Costume time

This afternoon I went and got Reagan from the babysitter and brought her back to work with me in time for us to take her around some of the offices and show off her costume.  We did this instead of trick-or-treating because: (1) we live out in the country and don’t have any neighbors, (2) we don’t really know anyone in the town we live by, (3) we don’t have any family close by to stop and see, and (4) she’s ten months old and doesn’t need the candy and won’t remember the experience!

Reagan the happy little ladybug!

We started with Daddy’s classroom! He was just finishing up with class and Reagan was super happy to see her Daddy. We stood in the back and she was waving and calling for her Dada!

Visiting different offices!

Reagan was supper cute as we went around to the offices and waved at all the people we visited with and put on her best charming smile! She tried to raid the candy in HR and the VP’s office, but we managed to keep her out of it for this year! Side note: I think it was just the shiny paper and not the actual candy she was after.

Daddy and Reagan walking the halls at Richland!

Taking a rest in the VP’s office! 🙂

Reagan and Mommy visiting the ladies in HR!

It was nice seeing everyone and Reagan did a great job in her costume! By the end it was getting hot and she was ready to get out of it, but overall a good time was had by all!

Daddy then took his ladies out to Cracker Barrel for a yummy Halloween dinner. Reagan once again charmed people by waving and smiling at everyone. This time she was wearing a pumpkin shirt and hat!

Reagan enjoying dinner at Cracker Barrel!

I think it was a good first Halloween for Reagan and I look forward to many more years filled with costumes and trick-or-treating!! Happy Halloween!!

First Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

It’s Reagan’s first Halloween!! She loves pumpkins and likes it when people wear crazy hats, but I have no idea how she’ll react to seeing people in full costumes!

Happy Halloween!!

Checking out her pumpkin!

Yay! It’s my first Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Forty-four weeks

Reagan is 44 weeks old and busy as ever!! She is loving the time we spend outside and has tried to eat leaves, rocks, mulch, wood, grass, and anything else she can get her little hands on! The weather has been pretty nice and has allowed for plenty of play time outside!

Reagan having fun outside!

Reagan is also keeping busy inside and is a very active little lady. She loves playing with her toys and it’s fun to see her interact with them differently than she did when she was younger. For example looking through her books instead of just chewing on them and standing up and pressing the different buttons on her stand-up music toy.

Having fun pressing all the buttons!

Life is never dull with Reagan around and she definitely keeps us on our toes! Tomorrow is her first Halloween and I can’t wait to see how she reacts to having her costume on!

Wagon ride

Saturday afternoon James took Reagan and I on a wagon ride around our property from one end to the other! James hooked the wagon to the lawnmower and away we went! Our first stop was the far east side of our property. This is one of the better places to view the creek, so we made sure to take advantage of the good view!

Reagan and Mommy checking out the creek!

Love the leaves floating in the creek

Reagan playing in the grass

Looking the other direction down the creek

We then got back in the wagon and up and went around the big meadow before heading to the west side of the property. The west side is where the pond is and we stopped here as well to let Reagan wiggle around and to check out the pond.

Daddy pulling just Reagan around the pond in the wagon!

Reagan is ready to get out of the wagon and play!

Reagan and Daddy

It’s time to play!

We finished our wagon ride by following the north fence line to the house. It was a little cooler out than our previous rides, but the air was more crisp than cold and we all had a good time!

Ten months

Reagan is TEN months old and growing up way too fast!! My baby girl is slowly turning into a little lady with lots of sassy personality! She is such a happy little girl and is so much fun to be around.

So much personality in such a little girl!

Here is more of what Reagan’s been up to this month:

  • Crawling – Reagan is a pro at crawling and speed crawls to Daddy when she hears him playing the piano!
  • Standing up – Reagan pulls herself up on everything and once she’s standing she is doing good at keeping her balance for longer periods of time.
  • Walking with assistance – Reagan is doing a great job walking behind her little walking toy and holding onto our hands and walking.  She hasn’t taken any steps on her own yet, but it seems like it could happen pretty soon!

Check me out! I’m ready to walk!

  • Crawling up stairs – Reagan crawled up stairs for the first time this month. We were in the Western Expansion Museum at the bottom of the St. Louis Arch and she crawled up some stairs in the exhibit hall. Unfortunately we don’t really have any stairs for he to continuing practicing on at home.
  • Getting into things – Now that Reagan is really mobile, she is getting into everything and loves emptying things out. She is super quick to open a cupboard and start pulling everything in it out on the floor!

Helping with the laundry!

  • Closely examining things – Reagan has started really checking out every little detail of the things she finds and gets into. It’s pretty cute to see her examining things so closely! It is not so cute to then see her cram whatever it is she is examining into her mouth

Examining every little detail of everything!

  • Playing by herself – Reagan is still good about playing by herself from 10-15 minute stretches of time. Normally this is just enough time for her to get into something she shouldn’t be in!
  • Stranger anxiety – Reagan loves seeing other people and smiling and waving to them, but she will not go to just anyone.
  • Nursing – We are ten months into nursing and Reagan is still doing great! We exclusively nurse whenever we are together. Yet, Reagan continues to not drink as much breastmilk from the bottle when I’m at work and she’s with the baby sitter or Daddy.
  • Solid food – Reagan is doing a little bit better with solids and seems to be actually swallowing (and eating) some of the real food we give her.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t still make a huge mess and that a lot of the food doesn’t end up on the floor, but at least some of it definitely seems to be getting down!
  • Being outside – Reagan loves being outside and will instantly stop fussing once you walk outside. She is also enjoying the different textures and the feel of nature!

Enjoying the outside!

  • Books – Reagan has started to enjoy going through books on her own and will pick the book she wants and sit down and go through it.
  • Sleeping – Reagan is still on the same schedule for sleep. She nurses to sleep between 7:30-8:30pm and then doesn’t get up until around 7-7:30AM. She nurses on and off throughout the night, but never actually wakes up to do this (i.e., dream nursing).

Reagan is doing great and moving right along with her developmental milestones.  She didn’t tie Mommy’s record of walking at 9 months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she started taking some steps on her own in the coming month!

Love this profile!

End of October visit

Friday James’ Dad and Alice came over for dinner and to see Reagan. We were going to meet at a restaurant, but I figured they would enjoy getting to see Reagan play with her toys and showing off her walking abilities more than her just sitting in a high chair.

Reagan waving at Grandpa & Grandma while walking towards them!

Walking the other way now!

They brought fried chicken and I made mashed potatoes, corn, and biscuits for our meal. It was quite tasty and much more relaxed than if we would have gone out to eat.

Reagan had a great time playing with her Grandpa Gene and Grandma Alice and even called Gene “Papa!” It was pretty cute and I think her “Papa” liked it as well!

Reagan having fun with Papa!

Reagan getting some up-close attention!

Reagan with her Grandma Alice!

After dinner we ended up in the nursery with the Grandparents playing with Reagan on the floor. Reagan loved the attention and was busy busy the whole time!

Playing in the nursery!

Fun on the floor!

It was a great evening and we had a good time telling Gene and Alice about our fun time on the paddle wheel boat and how everyone on the boat loved Reagan. It was good catching up and the night ended way too quickly!

Owen Swedman

I’m an Aunt!! This evening at 7:37 PM MDT my brother and his wife (well mostly his wife) had Owen Swedman Davis!! He was 6lbs 10oz, 20 inches long, and absolutely perfect!

Owen Swedman Davis – fresh out of the oven!

Owen is their first baby and Ty & Austin seemed excited and in great spirits after his birth! Ty even called me to let me know Owen was loving skin to skin time with his Mommy and then latched right on like a champ to nurse! Go Owen! Welcome to the family and I can’t wait to meet you!

Back to the pond

Wednesday afternoon when we got home from work we decided to take advantage of the weather and do some outdoor things. James went out to mow and Reagan and I decided to walk back to the pond so I could actually get a picture of the pond – unlike the day before when I was too busy getting cute Reagan pictures!

Reagan looking for Daddy! She could hear the lawnmower and knew Daddy was on it!

It was another beautiful fall day and since James had already mowed where we were walking, pulling Reagan in the wagon much easier. It was also cute that Reagan kept looking behind us to see if she could see Daddy. She could hear the lawnmower and knew James was on it, but she just couldn’t see it!

We made it to the pond and walked around it, checking everything out.  The water is probably the highest its been since James dug the pond out over the summer, but it still has quite a ways to go.

Reagan in front of the pond looking back towards the house.

Looking cute!

As we were checking out the pond, Reagan heard the lawnmower getting closer to us and started looking around again for Daddy. James took a break from mowing with the tractor and was coming out to see us on the smaller mower. Regan got crazy excited as soon as she could see James coming our way and turned around in the wagon and started waving at him. James saw her waving and started waving back and it was seriously the cutest thing ever!

Reagan and Daddy waving at each other!

Once James got over to us and stopped the lawnmower, Reagan was all over him and wanted to get up on the tractor! She loved sitting in the seat and “steering” the mower, she was literally bouncing out of the seat a few times she was so excited!

Reagan checking out the mower with Daddy!

Look, I’m driving the mower!

After having fun on the tractor, James hooked the wagon to the back of the mower and pulled Reagan and I back to the house! It was a bumpy ride, but we had a lot of fun squished together in the wagon riding behind the lawnmower and Daddy.

Mommy & Reagan having fun being pulled in the wagon!

It was another great fall afternoon and I accomplished my goal of getting at least on picture of the pond! 🙂

Fall walk

Tuesday afternoon when I got home James had the wagon all set up to take Reagan on a walk out to the pond. I changed clothes, grabbed my camera, and we were off!

James excited to take Reagan on a walk!

Reagan is just as excited to be going on a walk!

It was pretty cute to see the same excited expression on James and Reagan’s faces! Like Daddy like Daughter I guess!!

We walked down and around the pond and then back along the north side of the property.  Reagan was so cute I forgot to take pictures of the pond, but it had a decent amount of water in it!

Yay! I like riding in the wagon!

Heading around the pond


Reagan is just so cute!!

It was a nice walk and it was good to get some fresh air! I’m not sure how much longer it will be warm like this, so it’s good to enjoy the warm fall weather while it’s here.

Fun with Daddy!

Laughing with Mommy!