Mommy’s work

Reagan and James came in to get me so we could go to gymnastics. While I was packing things up Reagan thought she’d take over and do a little of my work for me!

Easter 2016

We celebrated Easter at Gene and Alice’s house! There was lots of great food and an Easter egg hunt for the kids!

20 weeks

Twenty weeks and baby is the size of a cantaloupe!


We were at the Feinstein’s and they had a cantaloupe so I couldn’t help but get a picture!

Coloring eggs

After we were done with the bunnies we headed to the Feinstein’s to color some Easter eggs!


Friday we went to my Grandparents in Bloomington to visit and to see the bunnies!! My Mom met us there and Reagan had a good time playing… and Mommy took the opportunity to get a nap!

Later that afternoon it was time for bunnies and Reagan was definitely ready!!

We had a great time and it was a lot of fun to pet the bunnies and to get to visit with everyone!!

19.5 weeks

I’m 19.5 weeks and we had another wonderfully good SIU check-up!! Cervix is nice and long with no funneling and baby looks great!

I know they didn’t catch my cervix issues until 21 weeks with Reagan, but I keep thinking that if I was going to have issues this time around they would already be showing up!

Fingers crossed for the next appointment! Not only will I be 21.5 weeks (so past where everything went to hell last time), but we’re also having the big full scan on the baby to check the brain and all organs!

First pedicure

Reagan got her first pedicure while we were in Kewanee! It was a girls thing (me, Reagan, and Grandma) and we all had a good time!


They asked Reagan to pick one color and she couldn’t pick just one so they did a rainbow of colors and a special flower on her big toe!


Took Reagan to vote with us this morning! Didn’t realize till I went to drop her off that we’re both wearing green this morning!


Easter egg hunt in Kewanee

While in Kewanee this weekend Reagan was able to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt at Windmont!

It was her first real hunt and she definitely wasn’t sure at first, but warmed up pretty quickly and did great collecting eggs!