Planning for Math 113

James normally teaches Math 113 (statistics) and this fall I get to teach a section as well! I’m teaching the evening hybrid section and I’m pretty excited about it! Because we’re both teaching it, we’re working together to figure out what we’re going to do this coming semester!


James to the rescue

Trying to get home today I pulled into the driveway and got almost all the way to the house before coming across this.

View from the car

View from the car

Apparently some pretty bad weather had come through in the afternoon and had knocked down this tree. It was pretty good sized and covered in poison ivy. Yuck!

James planning his attack!

James planning his attack!

Luckily James (with his chainsaw and tractor) was able to get everything cleaned up pretty quickly!

Cutting apart the tree!

Cutting apart the tree!

More cutting

More cutting

Hauling away the tree!

Hauling away the tree!

Drive is cleared!

Drive is cleared!


Sunday Swimming

Sunday was a great day for swimming!

Daddy diving

The water was the perfect temperature, it was warm out, and overcast (so not too much direct sun!)

Mommy and Daddy

My friend Cody and her family came over to swim with us and later on Jill and her kids. Overall it was a perfect day except for the fact that our power went out shortly before everyone got there! I submitted a power outage report and our electric company had some guys out to the house and the problem fixed within a few hours! The issue was that animals had gotten into our fuse box again – similar to about a year ago. They put up some wire to keep the animals out and hopefully that will do the trick!

Visiting with family

Saturday afternoon we went to James’ Dad’s house to see his Sister and some of her family who were visiting from Tennessee. We had a great time visiting with everyone and Reagan enjoyed entertaining everyone and playing with her cousin Ridley!

Before we went outside we had noticed that there was a skunk walking around the front yard. Reagan and Ridley got to see it from inside, but also wanted to see it from outside!

Cousins checking out the skunk!

Cousins checking out the skunk! See it out in the distance?















It was an enjoyable afternoon and evening and we ended up not leaving until pretty late!

Relaxing on Daddy!å

Hanging with Mommy

Heart murmur checkup

Today we went for Reagan’s follow-up appointment for her heart murmur. She’d never had one before, but at her three year appointment the doctor heard one. Granted she had been sick, so the doctor said for us to come back in six months for a recheck.

Reagan did great when the nurse called her back and was very good about getting all of her vitals taken. The really cool part was that she was 38.5 inches (grew 1.5 inches since January) and 39 lbs! Our baby girl has definitely been growing!!

Once we got into the room to wait for the doctor Reagan decided to keep us entertained by reading to us from a book about wild animals. It was pretty entertaining and kept us busy until the doctor got there.

The doctor took his time checking Reagan out and decided that she has an “innocent” murmur. This means that it’s not a big deal and isn’t a problem. Whew! We were quite relieved to get this news and proud of Reagan for doing so good while the Doctor checked her out!


Jill’s birthday

Thursday after gymnastics we met up with Jill and her kids to celebrate Jill’s birthday!! We went to Fuji’s Japanese Steakhouse and the kids were enthralled with the hybachi grill and watching their food get cooked in front of them!

The kids all did really great, amazingly no problems at all(!), and that helped all of us relax and have a good time!

Poolside dining

Tonight Reagan didn’t want to get out of the pool for dinner so we did a little poolside dining!

Date night

It was a little past our anniversary, but my Mom came to watch Reagan so we could go out on a date night! We had a great time, but I think Reagan and Grandma might have had an even better time!

Date night

Thursday my Mom came to watch Reagan in gymnastics and stay for a visit so James and I could have a date night!

James and I had a good time getting away to see a movie, but I think Reagan and Grandma had an even better time!