November 2014 books

In November I read 15 books!

October Books:

  • Blood Magick – Nora Roberts
  • Transcendence – Shay Savage
  • The Darkness Within Him – Alice Raine
  • Holding Out – Lila Rose
  • If I Were You – Lisa Renee Jones
  • Being Me – Lisa Renee Jones
  • Out of the Darkness – Alice Raine
  • Illusion – J.S. Cooper
  • Secondhand Heart – Kristen Strassel
  • How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days – Laura Lee Guhrke
  • The Backup Boyfriend – River Jaymes
  • Running on Empty – Christy Reece
  • Dream Huntress – Michelle Sharp
  • Ruined – Alycia Taylor
  • Duke of Thorns – Sara Ramsey

Check out the other books I’ve read so far this year:

Knowing her numbers

Reagan always wants candy while we’re in the checkout line. Normally we just tried to avoid her seeing the candy, but recently, since James started working with Reagan on her numbers, he told her if she could tell him the numbers (price) that went with the candy then she could have it. The first few (at least 3-4 times) she didn’t know her numbers and so James held strong (amazingly, not sure if I could have done it) and didn’t let her have any candy.

This week though when James asked her the numbers that went with the candy she knew them and was able to get her candy!! How exciting! The funny part though is that we told her she couldn’t eat the candy until after we had dinner. Yet, by the time we finished dinner she was full and didn’t even want the candy! Regardless, it’s been a great way to get her motivated to learn her numbers!