Home from vacation!

We pushed through and made it home Thursday! We traveled 2724 miles and while it definitely wasn’t our longest trip, we had a great time and some wonderful experiences!

Heading home from Texas

Friday morning we started heading home from Texas. It has been a good trip and while we technically had time to head further west, the weather (lots of snow) and me feeling nauseated definitely played into our decision to just head home.

Our first stop along the way was for some breakfast and then we decided to stop at the “other” Richland College. This was done mostly as a joke because we work at Richland Community College and get calls and emails all the time from students and faculty from the Richland College in Texas. Our website is the first one that comes up when you do a search for Richland, so a number of people obviously don’t look further than that!

We just left Richland and were getting ready to head for the Interstate when Reagan puked all over. All over her all over her car seat, it was just a mess. Luckily there is a Walmart around the corner just about everywhere and we were able to find one pretty close. We all went into Walmart and got cleaning stuff (spray, towels, etc) and I took Reagan into the family bathroom and stripped her down and gave her a sink bath while James went out to tackle the car seat and car (yuck!). Overall I think we did a good job cleaning things up, but the smell was definitely still there and didn’t help my nausea. Luckily Reagan wasn’t actually sick sick, just car sick because she hadn’t eaten anything at breakfast and only drank some chocolate milk.

After this auspicious beginning, we finally got on the road for real! As we were leaving the Dallas area we got to see some of the tornado damage from a few days ago up close. There were a lot of homes and apartments damaged from the storm and it made me very thankful that it never got close to where we’d been staying.

Thankfully the rest of the day was pretty uneventful and Reagan was feeling much better!

We traveled pretty late, but it was worth it because we should be able to get home by tomorrow!



Today I was getting on James about being negative about things and his response? I have high standards, why do you think I married you? Not much I could say after that… Darn he really knows how to end/win an argument fast.


Reagan’s 4th birthday!!

Reagan is FOUR years old today!! So hard to believe my baby girl is four and is getting so big!


We had a busy and fun day planned for her starting with a visit to the trampoline park!

Everyone had a great time, but as we were getting ready to leave Ty realized that he had lost his wallet in the big foam pit. This resulted in just about everyone getting in the foam pit and working their way down to the bottom to see if we could find it.

We never found it, but thankfully within a couple of hours of leaving someone did find it and everything was still in it! Whew, crisis averted!

After the trampoline park, we had some lunch and relaxed a little bit before heading to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and playing!

When we got back from Chuck E Cheese we celebrated Reagan’s birthday with some cake and presents!

I think Reagan had a full and fun birthday and she seemed to have a great day!! In addition, she managed to spend the 4th birthday in a row outside of Illinois! First birthday was in Florida, 2nd was in Iowa, 3rd was in Florida, and 4th is in Texas! Looking forward to seeing where she’ll spend her 5th birthday!

Grandma is here

After not so patiently waiting we (me, Reagan, Ty, and Jacob) got to go to the airport and pick up Grandma!! Everyone was VERY happy to have her there!!

The grandkids kept Grandma busy so I could get a little rest and James could get a little work done!


Christmas 2015

Christmas was pretty low key. We woke up and went to Ty’s house to open presents, had breakfast, and then mostly just relaxed and let the kids play the rest of the day!

Christmas Eve 2015

Things were pretty relaxed for Christmas Eve and about the only thing we did special was to take the kids to the park so they could run off some energy!!

On our way to Dallas

Beautiful 80 degrees and sunny in Texas today! After stopping at the huge convenience store we made a stop at the Thinkery Children’s Museum in Austin.


After leaving the museum we stopped for some Chick-fil-a and then ended up taking some crazy (2 lane, 75+ mph) back roads to Dallas/Ft Worth!

Once we got to Ty’s James ripped into his new laptop (that he’d had shipped to Ty’s house) and the nephews helped!

Then we enjoyed some yummy pizza!! It was great to be at Ty and Austin’s and Reagan seemed to be super happy to see her cousins!


On our way to Grapevine, Tx we stopped at the Buc-ee’s in New Braunsfel, TX. At 68,000 sq ft it’s famous for being the largest convenience store in the world! It’s got 120 fuel pumps, 83 toilets, and 31 cash registers! It’s hard to explain other than immense!


San Antonio

Tuesday we headed into San Antonio to do some sightseeing! We started with an authentic Mexican breakfast/lunch and then over to the Pearl and the River Walk!

We started by doing some walking around, but then soon decided to take the river taxi to get the best view of everything!