Bloomington Splash park

Saturday we met a bunch of family (K Jones side) for lunch and then to play at one of the local splash parks!

We had a great time and it was a lot of fun for Reagan to run around and play with her cousin, Grandma, and other family!


First day of preschool!

Reagan started Preschool at Argenta-Oreana Elementary School today!


Big smiles!

She seemed ready for her first day and was excited to be getting dressed for school and getting her backpack ready.

Ready for school!

We got some pictures out on the front porch and I’d like to continue the tradition so that we have her first day of school picture on the front porch all the way through HS! It’s hard to imagine Reagan being old enough to be in HS, but I know the time will probably fly faster than we can imagine!

Yay! Time for school!

We got her to school and she seemed fine, but when it was time to actually go into the school with her teachers (and without Mommy or Daddy) Reagan was not interested at all. She actually cried a little bit, but her teachers are pros and got her inside and then a few minutes later waved and gave us a thumbs up to let us know Reagan was doing ok.

Preschool runs from 8:15am – 11:50am, so we drop her off on our way to work and our normal (amazing) babysitter will be picking her up. Today I texted our babysitter just to see how things went and how Reagan was doing and she texted back that Reagan was “Great… very talkative!” – which is typical Reagan. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully this will start us off on a great year of learning and fun in preschool!

Classroom visit

Today was Reagan’s first visit to her preschool classroom!

Starting preschool at Argenta-Oreana Elementary school

Starting preschool at Argenta-Oreana Elementary school

For today parents were to come with their children and spend a little time getting comfortable with the classroom and the teachers. Reagan was totally comfortable and didn’t hesitate at all! She said “hi” to her teachers and ran to the painting!

Having lots of fun painting!

Very focused on her artwork!

There were lots of “stations” for Reagan to play at and she enjoyed quite a number ofย  them!

Playing with beads!

Making some beautiful art!

Playing with play-dough!

There’s only 10 students in her class right now and so far from the kids we met today Reagan is definitely the alpha/dominant one in the class. Not in a bullying type way, but in a “I know the right way to do things and you need to do them my way.” This didn’t go over that great and her teacher was amazing about moderating everything, but Reagan got upset a few times and told her teacher she needed to go somewhere to calm down. Her teacher told her she could sit in a little chair in the reading area and Reagan went and sat down and “cooled” off.

I think her teachers are going to have their hands full, but I think going to preschool is going to be really really good for Reagan!

Home visit

This morning Reagan’s preschool teachers came to visit us (Reagan) at our house. It was quite the experience and Reagan wasn’t shy at all (surprise, surprise) with her teachers and was quick to show them her room and then all over the house!

The teachers were impressed with her vocabulary and noticed how spirited she was (and quick to tell people what to do!).

Overall it was a good experience and we’re pretty happy with the teachers Reagan is going to have this year!

Dinner fun

We always have a good time when we eat at Cracker Barrel!

That’s not what I requested!

When we went to pick Reagan up from the babysitter today the babysitter handed me a bolt, two nuts, and a washer.

I asked where this came from and she told me a funny Reagan story. The babysitters husband was headed to do some errands and asked her if she needed something. Reagan asked where he was going and when he said Menards she told him she needed some nuts and bolts. When he came back he stopped in his garage and picked up a few things to give Reagan when he came in. When he handed the bolt, nuts, and washer to Reagan she looked at it and told him, “I didn’t ask for a washer!” How funny and the one comment from the babysitter is that Daddy is obviously raising Reagan right!

Glenn’s 60th birthday

Saturday we went to Bloomington to celebrate Glenn’s birthday! His birthday was at Shooters and it was a lot of fun!

Reagan was running around and I had kind of lost track of her when all of a sudden someone came over the speakers saying a special littler girl wanted to wish Glenn a Happy Birthday and sing him Happy Birthday! Guess who the little girl was??

After the part we stopped by Krispy Kreme to get some jelly filled donuts for Daddy! And maybe one for Reagan as well…

Reagan definitely enjoyed her donut!

When we got home Reagan was excited to give Daddy his jelly filled donuts! She’s been pretty clear for a while that Daddy likes jelly filled donuts, but that she doesn’t. Yet, when Daddy was eating his first one he asked Reagan if she wanted a bite. She took when and then decided she wanted to finish off his donut! When she was done she asked for another one, but we told her that was enough. A few minutes later we caught her finishing off another jelly filled donut. She had totally ignored us and got on the counter and gotten another jelly filled donut and showed absolutely no remorse. What a little monkey.


Course development

This is how James and I roll these days… sitting in bed working on Math 113… normally with a 3 year-old between us. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jones family get together

Sunday we went to my Aunt Linda’s for lunch and to see family. My Uncle Sandy and his grandsons were in town so everyone wanted to see and visit with them!

We were also celebrating my Grandparents 64th wedding anniversary!

We had a good time seeing and talking with everyone and it was a beautiful day for Reagan to be outside playing (and entertaining everyone!).

We tried for a nice family picture, but that didn’t happen. Not even close. So, we settled for a nice husband/wife picture instead.