Thankful week 5

For the forth week of November, here are the things I was thankful for each day:

  • November 24th – I am thankful for Walmart being open 24/7. When you are sick or have someone sick you are taking care of there is always something you need, so it’s nice to be able to run to Walmart any time day and night.
  • November 25th – I am thankful for baby slings. When Reagan was going through her supper fussy stage at 4 months putting her in the sling and walking was the only way to make her happy. Likewise, today she was clingy and fussy and the sling allowed her to be close to me, but me have my hands free to get stuff done.
  • November 26th – I am thankful for long weekends. Even though I didn’t get to enjoy my long weekend because I was puking my guts out, if I hadn’t had the long weekend I would have missed work and been even further behind.
  • November 27th – I am thankful for James being able to be home with Reagan two days a week. We are lucky that James teaches Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and can be home with Reagan on Tuesday & Thursday. This has been a wonderful way for them to bond and for James to get plenty of quality time in with Reagan.
  • November 28th – I am thankful for working in the same place as my husband. I really enjoy getting to drive into work together in the mornings that we both work. It’s a good chance to connect and sometimes the only chance we get for adult conversation.
  • November 29th – I am thankful for alone time in the car. I’m not alone very often, so when I get a chance to spend some good quality time alone driving it’s nice to relax and just think.
  • November 30th – I am thankful for my work schedule. My work schedule is pretty flexible and allows me to take time and get things done during the day when I need to get them done. Not every job is this flexible and I appreciate that I’m able to do this!

And thus ends my month of being thankful! I know some of the things I was thankful for were pretty random, but overall I really do have so much to be thankful for I really don’t even know where to start. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful baby girl, great job, amazing family, and all of us our healthy! Really, is there much more anyone could ask for? Happy November Everyone!

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Anything for me?

Hmm… Wonder if any of this is for me?

Checking out the packages from Amazon!

I ordered a LOT Of Christmas presents from Amazon before Thanksgiving and they all showed up Tuesday at the post office! There was so much the post office actually called and asked James if he wanted to come and pick them up! Once we got the boxes home, Reagan was pretty interested in checking them out! And yes, most of her Christmas and birthday presents were in these boxes! 🙂

Eleven Months

Reagan is eleven months old (48 weeks!) and still a happy busy little girl! The big excitement for the month is that she started taking her first unassisted steps! She hasn’t perfected it, but she is definitely able to take some steps on her own without falling!

I’m ready to get into everything!

Here is more about what Reagan has been up to this month:

  • Walking: Reagan isn’t quite walking yet. She is pretty good about taking steps between furniture and to us, but isn’t just up and walking quite yet.  The furthest we’ve gotten her to walk is about 4-5 feet, but then she drops to her knees and crawls! I guess she realizes that for her its still faster to crawl than walk!
  • Getting into things: Little Miss Reagan Kay is into everything! Yes, everything. Her curiosity is limitless and she loves opening things and checking them out.

Going through everything in the kitchen!

Look at me!

Going through more kitchen stuff

  • Naming things: Reagan’s curiosity has extended out to wanting us to name things that she points at.  She has also gotten pretty good about knowing what things are and pointing at them when we ask her to “show us the deer” or “show us the duck.” Reagan seems to really like animal figurines and animals (my Dad has shot) mounted on the walls.

Curious about the bird on the Angel sculpture

  • Happy baby: Reagan is still a very happy baby. She loves people and waves at everyone wherever we go. If someone isn’t looking at her she’ll make noise to get their attention and then once she has it will give them a huge smile and wave at them!

Happy Baby!

  • Nursing: Reagan is still nursing pretty regularly and gets pumped milk while I’m at work. I really do think this has helped her avoid getting sick because (knock-on-wood) she’s really never been sick. A snotty nose here and there, but that’s also accompanied teething, so I’m not sure if she was sick or if it was just part of the fun teething process.
  • Solid foods: Reagan is still eating everything and has branched out to tilapia, chicken flavored rice, noodles, and cereal (not the icky baby cereal, but regular adult cereal like cheerios). She’s also gotten a lot better about actually eating her food versus chewing it and then spitting it back out. She’ll still do this occasionally, like if there’s something better she wants in her mouth, but she is actually eating a lot more solid food now.
  • Sleeping: Reagan is sleeping about the same as normal. We had a rough week or so when I think she was teething or getting ready to meet a developmental milestone. Luckily she came back out of it and is back to her normal sleeping pattern of going to bed around 7:30-8:30pm, nursing on and off throughout the night (number of times varies), and then getting up around 7-7:30am.

It’s hard to believe our baby girl will be one year old in a month!! Time has definitely flown by and Reagan has changed so much! I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to next month!

Playing and having fun!

Hanging out with mommy

Sunday when we finally got home from our sick weekend at my parents, Reagan was pretty clingy and fussy. I’m not sure if she was just confused by being at my parents and with my Mom for so long or if it was teething, but baby girl did not want to be put down. Yet, I had a million and one things I really really needed to get done before Monday morning.  Thus the Baby Hawk came out and Reagan got strapped to Mommy’s back!

Reagan hanging out with Mommy!

It worked pretty well for a while, but then Reagan decided that being close to Mommy was not enough, she wanted Mommy to physically be holding her. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and at least I got the main things done that I needed to get finished.

Sickness invades

Thanksgiving night we got back to Kewanee around 6pm and within a few hours James started getting sick. We weren’t sure what was wrong with him other than he seemed to have stomach flu (gastroenteritis) type symptoms. Unfortunately, early Friday morning I ended up getting sick with the same thing.  Between the both of us we were pretty sick, weak, and tired.

Fortunately though, since we were still in Kewanee, my Mom was able to take care of Reagan for us. She kept Reagan entertained and having fun while James and I pretty much spent the whole day going back and forth between the bathroom and sleeping.

Reagan kept Mom pretty busy and her newest game was wanting my Mom to take her around the house to see all the different “animals.”

Checking out the duck

Trying to pet the deer

Getting pushed around in the laundry basket!

Looking at the other duck

About the only time I got Reagan was when it was time to nurse, which was important because I didn’t want her to get what we had and I knew the immunities from my milk would help protect her.

I started feeling a little better by late Friday evening and actually ate a spoonful of plain rice and two bites of chicken. James wasn’t feeling better though and ended up having a rough evening and night.

James trying to rest on the couch.

Saturday morning we were both feeling much better, but very very weak and tired. James still wasn’t eating hardly at all and had lost over 8 lbs since Thanksgiving.  James finally ate some Ritz crackers about 7 pm (49 hours later), which was the first food James was able to keep in him, but by 9 pm, he was off to McDonald’s for some Chicken McNuggets, which he scarfed down after giving one to Reagan.

Sunday morning we were both feeling much better and decided we should try and get home. We packed up and headed out, only stopping at the rest area between Peoria and Bloomington so Reagan could move around and we could get some fresh air.

In our PJ’s and still looking a little disheveled from the weekend.

Playing on the horse

It was nice to finally be home, but the house was a mess and neither of us had gotten anything on our to-do lists done. Thus, lots of wonderful stress ensued while we both tried to get the essential things done before work on Monday. Not quite the way I hoped to spend or end the Thanksgiving weekend.

Yet, I want to do a huge huge shout out to my Mom and thank her for not only taking care of Reagan and keeping her happy and occupied, but also cooking and cleaning up after me and James. I’m sure it wasn’t my Mom’s idea of the perfect weekend either, but we really appreciate everything she did for us!

Reagan and Grandma

Thankful week 4

For the forth week of November, here are the things I was thankful for each day:

  • November 17th – I am thankful for our digital camera and remote. Digital cameras have revolutionized home photography and allowed amateurs like me to take enough pictures that at least a few (out of 400+) turn out!
  • November 18th – I am thankful for over the counter pain medication and teething tablets. Even with frozen bagels, cold wash clothes, and refrigerated teething rings, Reagan’s teeth are really hurting her. A little children’s ibuprofen and a couple teething tablets give Reagan (and Mommy & Daddy) some pretty quick relief.
  • November 19th – I am thankful for our home. Our home is our dream home and really is our oasis from the craziness of the world.
  • November 20th – I am thankful for internet shopping. With little to no time in my schedule to go out and shop it’s nice to be able to do most of my holiday shopping online!
  • November 21th – I am thankful for holidays. Holidays are great excuses to get together with family and have some extra days off from work!
  • November 22th – I am thankful for family. We were lucky to have almost my Dad’s whole side of the family together for Thanksgiving!
  • November 23rd – I am thankful for my Mom. James and I both got a nasty case of the flu and my Mom was wonderful enough to take care of Reagan for us.

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Thanksgiving 2012

Wednesday after work we picked Reagan up, stopped by the house, and headed to Kewanee.  On our way we briefly stopped in Peoria for dinner and then got back on the road. We got to Kewanee around 8:30pm and Reagan was wide awake and ready to play!

Reagan playing with Grandpa

Reagan had fun playing with her Grandparents and eventually we got her quieted down and into bed! It was another long night with teething pain, but thankfully Grandma helped Mommy out by rocking Reagan and getting her back to sleep.

Thanksgiving morning dawned bright and early and little Miss Reagan was ready to celebrate her first Turkey day!

Daddy’s little turkey!!

For Thanksgiving we drove to Iowa to celebrate with my Dads side of the family.  The trip was a little over two hours and Reagan slept pretty good, but about half way there we decided to take a pit-stop at the Worlds Largest Truck Stop in Walcott, IA.

Time for a pit stop!

Looking around at everything!

We got to my Aunt and Uncle’s around 12pm and were happy to see everyone. Reagan was especially taken with her Uncle Steve (aka the Baby Whisperer) and getting to be outside with the big kids.

Looking at the pigeons with Uncle Steve!

Playing basketball and enjoying the nice weather

The ladies were busy getting things ready inside and in no time at all Thanksgiving dinner was ready! There was plenty of food and dessert, so everyone was able to get their fill!

Ladies getting dinner ready

Walking to the dining room!

Enjoying conversation and dessert!

Reagan enjoyed a little bit of everything at dinner, but I think her favorite part was getting to be outside and play with her cousins!

Having fun outside

Playing chase!

Daddy and Reagan!

Happy girl!

It was a good Thanksgiving and everyone seemed to have a good day!

Family picture!

Reagan with Grandpa & Grandma Davis

Forty-seven weeks

Little Miss Reagan Kay is forty-seven weeks! In one week she will be 11 months old!! Time really does seem to move faster the older Reagan gets!

Happy little girl!

This week Reagan continued to practice walking, is understanding more and more of what we’re saying, is teething like crazy (another top tooth is peaking out with one more on its way). and turns just about everything (include remotes and various toys) into a phone!

Pretending the remote is a phone!

Fun with her toys!

Late November walk

Sunday Reagan was cranky because of her teeth, so we thought a walk outside in the fresh air might make her feel better. Luckily it was pretty nice out, so we got her shoes and jacket on and off we went!!

Taking a ride around the yard!

We started by walking to the bridge. Normally we just cross it and don’t spend any time there, but today we actually let Reagan walk around on the bridge, look down on the creek, and then get close to the creek.

Walking across the bridge!

Checking out our bridge!

Looking down at the creek!

Reagan and Mommy down by the creek

Looking at the creek close up!

After checking out the creek, we put Reagan back in the wagon and walked along the creek to the edge of our property.We stopped here and there to look at things and Reagan was being her normal smiling happy self! I guess the fresh air really did the trick!

Daddy and Reagan having some fun!

Happy baby!

Once we got to the edge of our property, we turned around and headed back towards the house. We ended up walking past the house to the barn and Reagan got to help drive Daddy’s big tractor!

Driving Daddy’s big tractor!

Overall it was a nice way to spend the afternoon and the walk seemed to really help Reagan forget about her teething pain (which Mommy & Daddy really really appreciated!)!!