Safety rules

Nice afternoon with family! Reagan kept us all entertained and in order with her emphasis on the safety rules.



We’re heading to Flora, IL for James’ Uncle Kenneth’s funeral, but Reagan keeps saying how happy she is that we’re going to Florida. Hmm… I think she’s going to be *slightly* disappointed when we get there.


Mother’s Day 2015

For Mother’s Day we went to Kewanee for the weekend. We spent most of the time relaxing and just enjoying each others company! This included…

Reagan and Grandma making a special meal!

Relaxing and watching TV with Grandpa!

Having fun at Windmont!


Overall it was a great weekend!


Missing Grandma

This morning Reagan was carrying around this picture saying that she missed her Grandma and wants to play with her and make food. Good thing we’re heading to Kewanee this evening to see Grandma & Grandpa Davis!!



Reagan helping me plant tomatoes! I got four different kinds from the Richland Plant Sale!


Good thing she’s cute

Look who smuggled in sand and leaves from outside! She had all this stashed in her purse. Good thing she is really cute.

Oh dear…

Oh dear…

Reagan has been going around saying, Oh dear… Oh dear… and it is pretty darn cute!

Example: Reagan drops something and she’ll say “Oh dear!” or if something spills she very dramatically say “Oh dear!” Way way too cute!

What does half mean?

James emailed me today to tell me about a conversation he had with Reagan today.

Reagan was taking a piece of white drawing paper and saying she could fold it in half.

When I asked her if she knew what “half” meant, she said “Yes, it means two equal pieces”.

We were both pretty impressed that she is already developing an understanding of mathematical principles, especially ones related to fractions, which lots of older kids (and even adults) have problems with!