Halloween 2015

We had a busy Halloween visiting with family, friends, and Reagan’s first time actually trick-or-treating!

We started the day by driving to Bloomington to visit with Great Grandpa and Grandma Jones.

Many residents at my Grandparents assisted living facility were gathered down in their main room to see the kids, so we spent most of the time down there letting Reagan run.

By lunch time we’d gathered a number of family members, so we decided to go to a Chinese buffet for lunch! Reagan had a great time with her cousins (Nilah and Tate) and for dessert she wanted a little scoop of all eight types of ice cream!

After dinner we went to Grandpa & Grandma’s house and played there for a couple of hours before it was time to head to our next engagement – trick-or-treating with the Feinsteins!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great for Reagan’s first time trick-or-treating and it rained (sometimes quite hard) the whole time. It didn’t slow Reagan down at all and after a little bit of trick-or-treating Reagan wasn’t even interested in the candy, the only thing she cared about was running through the puddles in her rain boots!

Reagan had a great time running through some pretty good sized puddles and by the time she decided she was cold and ready to go back I had to dump water out of her boots! She was pretty much drenched and had to borrow clothes from the Feinsteins when we got back! We then ordered pizza and the kids had fun playing!

Halloween class visit

Reagan’s preschool class had a Halloween party (no costumes) and I was able to attend for the whole morning! It was fun hanging out with Reagan and her friends, seeing what they normally do in the morning and helping with the Halloween activities. Her preschool teacher had multiple stations set-up in the classroom and in the gym and the parents and kids got to go around to the different stations making things and having fun!

In the pictures above we were supposed to be making a pictures to go along with the “Five little pumpkins” book/rhyme, but Reagan and her friend ended up sticking their cheese balls on their popsicle sticks and then eating them off the sticks! I guess this was way more fun!

Fresh broccoli

Reagan loves broccoli! In fact, Reagan loves broccoli so much that as soon as we got home from the store today that’s what she wanted to eat. Fresh broccoli right from the stalk!

19th century cowboy

Yesterday in gymnastics Reagan was pretending to be a “19th century” cowboy, as to not be confused with modern cowboys. She continued this once we got home and it was pretty cute.

I’m not sure where she learned the 19th century part, but I have to admit it made this history loving mamma pretty proud.


Mummy Daddy

Thursday after gymnastics we went to Reagan’s school’s fall holiday carnival. There were lots of different things for the kids to do and make and we had a pretty good time!

Probably the funniest thing we did though was let Reagan wrap us up like mummies. It was funny in general, but the best part was Reagan saying that she made a “mummy daddy.”

Img 2017

I also got wrapped up, but it wasn’t nearly as funny and I was just a regular mummy mommy.


Math fun day

Friday I took Reagan to a fun math day at her school. It was pretty neat and they had different stations set-up so the kids could do different activities and learn different ways to think about/do math.


Reagan and I had a pretty good time and it was fun to see her do the different math activities.

Heading home

On our way home we stopped to visit with Grandpa Gene and Grandma Alice for a while!

It was a nice day out so we went outside and then men played horseshoes while the ladies watched.


What a great way to spend our long weekend away!


Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods was our last stop for the day! Neither of us had been there before, but I’d heard it was pretty awesome and it didn’t disappoint. It was crowded because of the long weekend, but the beauty of  the place wasn’t diminished by this and it’s probably now one of my favorite places in Illinois.

It was an easy walk and we could have spent more time there except Reagan scared the heck out of us. I helped her climb up on a rock to get a picture (below) and she wiggle away from me and climbed higher than was safe. I luckily started up the rock to get her because she fell backwards and hit her head before could grab her.

James had hurried over and I handed Reagan to him and then I got down and held her (with my heart pounding crazily) until we both calmed down. Overall Reagan was shaken up, but ok. After that we were pretty much done so we spent a little more time there before heading out.


Canoeing on the Cashe River

Sunday morning we got up and Daddy decided we needed something sweet to start our day! Yep, Krispy Kreme Donuts!


We then headed to our first destination, canoeing on the Cashe River! This would be Reagan’s first time canoeing and we were excited for her to try it out! Another group was scheduled to go with us, but ended up just being us and the guide taking us on a personal tour!

Fun fact: The Cache River Wetlands are America’s northernmost cypress/tupelo swamp. Not sure if that is related or not to the fact that there was some type of algae that was pretty thick on the river and it made rowing pretty difficult. This wasn’t helped by the non-existent current. Yet, it was quite beautiful and we saw a number of different types of animals.

Even with the rowing difficulty it was a lot of fun and Reagan was very good in the canoe!

Afterwards we went to the Cache River visitor center and then out to see the (oldest/biggest?) cypress tree in Illinois.