitting around the table eating dinner, but I’ve also started sending homemade purees with Reagan to the sitter. I didn’t expect Reagan to actually eat much (if any) of the puree, she normally only eats a few bites here and there from me, but thought it would be good if she had something she could eat while the big kids were eating. Strangely enough, Reagan normally finishes her entire container of food when she’s at the sitters! Because of this, I’ve actually been getting some decent use out of our Baby Brezza!

The Baby Brezza is a handy appliance that steams and purees food. The settings allow you to select a cooking time and then choose whether you want to steam, puree, or do both to the food. I know I could do all this without a special gadget, but as a working Mom who barely has time to take care of the essentials, the set-it and forget it all in one Brezza really makes my life a lot easier. Yes, I could buy jars of baby food and make my life even easier, but as a family we decided we did not want to give Reagan processed, pre-made baby food.

Here’s the process for making carrot puree for Reagan:

1. I started with a $1.50 bag of carrots and selected two large ones. I then washed, peeled, and cut 1.5 of them into chunks. The other 1/2 was sliced for Reagan’s dinner.

Fresh bag of carrots

2. The carrot chunks went into the Baby Brezza and I locked the lid into place. I filled the steam tank with bottled water (it only takes a few ounces) and set the Brezza to steam for 25 minutes and then puree.

1.5 large carrots cut up and steaming

While the carrots were steaming, I cleaned the kitchen and Reagan hung out in her highchair and played with some spaghetti noodles from dinner. She’d already eaten/chewed on an apple slice, raw carrot sticks, and cucumber slices while we were having dinner.

Reagan playing with spaghetti noodles while Mommy cleans up the kitchen and makes carrot puree!

3. After steaming for 25 minutes, the Baby Brezza automatically pureed the carrots to the perfect texture.

Carrots steamed and pureed!

Pureed carrots!

4. The last step is to pour them into containers. I use the OXO Tot Baby blocks freezable baby food containers and have been pretty happy with them.

Carrot puree divided up into the reusable/freezable baby food containers

All ready!

Right now Reagan is only eating 3-4 containers of food a week, so it’s easier to make these small batches so that way she’s getting fresh puree that hasn’t been frozen.

And now for the math!

  • Jar of processed baby food is $0.32/oz –>$0.80 per 2.5 oz jar –> $0.80/2.5 oz = $0.32/oz
  • Container of fresh pureed carrots is $0.04/oz–> $1.50/8 carrots in a bag = $0.1875 per carrot; the cost for 1.5 carrots is 1.5 X $0.1875 = $0.28125; 1.5 carrots were pureed into four 2 oz containers of fresh carrot puree, so 1.5 carrots = 8 oz of puree; the cost of the 1.5 carrots divided by the total ounces of puree it created = $0.28125/8 oz = $0.0351/oz = rounded to $0.04/oz

From my calculations, processed baby food is 8 times more expensive than making fresh baby food. **Side note: It might be more or less depending on the type of food**

Yet, to make it easier on me, I also bought the Baby Brezza and some freezable containers. Thus, the next question is how many oz of baby food will I need to make with the Brezza in order to break even?

Break even formula: $109.94 + $0.04 (X) = $0.32 (X)

  • $109.94 = Baby Breeza ($99.95) + OXO storage containers ($9.99)
  • $0.04 = the cost per ounce of homemade baby food
  • $0.32 = the cost per ounce of processed baby food
  • X = number of ounces of baby food

Doing the algebra from the break even formula (or by graphing both and finding the intersection point), I need to make 393 ounces (rounded to the nearest ounce from 392.64 oz) of homemade baby food to break even. So far I’ve probably made close to 40 ounces of baby food, which leaves 353 ounces left!! That seems like a lot of baby food, especially since Reagan doesn’t eat a lot of solid food, but on the high side I’ve also used the Brezza to steam veggies for adult use! 🙂

Overall, regardless of the price or cost, we feel giving Reagan fresh non-processed food is healthier for her and better for her developing taste buds!

Sitting up by herself

Today Reagan started sitting up on her own!! She’s been sitting unassisted since about five months and been trying to sit up on her own since she learned to crawl, but today she actually did it all on her own! Daddy got to see it first, but once she got home, Mommy made sure to give Reagan plenty of opportunity to show off her new skill! What a big girl we have!!

Thirty-five weeks

Miss Reagan Kay is thirty-five weeks and keeping us busy! She’s been crawling for a little over a week and has gotten much faster at getting to where she wants to go! Luckily she still wants to be around us, so the most she does is crawl to wherever we are or around the room we’re in.

Ready or not, here I come!

Reagan really is adorable and seems quite pleased with herself when she crawls over to where you are or over to something she wants to get into! She’ll look up and give you a toothy grin and you just melt. She is just way too cute and with all her teeth coming in, she just gets cuter and cuter!

You can’t catch me now!

Another big milestone occurred on Thursday when Reagan said Dada for the first time! She was sitting on the bed with James while I got ready for work and looked right at James and said Dada perfectly!! It was pretty special, but since then the only time she says it is when she is babbling so it’s not as clear that she knows what she is saying. That’s fine though, with the crawling and teeth coming in, she’s been pretty busy already this week!

Eight months

Miss Reagan Kay is eight months old and this month has been a big one for developmental milestones! Reagan went from getting up on all fours and rocking to fully crawling! She’s still a little unsteady, but every day she gets better and faster!!


Here’s more of what Reagan has been up to this month:

  • Reagan has been teething a lot and has cut all four of her top front teeth! She is such a cutie when she smiles!
  • We have noticed that Reagan has a little bit of stranger anxiety when she doesn’t know (or remember) someone and they want to hold her.  If Mommy or Daddy is holding her though she’s fine and will charm the pants off them! Normally it doesn’t take long for Reagan to warm up to someone so they can hold her, but if there are a lot of strangers around, she still prefers to be with Mommy or Daddy.
  • Reagan is still nursing like a champ and we’ve settled into a very nice routine that seems to suit both of us quite well. I pump at work so Reagan can have breastmilk during the day while I’m gone, but we exclusively nurse whenever we are together. The only real issue is Reagan becoming easily distracted; especially by Daddy.  She is just so much more aware of her surroundings and wants to know what’s going on around her all the time!
  • Reagan still isn’t eating a lot of solid food… unless she’s at the babysitters! Amazingly enough, Reagan will sometimes eat an entire container of homemade puree while at the babysitters.  At home, the most she ever wants is a few bites here and there, so our babysitter must have the magic touch! Reagan does however gnaw on a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, with carrots, cucumbers, and apples being her favorites.
  • Reagan’s dexterity is getting a lot better and she is now able to push the buttons and pull the levers on some of her toys that she wasn’t able to do before. Reagan doesn’t really have any favorite toys and seems to enjoy playing with just about anything. Lately I’ve been filling a box with things and let her empty it, which seems to be quite fun for her! She also appears to like balls, like the soft Nerf one her Grandma & Grandpa Davis got her and the small ones she can hold with one hand. And of course anything she can chew on is a favorite… including Daddy’s toe!!
  • Reagan is still babbling quite a bit, but we are getting occasional mama and dada’s!
  • Reagan’s sleeping habits have been up and down this month. With the big developmental milestone of crawling, Reagan has been restless at night and is rolling, twisting, and turning all over the place in her sleep. Teething has also added an extra layer of fun to bedtime. Reagan will go from sleeping peacefully to screaming bloody murder. If it’s right at bedtime this often gets bad enough that we end up not getting to bed for another hour or so. If it’s in the middle of the night, then she’ll scream out until I pick her up and nurse her back to sleep. Then if I try to put her down she’ll either wake back up or start her twisting and turning again. Hopefully now that Reagan is crawling and her most recent teeth have cut through this will get better!
  • The next big milestone coming up will probably be sitting up on her own, and Reagan is already pretty close to doing this so it won’t be long!

Reagan Kay Jones – Eight Months!

It’s crazy to think about how much Reagan has changed in the last month and I can’t even imagine what she’ll be doing by next month!

Computer set-up

Saturday afternoon we went to Gene and Alice’s so James could help set up their new computer. Their other computer had been hijacked pretty bad and was about six years old, so they had decided to go ahead and just get a new one.

Helping Grandpa with his computer!

Most of the time Alice and I played in the living room with Reagan, who was pretty funny and really really liked Grandma Alice’s feet! She also did a good job showing off her crawling abilities!

Reagan and Grandma Alice

Reagan playing with Grandma’s toes!

After the computer was set up, we got treated to a really good home cooked meal and then spent a little time talking before heading home. It was an enjoyable afternoon and Reagan had a really good time being with her Grandparents.

Reagan having fun with Grandpa!

Simple fun

Saturday morning I set Reagan on the back porch with a small tub of water and some toys.  She splashed and played in the water for almost an hour!!

Ready to play in the water!

Getting wet!

Fun with the water!!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun.

Thirty-four weeks

Thirty-four weeks was a big week for Miss Reagan Kay! She is officially crawling!! As mentioned before, we knew it was coming, but it still came as a happy surprise!

Time to crawl!!

Walking next??

Reagan also cut another tooth (#5); the one next to her top right tooth. You can’t quite see it yet in pictures, but it’s peaking through!!

Helping Mommy with the laundry!

Love that smile!

Reagan is still an amazingly happy baby and we are so lucky to have her! She is just so sweet and with her developmental changes her personality just blossoms even more!

Reagan and Daddy taking a dip in the pool!

Reagan and Mommy ready to go run some errands!


Yes, we have a crawler!! Reagan is officially crawling as of Sunday afternoon!

I was cleaning our bedroom and putting laundry away while Reagan played on the floor.  She’s been getting up on all fours and rocking, but every time she went to take a step, she would fall on her tummy.  This didn’t seem to bother her though and she kept playing with her toys, climbing into the laundry basket that she had pulled over onto it’s side, and generally just having fun.

James came in from working on the pond, talked to us for a little bit, and then got in the shower. I went to hang up some clothes in our closet and continued to talk to James.  I turned around to go back into the bedroom and there Reagan was… crawling towards the bathroom!! [Side note: Our bedroom and bathroom are connected and you have to go through the bathroom to get to our walk-in closet]

It was crazy! Reagan had been unsuccessfully trying to crawl not even five minutes earlier and here she was really crawling!! It was slow and methodical, but she was crawling!! I yelled for James and he stuck his head out of the shower to watch her and told me to hurry up and get the video camera.  I tiptoed past Reagan, grabbed the Flip recorder, and managed to get the following video!