Going to have a great day…

You know your day is going to go great when your four year old is naked as a jaybird when she gets in the car to go to preschool!

James’ only comment? Good thing we have a long driveway!

Painful weekend

I’m having some painful complications associated with my wisdom tooth removal (and no good pain drugs). Not only does my tooth hurt, but I’ve got a headache and ear ache that just won’t go away.

Thankfully my Mom came down for the day to baby me! She made mashed potatoes, yummy homemade turkey veggie soup, cleaned and vacuumed, kept Reagan busy, gave me a 30 minute massage, and overall just let me get some sleep!

This was hugely needed and greatly greatly appreciated!

Seeing the baby

Today the College is having all college meetings all day, so I don’t have to teach tonight. Because of that we decided to take Reagan with us to my SIU doctor appointment in Springfield. We thought she’d like seeing the baby (on the ultrasound) and then we’d take her to play at Ergadoozy! Unfortunately this wasn’t as great of a time as it could have been because I’d gotten my wisdom tooth out the day before and I was still in a good amount of pain.

For the actual appointment Reagan was only partially interested in seeing the baby. It was cool for the first 5 minutes and then she was ready to be done. Thankfully everything looked really good! I’m 15.5 weeks and my cervix looks perfect (nice and thick) and the baby looked healthy and active as well!

Afterwards we went to Ergadoozy (my first time) and stayed there for quite while Reagan played (and we might have played a little as well!).

When we were done playing we ended up at Olive Garden for dinner! Yum Yum! What a great time and even though I hurt, it was still worth it!

Wisdom tooth

Starting last Friday, my bottom right wisdom tooth had been hurting pretty bad. I kept thinking it would get better, but it didn’t and the worst part was that since I’m pregnant I can only have Tylenol (which really doesn’t do anything for me). By Sunday it was so bad I called and left a message with my Dentist that I needed to get in ASAP. Thankfully they called first thing Monday morning and were able to get me in almost immediately!

At the dentist they took a look and said yes, it looks like it needs to come out. They didn’t want to take an X-ray because I’m pregnant, but said they would see how quickly they could get me in to see the specialist who could take my tooth out. Amazingly enough the specialist had an opening that afternoon so later that day I went to get my wisdom tooth pulled.

I’ll say that the specialist who pulled my tooth was quick and efficient, but they had to hold my jaw/head to get it out. I didn’t feel any pain when they pulled the tooth, but before I even left the office I was in a lot of pain – they couldn’t give me much for the pain, so what they did give me wore off quickly.

I initially went back to work, but it was just long enough to say I was going home. I got home and laid down with an ice pack and tried to relax. Unfortunately the pain was pretty bad and because I couldn’t take any anti-inflammatory drugs (like ibuprofen) it seemed like I really wasn’t getting any relief. Ouch, ouch! Hopefully I start feeling better in the next day or two!

Warm weather

Amazingly Saturday ended up being a beautiful day! It was so nice that I decided to take Reagan to the park to play and enjoy being outside in the fresh air!


Gender DNA

Since finding out the gender of the baby and explaining to Reagan why the gender was what it was (XX = girl & XY = boy), James thought he’d go into more detail and set up a fun game for Reagan to learn more about where the XX or XY came from.

Reagan seemed to enjoy it and I have to admit James was pretty creative in how he set things up and did it with her.

Funny girl

Here’s a conversation Reagan had with her gymnastics Instructor this afternoon:

Reagan: Coach O my Mommy has a baby in her uterus.

Coach O: When will the baby be here?

Reagan: When it’s the size of a watermelon, but right now it’s only the size of a lemon.

LOL… You never know what Reagan is going to say/come up with, but it’s always interesting!

Good news!

We’ve been (not so patiently) waiting for the news of the DNA test I did for the baby back at the end of January. Today while we were at James’ Dad’s house having lunch (we had the day off from work) I finally got the call I’d been waiting on!

It actually started with the SIU doctor we’d seen the previous week calling to say she’d reviewed my medical files and she really didn’t think I was going to need the cerclage, but that she did want to monitor me every two weeks just to be safe. So good news! Yet while I was getting off the phone with her, another call came in and it was my regular doctor’s office. They had the news. The baby was healthy and didn’t have any of the trisomy disorders!!!!! In addition, they let us know the gender of the baby! James doesn’t want us to announce it yet, but I’ll give everyone the hint that James and Reagan both got the gender that they wanted! [I just wanted healthy!]

Yay! Baby is 14.5 weeks and we know the little one is healthy and that Mommy might not need a cerclage!

Because we were waiting for the DNA results we haven’t let everyone at work know I was pregnant, but now we can relax a little and let the secret out! Below the first picture is how I’ve been hiding it from everyone and then what I’ve actually been hiding!

Even though James didn’t want us telling everyone what we were having (gender wise), we did tell Reagan and both of our parents. Reagan was VERY happy!


Friendship day party

Friday morning I went with Reagan to school to help with her preschool class Friendship Day party!


They had a lot of fun activities for the kids to do and it was fun to go around with Reagan as she went to the different stations!


Making valentines

James decided he was going to help Reagan make Valentines for her class party! They cut out red paper hearts and then used blue frosting (don’t ask, Reagan picked it out) to secure candy hearts to the red paper hearts! [Note: She also added some Valentine Day stickers as well!]

On the back of the red hearts Reagan also included a happy Friendship day message; that’s what her class was calling it.

We put the hearts into plastic bags and included a message letting parents know that the blue was frosting and edible!