For Daddy-Daughter night James took Reagan to Ergadoozy, an indoor play area.


They had lots of different types of toys to play with and things to do and Reagan had a blast!

It was a good night for both of them and Reagan came home absolutely exhausted from playing so much!




It was dress like a superhero day today at Reagan’s school! I think Reagan makes a pretty awesome supergirl!


More lego fun

A friend from work had some Legos she was going to get rid of, but after seeing that Reagan was getting into them she gave them to us instead!

First lego set

And it starts! Reagan’s first Lego set! Daddy initially helped her get it put together, it’s a veterinarian clinic.

She already started bargaining for more!

Blood Moon

This evening we went out to watch the super blood moon. The super blood moon is when the moon is closest to earth during a lunar eclipse. This means the moon appears to be close to Earth and a reddish orange in color!

Reagan was more into counting stars, and it’s crazy to think she’ll be old enough to drink (2033) the next time this happens!

Not too sick

Reagan has thrown up three times today, but it isn’t stopping her from getting in a last swim before Daddy closes the pool! Yep, our girl is tough!

Crazy day

It’s been a crazy week and since I needed to attend a volunteer training meeting at Reagan’s school Friday morning I decided to just take the whole day off! Sounds great, right?

I did the volunteer meeting, which ended up being more helping get toys ready for lending than learning about being a volunteer, and then picked Reagan up from preschool. I asked her where she wanted to have lunch and she was emphatic about eating a cracker barrel. I was coming down with a head cold and just wanted to go to bed, but agreed and we went to cracker barrel. Reagan didn’t eat much and we had a lot of leftovers so we decided to take them to Daddy for his lunch. My plan was to take James his food, let Reagan see her Daddy, drop Reagan off at her babysitters, and then go home and rest!

We got Daddy his food and then sat down to talk with him while he was eating. Reagan decided to draw on the chalkboard and was looking pretty cute.

James and I were just sitting there talking and watching Reagan pose on the stool when she got a funny look on her face. She jumped down off the stool, came toward me (I was sitting at a student desk), and puked all over herself and me. Yep, within the span of 30 seconds (or less) Reagan went from totally cute and fine to puking.


I felt awful that Reagan was sick, but I also felt like crap and had to get both of us cleaned up in the bathroom at Richland before heading home. Reagan didn’t feel good so you’d think she’d want to go to sleep. Not so much, when we got home she was wide awake and ready to play. So much for Mommy wanting a nap. Eventually Reagan went down for her nap, but it was a super long and messy day. Definitely not what I was expecting.

Reagan’s school pictures

Reagan got her first official school pictures back today! Amazingly they were pretty good and I was impressed for it being her first time getting professionally photographed!

*Yes I realize it’s the same pictures, just with a different background. I paid extra for the different options. And yes, I paid for the digital rights to her pictures so I could legally post them here!

Queen Reagan

Reagan brought home this crown today from school! Guess we’re living with royalty now!


Getting her passport!

Guess who applied for her passport today?? Well… With Mommy and Daddy’s help!


After all of James’ hard work to get a usable passport picture for Reagan, when we got to the Post Office the guy told us the picture wasn’t usable because Reagan had something in her hair (a small yellow hair tie). Thus Reagan got her official passport picture taken today while we filed the paperwork!


Not quite what we intended, but it all worked out in the end and we got the paperwork filed and sent off!