February books

February was a crazy month with lots of sickness going around our family and a lot of business at work. Yet, I still managed to read 12 books this month!

February Books:


I started February by reading the third book in the “Last Year” series. I actually bought this book back in December when I’d read book one and two, but got burned out on the series and never started book three. As I was scrolling through the books on my Kindle App, I noticed the third book and figured I’d better read it since I’d paid for it! Overall it ended up being pretty good and had enough of a cliffhanger at the end that I now can’t wait to read the fourth (and last) book in the series.

I then did some fluffy romantic reading, nothing major, just the fluffy boy and girl meet, there’s some reason they can’t be together, then end up together and live happily ever after. This was at the height of Reagan being sick, and up on and off all night, so I definitely needed some light reading to get me through. It also helped that all of these books were free from Amazon!

During this time I did spice it up a little by reading “Attack your Day,” which was a book on different time management skills. This was another free book, but actually ended up being pretty good and had a lot of useful strategies.

Towards the middle-end of the month my Mom went through a “Wild Riders” series phase and bought the last three books in the series that we hadn’t read. Strangely enough we’d read book one (Riding Wild) and book four (Riding the Edge) a while ago, but never got the other books. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood for this type of book and never really got completely into them, but since my Mom had actually bought them I figured I probably better read them. They were decent books, but I just wasn’t in the mood (probably lack of sleep!).

In between the Wild Riders books I went ahead and bought the newest McCarthys of Gansett Island book. It was a pretty good read. Nothing amazing, but it continued the story and the characters that I’ve grown attached to and that made it worth it.

And last, I was really in the mood for a Stephanie Plum type book, but those had started to go downhill about 5-6 books ago. So, I decided to try something new. Strangely enough I saw an advertisement on Facebook about current deals on Amazon books and Whiskey Rebellion was discussed. It sounded interesting, so I went ahead and paid my whopping $0.99 cents and gave it a try. It was actually pretty good and made me laugh out loud in a number of places; even in the middle of the night when I was trying to be quiet and nurse a baby back to sleep! The book definitely wasn’t as good as the Stephanie Plum books back in their prime, but it was a solid book with some much needed humor!

For March I’ve already bought the next book in the Addison Holmes Whiskey series and the last book in the Last year series! In addition, I also picked up some free books that look pretty good.  With all these books to read March is looking like it will be a good month for reading!

Check out what books I read in January

Basket fun

We have wicker basket with a lid in our master bathroom that Reagan has recently gotten obsessed with. She loves to pull it out, empty everything from it, put her things back in it, and then climb in and out of the basket. This morning I managed to capture these pictures before we left for work.

Fun in the basket!!

Fun in the basket!!

What can I say, baby girl loves pulling things out, putting things back in, and especially climbing into things herself! The funny thing is that she sometimes gets into the basket and can’t get herself back out! That definitely leads to some frustration and a quick cry for Mommy or Daddy to come rescue her!

Fourteen month update

Little Miss Reagan Kay is fourteen months old!! It’s hard to believe how quickly this month went. It seems like a few days ago it was January! Reagan has matured a lot this month and is becoming much more vocal and knowledgeable about her surroundings and what things are. Unfortunately for most of this month she was sick on and off, and needed her first antibiotic ever. It started with a case of pink eye that we couldn’t get rid of – it literally lasted on and off for 2 weeks – and then back and forth with a fever, ear infection, stuffy nose, cough, and runny nose. It seemed like just like she got over one thing something else popped up! Poor Baby! Luckily we made it through the sickness (and yes, Mommy and Daddy were both sick on and off as well) and by the end of the month Reagan was healthy again!

Happy 14 Months!

Happy 14 Months!

Here is some of what Reagan has been up to this month:

  • Walking: Reagan is not only more steady on her feet, but she is also showing some signs of running. Or at least walking a lot faster!
  • Stomping her feet: Reagan has started stomping her little feet when she is frustrated or wants us to do something that we’re not doing. It’s really cute, but can only make me wonder what’s around the corner when the little Miss is older and doesn’t get what she wants!
  • Climbing: Reagan has never been much of a climber, but at the end of this month she started climbing in and out of her little rocking chair. She has turned into quite the daredevil and loves to stand up and hold on to the back of the chair and rock it!
Climbing in, out, and all over her rocking chair now!

Climbing in, out, and all over her rocking chair now!

  • Self awareness: Reagan has been good about pointing to Mommy and Daddy and different animals and objects around the house, but anytime you asked her where Reagan was she would look at you and not do anything. All of a sudden starting at the beginning of this month, we were going through where is everyone and we asked her where Reagan was and she pointed to herself! It was amazing to see her be self-aware that she is Reagan and yes, we made a pretty big deal out of it to her!
  • Giving real kisses: Reagan has been blowing kisses for a while, but this month she started giving us real kisses!!
  • Snuggling: Reagan has really become more of a snuggle bug this month. Not sure if its because she was sick so much and didn’t feel good or if its a developmental thing, but Mommy and Daddy both have been enjoying the extra loving!
  • Body parts: We’ve been working with Reagan on her body parts and she’s getting pretty good at knowing some of the basic ones. She knows fingers, toes, nose, eyes, ears, and mouth so far!
  • Books: Reagan still loves her books, but seems to be more interested in playing with things and interacting than sitting down and reading.
  • Talking: Reagan is becoming more and more vocal in the last month. She still doesn’t verbalize many specific words, but it’s cute to hear her playing with her toys and talking to them or talking to us while we’re playing with her. It seems she’s right on the cusp of really starting to say some words!
  • Helping: Reagan is really good at helping Mommy and Daddy and wanting to be right in the middle of the action. She will bring you things that you ask for and put things away, like putting the laundry into the dryer. Reagan also wants to be part of whatever we are doing and is definitely becoming quite the litter helper!
Helping Mommy peel potatoes!

Helping Mommy peel potatoes!

  • Playing: Reagan has been doing a lot more playing on her own and playing with us. She will play with her *real* toys, but normally seems to almost prefer adult household things like measuring cups, spoons, toothbrushes, small containers, and anything else she can pull out of a cupboard and play with.
Checking out the fox!

Checking out the fox!

Playing with her blocks in front of the mirror!

Playing with her blocks in front of the mirror!

  • Attached: Reagan has been especially attached to Mommy this month. This could be attributed to a number of things, especially the sickness most the month, but if Mommy is around it seems like Reagan wants to be held most of the time.
  • Getting into things: Miss Reagan Kay is into EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. She is a busy busy little girl and loves pulling everything out of cupboards, shelves, bags, boxes, and anything else she can get her hands on! This also resulted in a broken vase and a broken bowl just this month!
Playing with stuff she pulled out of our kitchen cupboards!

Playing with stuff she pulled out of our kitchen cupboards!

  • Nursing: Reagan is still nursing quite a bit and not showing indication of weaning anytime soon. If anything, she seems more aware of her Momma milk and better able to communicate her desire for it!
  • Solid Food: Reagan is still eating solids pretty well. Being sick so much this much caused a little slow down on her solid intake, but overall she’ll try just about anything and likes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, crackers, and of course Pringles (her favorite).
Loving her celery stalks!

Loving her celery stalks!

  • Sleeping: Due to a stuffy nose, fever, runny nose, and cough on and off most the month, Reagan’s sleep was not the best this month. In addition, it seemed like she might be teething, so that made things even worse. Most nights she was crying out in her sleep every 1-2 hours and needed comforting and nursing to get back to sleep. This was especially true when she was really coughing and had a runny nose. Two things that are not fun for nursing babies who are trying to sleep.

Overall our baby girl is a little sponge and it amazes me how quick she is to pick up new things.  In general she is happy and quick to smile and anything she likes, makes her happy, or that she thinks is funny, which includes a lot of things! We can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Mommy’s girl

Reagan has been especially attached to me this month. This has made getting things done around the house (or even getting ready in the morning) pretty difficult.  Yet, as awkward as it is to try and make dinner or get dressed with a 24lb+ baby on your hip (who is grabbing at everything!), Reagan is still such a joy and the light of my life.

Mommy and her favorite little girl!

Mommy and her favorite little girl!

Yes I get frustrated (way more than I probably should) and yes I fantasize about the day that Reagan isn’t clinging to me like a baby spider monkey (screeching included), but overall I really do try and appreciate this time. I realize that Reagan won’t be my baby girl forever and I want to cherish this time of our lives together.

Sharing a giggle!

Sharing a giggle!

Momma LOVES you baby girl!

Celery stalks

Reagan is pretty into her veggies!

I was cutting up some celery and Reagan didn’t want the cut up pieces, she wanted the entire stalk! And, not only did she want one stalk, but she wanted one for each hand!!

Reagan enjoying her celery stalks!!

Reagan enjoying her celery stalks!!

Rocking chair

Reagan learned how to climb into a little rocking chair at the beginning of January while we were at Linda’s house, yet never seemed interested in the rocking chair in her room. The rocking chair was originally mine from when I was a little girl and has always been in Reagan’s room, but she’s never really been interested in it before. Yet, over the weekend Reagan got interested in it and started climbing in and out of the rocking chair like a pro (monkey)!

Pot roast

Ok, it’s not glamorous or the most skilled recipe, but here’s my latest favorite for making pot roast.  It’s very basic, but normally turns out pretty good (obviously the better the meat, the better the outcome!).




  • Roast – Pick your favorite and the size that works best for your family; I used a 3lb chuck roast
  • Italian seasoning mix
  • Ranch seasoning mix
  • Brown gravy seasoning packet
  • Sliced carrots
  • 1 cup water

As a side note, if I had more time and free hands (I was putting this together while holding Reagan on my hip) I would have included a diced medium sized onion and some cut up potatoes.


  • Mix seasoning packets together in a bowl until well blended. Add one cup water to the mixture and stir until everything is mixed together.
  • Spray crockpot with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Add roast and any veggies you want to use
Ready to slow cook

Ready for the mixture and to to slow cook

  • Pour seasoning packet mixture over everything
  • Put lid on crockpot and let sit for 7-8 hours on low

This is by far the easiest recipe I’ve used that still had a lot of flavor. It smells great while cooking and made enough for 2 meals (for two people) with some additional leftovers!

Finished product

Finished product, Yummy!

We have snow

We finally got some snow!! I know that sounds strange, but we haven’t had any snow so far this year and I was beginning to think Reagan wasn’t going to get the chance to experience it. I got Reagan all bundled up in her heavy jacket, hat, and adorable little boots (that I spent way way too much money on) and out we went!

Reagan and Mommy outside in the snow!

Reagan and Mommy outside in the snow!

Reagan seemed to like being outside while we were walking around, but as soon as I went to put her down in the snow she freaked out and wanted back up into my arms!

Reagan was not interested in walking around in the snow!

Reagan was not interested in walking around in the snow!

Reagan was definitely not impressed by the snow at all. She liked being outside and looking around from the safety and security of my arms, but that was it. Oh well, we always have next year!



Short trip to Bloomington

Monday morning Reagan and I headed to Bloomington to visit with my Grandparents. My Mom was also meeting us there, so we were looking forward to a fun filled day.

Reagan getting lots of attention!

Reagan getting lots of attention!

In the morning we sat around and talked and let Reagan play before heading to Olive Garden for lunch! We met up with my Mom’s brother (Dan) and sister (Linda) and had a wonderful and relaxing meal! Afterwards we went back to my Grandparents and played some more with Reagan. She seemed to really like the stone statue of a fox they have!


Reagan checking out the fox

It was a great afternoon and Reagan had a lot of fun with all the attention from her Mommy, Grandma, and Great-Grandparents!!


Reagan with her Great Grandma & Grandpa Jones!

Eventually though Reagan’s little eyes started to get droopy and it was time to head home for a nap! She fought getting in the car seat a little bit, but was sound asleep before we were out of Bloomington!!