Hi Grandma!

I was talking with Grandma Davis and Regan wanted us to take a picture to send to her! “Hi Grandma!”

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First Parade

Reagan’s been out of the country, but has never been to a parade. We fixed that today!! We went to Maroa Days with the Feinsteins!

Reagan had a good time at the parade (especially the candy part) and we enjoyed watching the different groups and floats come by!

IMG_9609 (2)
After the parade we went back to the Feinsteins before going to the kids games that were set-up uptown.

We had fun with the games and then went back for lunch and then home for a nap! Later that evening we went back to Maroa for fireworks!!

It was a great evening and a great day!

Father’s Day 2015

Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day by having James’ Dad and Alice over for dinner! We had a nice time (wonderfully cooked steaks) and Reagan definitely kept us all amused!

Heading home from Utah

Heading home from Utah was a series of delay, delay, delays…

IMG_9516 (2)
We finally made it out of Utah and thankfully it was a straight through flight to St. Louis and then home! We had a great time on vacation, but we were happy to be home!


On the last day of the conference they had been teasing us about the “guest” performer. They had been throwing out a lot of hints, but my guess was one of the first correct answers on Twitter, so I got the chance to meet Olivia Newton-John in person!!!!

We listened to her concert and then afterwards I got to do a (very) brief meet and picture with Olivia!

IMG_9762 (2)

It was a great end to the conference and to help us remember the awesome time we had, we got a TON of swag! An entire carry on suitcase worth!

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Making friends

On the first full day of the conference I presented(!) and made a lot of new friends! It was another very full and fun filled day!

Start of the conference

Tuesday was the official start of the conference and in the morning we did the Unconference (Kona) and a hacking event (James). Reagan and Mom kept busy walking around the resort, playing, swimming, and going on the gondola!

In the evening the conference kicked off with a bang with Mardi Gras night!

Seven Peaks Waterpark

Monday we checked out of our hotel and headed to Provo to visit the largest waterpark in Utah, Seven Peaks! We had a little drama on the way when Reagan threw up all over in the car, but luckily it seemed like car sickness more than anything and we were able to get her (and the car) cleaned up before getting to the water park!

IMG_9524 (2)
Thankfully the rest of the day was pretty awesome and we all had a lot of fun!

When we left the water park we headed up into the mountains to Park City and the InstructureCon (Canvas) conference!

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Salt Lake Day 2

Sunday was a more relaxing day and in the morning we did some more walking around downtown (even though it’s completely shut down on Sunday’s). That afternoon we went to check out Gilgal Sculpture Garden, which isn’t too far from downtown and located in a residential area.

It was a strange little garden. The flowers were beautiful, but the sculptures were really strange and more than a little awkward.

Afterwards we were pretty hungry so we tried to find a restaurant to eat at. Unfortunately, and something we keep forgetting, is that pretty much EVERYTHING shuts down in Salt Lake on Sunday. It wasn’t even 6pm on a Sunday and nothing was open. We finally ended up at an open air shopping mall that had a movie theater and frozen yogurt store open. So what did we have for dinner? Pizza and popcorn from the movie theater and frozen yogurt for dessert! It was quite the adventure!

Salt Lake City Day 1

Saturday morning we did some wondering around downtown Salt Lake City!

We had a great time and really enjoy all the different things there are to do in downtown Salt Lake!

IMG_9234 (2)

Saturday afternoon we went to Wheeler Historic Farm, a real working farm located on the edge of Salt Lake.

The highlight of the farm though was Reagan’s chance to “milk” Bella the cow!

She did a great job and it’s all she talked about for quite a while afterwards! Definitely a lot of fun!

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