Sleeping on her own

For the first time in her entire life, Reagan went to sleep completely on her own even though I was home.


Prior to this if I was home Reagan would not go to sleep without me laying down with her. As in there was no way she would ever go to sleep without me. Ever. This afternoon it was obvious that Reagan needed a nap (she was grouchy) and I told her that she needed to take a nap and when we got up we’d make some special soup together. She drug it out a little asking for some warm milk, but she laid down by herself and other than initially telling me she couldn’t go to sleep she went to sleep completely on her own!! Win, win, win!!

Fun out in the cold

This morning James noticed another shingle had come off our roof so while he was out trying to fix it, Reagan and I spent a little time outdoors as well!


For Reagan this meant splashing through the puddles, climbing on Daddy’s tractor (and getting a couple of rides), and playing with the kitty of course!

Reagan really likes playing with the kitty and the kitty really seems to enjoy being around us and following us around!


Thanksgiving 2015

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Bloomington at my Aunt Linda’s.

There was a pretty good crowd and it was nice to see and spend time with everyone!


The best part though was that the weather was in the low 60’s so we could spend plenty of time outside!

We even got a chance to get a couple of family pictures. They weren’t perfect, but definitely represented Reagan!

It was also nice to sit and chat with everyone and Reagan was busy with her cousins (and all the different toys) so James and I got to spend a little time together talking with people! Overall a very nice Thanksgiving!



This evening when I checked Reagan’s bookbag I found the following turkey that were things she was Thankful for.

I found it interesting what Reagan was Thankful for (loved) and especially the order. James was in class with Reagan the day she made it and he said the feathers were in order from left to right with what Reagan was the most thankful for. That means Reagan is the most thankful for her cruise (trip we’re taking on a cruise ship in Dec), then Grandma Davis coming to visit, next Daddy, and last Mommy. Guess I should just be happy that I ended up on the turkey at all!

Puzzle Fun

In the past Reagan never really showed interest in doing puzzles, but recently she’s done a couple and seems to enjoy it! The one she did today was a super long farm scene that she brought home from preschool (they get to borrow toys).

After getting the puzzle together, Reagan decided it was time to play in her tub of beans! She really enjoys sorting and counting them!


Early first snow

It snowed for the first time this winter season and I can’t remember the last time it snowed this early. Further north got a lot more, but we got enough to cover the ground and for Reagan to play in a little bit!

Reagan and I went out side to walk around and the kitty found us and walked around the yard with us. [Hint, the kitty blends in quite well with the white snow!]

Even though it was snowing the weather was perfect, little to no wind and not too cold!


Welcome to Winter!

New driveway

We *finally* got our new driveway! After numerous delays due to the weather the weather was dry and warm (at least warmer) today!

The guys started a little after 8am and worked on it until after 1pm! We kept busy taking care of some stuff inside and out, and even got a walk in!

Reagan was pretty cute walking around in her cowgirl boots and reading from her “guide” book and telling us what to do and where to go on our walk.

Consulting her guide book

The drive looked pretty nice when it was finished and Reagan and I had to take a quick walk to check it out!

Reindeer Ranch

Since James and I had Columbus Day off we decided to visit Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch when Reagan got done with preschool.


Since it was a weekday the place was almost no one there. This was great because there were no lines and we had the place pretty much to ourselves, but it wasn’t so great because some things were running because there weren’t enough people.

We had some fun playing on the peddle cars and then it was time for our chance to see the reindeer up close and personal! Reagan enjoyed feeding them, but there wasn’t much to see and she wasn’t that interested hearing about the reindeer.

What Reagan really really enjoyed was the play area! She loved the sand box and all the toys and played there for quite a while!

Reagan also enjoyed pretending to ride the horse swing and wooden horse!

Having fun playing in the play area!

After playing for quite a while we headed to Champaign to look for shoes. Other than confirming what size James (12 4E) and Reagan (9.5 T), the trip was pretty unsuccessful and we decided to look for shoes online.

Reagan really liked some bright orange shoes, but they were a “little” big for her!

New driveway step one

Our driveway is pretty sad looking so after a lot of thinking it through we finally decided to move forward with getting our driveway, from the house to the bridge, tar and chipped.

The first step was to clear off all the extra loose gravel (which we had moved to other parts of the driveway) and get the area by the back door (which was bricked) built up and ready!

Now it’s a waiting game for the weather to get nice enough (and dry) so they can come and actually tar and chip it!

November class visit

On Tuesday I got to spend my morning helping in Reagan’s preschool classroom! It’s always fun to see how Reagan spends her day and I enjoyed getting to assist! To make it extra special we made ants on a log and brought them for her class snack.