Snow day

Looks like about five inches so far, but it’s still coming down pretty steady! There’s almost no wind and it looks so pretty outside!

Still in our PJ’s enjoying the snowy relaxing day!


Last day at the water park

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop for cupcakes! And yes, they tasted just as good if not better than they looked!

We also played more at the indoor amusement park!

Last night at the waterpark! It was mostly empty so were able to really relax and have a great time!

Overall we had a wonderful fun filled weekend!!

Matthiessen State Park

My favorite place in Illinois is Matthiessen State Park, which is literally next door to the indoor waterpark we’re visiting. I’ve never been there in the winter, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature even when everything is frozen!

The only downside was that the stairs and creek area were too icy for Reagan so she and James stayed up top and played in the snow while Mommy went on a solo adventure!


Grizzly Jacks

Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast and early lunch with my parents before heading to Grizzly Jacks!!

Our first night at Grizzly Jacks was pretty great! We played at their indoor amusement park and waterpark until we were worn out!


Then we had some ice cream while watching their evening kid show!

What a great start to our time at the water park!!

Valentines Day 2015

Friday after work we drove to Kewanee to spend the night and see my parents for my birthday!

Saturday (Valentines Day) was a pretty relaxed and nice day and Reagan loved being at her Grandparents house!

I got a pedicure and massage, both wonderful birthday gifts!!

Then that evening we went out to eat for my birthday and then James and I went to the movies!

Kona’s birthday

Reagan wanted to go to Rural King and Mommy wanted Broccoli Cheddar Chicken from Cracker Barrel… Luckily it’s Mommy’s birthday and she got to choose!


Pre-birthday celebration

The day before my birthday we went to Gene and Alice’s for a wonderful home cooked meal and to celebrate my birthday with them! Afterwards Gene got out his guitar and played a little for Reagan – who greatly enjoyed it!


Middle names is careful

I was in the kitchen and noticed that Reagan had pushed three kitchen chairs together and was climbing up and over them. I asked her what she was doing and she waved her little hand at me and said – “Don’t worry about me, my middle name is careful.”

Yep, no idea where this came from, but it was ridiculously cute!


Reagan needed to go in for some routine bloodwork to check her iron levels.

We started by going to the wrong location – they had moved since the last time we’d been there. I looked up the phone number and got the new address, which was luckily just up the road. We finally got there and once we got called back at first she really wasn’t sure about the whole thing. Daddy started talking to her and told her it’s like “How it’s made” except it’s how they draw blood. Which started to calm her down and then he asked if it actually hurt, which she said no.

Reagan actually calmed down enough so that she ended up actually sitting there and watching them finish taking the last two vials of blood.  Afterwards Mommy told her the story of how when Mommy was a little girl (but older than Reagan was now) she got chased around the doctors office because she wouldn’t sit down and be good to get her blood taken. Reagan thought it was pretty silly that Mommy was worried about something like getting your blood taken. What a wonderfully brave little girl!

Building a snowman

Today it wasn’t too cold and the snow was perfect for building for being outside and having fun.

The weather and snow was also perfect for building snowmen so we  helped Reagan build her first snowman!

The snow was also perfect for snowballs! So we had a friendly snowball fight! Another first for Reagan!


We ended our time outside with a big family snow angel!!