Early Valentines

Surprise early Valentine gift from Great-Aunt Becky (Davis side) was much appreciated today!


Reagan’s been sick, but perked right up when she saw the new hat, book, and paint with water set!

Not tired

I’m not tired, I’m not tired… Less than 30 seconds later and she’s out and snoring.



Mommy and Reagan relaxing and playing around on the couch! We’re in our PJ’s and are ready for the weekend!


Winter walk

We made good use of the nice weather and walked to our bridge and then down to the creek. Nothing like country living, even in the winter!

We also enjoyed the nice January weather by playing in the sand!


Overall it was a wonderful way to spend a January afternoon!



Doc McReagan in the house this morning! Her hungry hippo game was “broke” and she needed to fix it!

James’ birthday

I made eight dozen cookies for James and his students! With four different classes of students birthday treats require a little more effort!


I also got to enjoy a working lunch with the birthday boy! Happy birthday James!


We decided to have James’ birthday dinner at Fuji’s! Both Reagan and Daddy’s first time at a hibachi grill!

And DQ for dessert! Reagan’s first banana split!


Overall I think James had a pretty good birthday!

Fun with snow

She might miss Florida and the beach, but she’s enjoying the snow tonight!

Long first day back

This is going to be a LONG first day back after 25 days!Little Miss Reagan has been sleeping in until 9:30-10am since we got home from vacation. I was worried about getting her up today since I need to go back to work, but I guess I shouldn’t have been worried. She’s been wide awake since about 3:30am… only about 3 hours or so earlier than I needed to wake up.



And then this happened… It’s snowing and I’m the LAST person to leave work. Wow this has been a LONG first day back to work after an almost three week vacation!



I want to go back

Today when I put Reagan’s Florida shirt on her she liked at it and said, “I want to go back to Florida. I want the sand and the water!”


Yeah baby girl, we do too!


New Years Day 2015

Happy 2015 Everyone!

Happy New Year!

New Years day we got up and went back over to Gene and Alice’s to celebrate Christmas (this time with Alice’s side of the family). It was a really fun time with lots of food and lots of laughing and we ended up not leaving until late. What a great way to start 2015!