Childproof locks

James thought it would be a great idea to teach Reagan how to open the childproof locks on the bathroom cabinets.

Look what I did!

Look what I did!


Just snacking on some carrots before bed! She asked for the big carrots and not baby ones. Funny girl!


Kite Flying

When we got home from the airport it was a beautiful day so we decided to do some kite flying!


It really was the perfect weather and Reagan loved running with the kite!

Afterwards she decided to do a little digging in the dirt! The garden is bare now, but hopefully we’ll get something growing in there this year!



Heading home

My flight out of Salt Lake was super early in the morning (like still dark) and the airport was pretty much empty, but this made getting on the flight on time no problem!

5:45am – Kona –  On the flight to Chicago. Everything is on time. 🙂 Love you both!

Interestingly enough, I did end up with one of the Canvas bigwigs from the previous day sitting right in front of me on the flight.

Kona’s Twitter Post: Brad Koch from is on my flight & sitting in front of me! Hmm 3+ hours of telling him what’s on my ? 😉

The flight was pretty smooth to Chicago and the sunrise was absolutely beautiful!

We landed on time in Chicago and then it was a mad dash to get to the right gate!

The following is the email exchange between me and James:

9:55am – Kona – Just landed in Chicago.

9:58am – James – I see that on flight tracker. Do you have to pick up your bag or do you have it with you? Are you pretty sure you’ll make the flight?We need to leave by 10:15 or so to make it there before you land. Reagan is resisting me in getting ready. Not actively, she’s just doing her own thing and refusing to do mine.

10:07 – Kona – Everything is on time. I’ve got my bag.

10:10am – Kona – checked for gate and it said our plane was would start boarding at 10:12am and that the gate was across the airport. Raced across the airport and down to the ground level with 5 min to spare.

10:16 – James – Okay, we’ll take off in a few minutes. Have a good last leg of the flight home. I asked Reagan if she wanted to tell you anything before we left, she said “Me coming to get her fast” and “Kona, I come to get my mommy”.

10:27am – James – We’re finally leaving. She’s in the car seat now.

10:27am – Kona – Just on the plane

Luckily I made it and we got to Champaign on time and with no problems! Reagan and James were patiently waiting for me and it was SO good to see both of them!

Reagan wanted me to sit with her in the back of the car so we could talk, but by the time we got to a store we needed to stop at before we headed home she was over it and said she wanted to wait in the car with Daddy! Later she did go into Sams with us and ended up getting a huge turtle pool toy!

Overall it was a great trip and Reagan and Daddy seemed to do ok without me for a couple of days!

Mommy away day 1

My first full day away from Reagan actually went pretty good.

It started with some Facetime with Reagan first thing in the morning. She wasn’t pleased, but did sleep the night before and did ok.

7:34am – Facetime for 16 minutes – Reagan was NOT  happy and told me she’d let me brush her teeth and change her diaper if I came home.

Luckily the rest of the day was pretty awesome. I had met some great people, heard about some innovative new technologies, and had the opportunity to help guide the road map for our LMS.

Later that evening I got the chance to go out to eat with a bunch of Khaki participants and Instructure employees. It was a great time to really get to know people and there were some great conversations!

Later that night I I had the following email conversation with James:

7:09pm – James – Parenting win? I’m only letting Reagan watch one episode of each show tonight.

I just turned it into a game. I grabbed the logo of each show and printed it with their names on 2”x8.5” slips of paper. I then had Reagan tell me what each show was and we put a paper clip on it to make it into a fishy.

The shows that she’s watched tonight are in the shopping cart basket and the rest of the fish are in the floor next to the couch. She has to fish and catch a show and then that’s the one we watch.

We’re on Jake right now. It’s the first one since starting the “game”. We’ve already seen Mim-Mim, Octonauts, Mickey Mouse, and Cat in the Hat, but she’s only getting one of each show.

I cooked a pizza – one of the Digiorno’s self-rising crust. I had 6 pieces and she ate the other 2. When I say she ate them, I mean completely; the plate was clean. Figured that was worth some extra TV. Anyway, we’re in a good place right now and she’s happy, but she doesn’t want to wait until this show is over to get the next fish.

We still have fish for Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Clifford, and How It’s Made.

Let’s see, 7*22 = 154 minutes or 2.5 hours of TV left at a max. That’s 10:30 and she gets a mix rather than locking herself into one show over and over.

The next phase is I help Reagan find the show on the DVR by looking for the letters in the name and matching it with the name on the DVR, which just has the name but no picture.

7:26pm – Kona – Yes! Parenting win! 🙂 Very creative. 🙂

Before I went to bed I also had a quick Facetime conversation with Reagan. She wasn’t happy that I was gone, but was happy that she and Daddy were picking me up the next morning at the airport!


First time away

Thursday I left for Salt Lake City! It’s my first time EVER away from Reagan overnight and I’ll be gone two days. I’m the one who puts Reagan to bed every night so it should be interesting how things go while I’m gone!

Reagan and James drove me to the airport in Champaign and luckily everything was on time and ready!

IMG_783111:54am – Kona – Hi daddy and Reagan! I’m on the plane to Chicago. Love you both!

Everything went pretty smoothly in Chicago and in no time at all I was on the plane to Salt Lake!

2:12pm – Kona – Hi daddy and Reagan! Mommy’s on the plane to salt lake and everything is on time! Love and miss you both!


When I got off the plane I got the following message from James.

5:16pm – James – Reagan’s out. Crashed about 3 on the ride home, not too far outside Champaign. Then woke up when I tried to move her to the bed. Kept telling me she wasn’t tired, but she would go to sleep if she could watch just one mim-mim. Wasn’t happening. We came in and got your previous messages and watched the plane on the flight tracker. About 4:30, made it to bed to pretend to be close to mommy. She just woke up a little bit ago, screamed and cried herself back to sleep. I’m making spaghetti (getting the water boiling now), but she’s asleep in bed. I’m thinking about having a TV free 48 hours.

I hated to hear that Reagan cried herself back to sleep and tried to stay upbeat with my emails.


6:10 pm – Kona – Hi daddy and Reagan! Mommy is in Salt Lake City! Everything is was on time and I got to see the mountains from the plane!! The plane was so crowded that I had to check my suitcase. When we got to Salt Lake I had to go to baggage claim for my suitcase. I’m now waiting for the shuttle to the hotel. Love you both!

From the airport I caught a shuttle to the hotel and just relaxed for a little bit and enjoyed the scenery.

Afterwards I went out for some dinner and had an absolutely amazing deconstructed s’more!

When I got back from dinner I got this email from James:

7:00pm – James – Reagan said she would rather watch mim-mim than face time with you. After about five minutes of throwing a fit, she came over and is now eating supper and telling me she’ll be good. “It’s good” she just said from the kitchen. followed by “Daddy, I just said it’s good… how about putting mim-mim on for me?”

And then ended up Facetiming with Reagan for a little bit before bed. She was doing ok and actually seemed to want to be done talking with me so she could go back to her show.


Preschool screening

We had Reagan’s preschool screening the same morning that I was leaving for Utah (first time away from Reagan overnight!). I was stressed about leaving Reagan and stressed about how Reagan would do for her screening, but everything worked out great!

Reagan’s apt was 8:30am and ran until 9:30am. There were different stations set up around the gym and Reagan had to go to each station and do various things. Reagan was great and went to all the different stations by herself and James and I sat out in the vestibule area filling out paperwork.

The results of the screening were that Reagan did good overall, but needed help in enough areas that they determined that preschool would help her. We also met her future teacher, Mrs. Ravenscraft!


I’m packing for my trip to Salt Lake City! It’s my first time EVER away from Reagan overnight and I’ll be gone two days.

Reagan decided to help me pack. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll need baby and the tea set for my meetings.

Anyone who sees James be nice, I’m the one who puts her to bed every night!

St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day Grandma got Reagan one of my favorite books from childhood – Leprechauns Never Lie. I loved this book when I was a kid and it was pretty neat to see Reagan enjoying it as well!

Fresh air

The weather was beautiful so after we picked up Reagan from the babysitter we went to the playground to play for a while.


It really was great to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and we all had a great time!