Watch and be amazed!

Not sure where it came from, but Reagan’s been doing cute/funny stuff and then saying to us, “Watch and be amazed!” It really is the cutest thing ever to see her┬ádoing some gymnastic moves (or something else like that) and telling us to “Watch and be amazed!”

Foam pit

Reagan jumping (getting thrown) into the foam pit at gymnastics!

She wasn’t so sure about the foam pit, but once she got in she seemed to enjoy it!


Perfect day for a swim! Too bad the water is still frigid!! A solar pool heater is sounding better and better!


Spring yet?

Is it planting season yet?? I’m ready!!

First time on balance beam

Here’s video of Reagan’s first time on the balance beam at gymnastics! She’s being helped by Coach O!

More fun from gymnastics!!

Reagan has really been enjoying gymnastics and we really enjoy watching her!



Thirty-five yrs ago this would have been me watching the Grand Prize game from the Bozo show while my Mom did my hair. Today it’s Reagan watching Octonauts.

Love that I have a daughter to do this with and happy that kids still get so transfixed by cartoons that their moms can do their hair!





Twins birthday

Saturday afternoon we had fun celebrating Emma and Tyler Feinstein’s birthday at the Children’s Museum!