New shelves

The downstairs has turned into a messy disaster. We’ve basically been just dumping things down there instead of putting them away since December. In addition, the smaller storage room was a huge mess as well. 🙁

I told James I really wanted to get it all cleaned up and organized, but that I needed a new set of shelves on the wall where we currently have a table (which was really cutting into storage space).

Jame definitely came through and even helped me cleaned stuff out so he could put up the shelves!


I’m super excited to have the new shelves and Reagan seemed to enjoy trying them out to make sure they were set up correctly and would hold plenty of stuff!

How do I hit people?

While waiting for gymnastics to start Reagan was hitting James (not hard) and he told her, “Don’t hit people like that.” Reagan’s response? “How am I suppose to hit people?”


Oh yes, little Miss Literal really is just like her Daddy! The apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree with these two!

Second lost tooth

Exactly one week from when Reagan lost her first tooth, she lost her second! It was the one right next to where she lost her first and I was wondering if it would come out because it was getting pretty loose and it looked like the adult tooth needed it to come out so it could come in!

Once again Reagan didn’t even realize she had lost her tooth, but she didn’t seem too bothered by it and was fine when I said the tooth fairy would still come!

23.5 weeks

We made it!! We made it to 23.5 weeks and my cervix looks perfect (yes, absolutely perfect) and baby looks great! I am officially no longer considered high risk and this is considered a normal pregnancy!! Yes, NORMAL! That means no bedrest!!! Yay!! I will go in again for a growth scan at 32 weeks, but that’s normal for all women over the age of 35. 🙂

To celebrate the good news we went to Cherry Berry in Decatur to enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt! You definitely can’t fake this type of happiness!!


Loves nature

Reagan has been playing outside since we got home and even wanted to eat her dinner outside! She brought me her treasures from outside and told me she just LOVED nature!


I think she has definitely missed spending time outside in the nice weather!


Grandma visit

Grandma Davis came to visit and we definitely kept her busy! The weather was beautiful so we did a nice long walk and exploring outside!

First lost tooth

Reagan lost her first tooth… at age FOUR!! She and James came to pick me up from work (to go to gymnastics) and when Reagan said something to me I noticed something looked funny. I asked Reagan to come here and when I pulled down her lip she had a missing tooth!!!

At first I thought maybe it got knocked out (Reagan didn’t even know it was gone until I told her), but when I looked in her mouth I could see a new tooth popping up through her gums!! How crazy!! Granted Reagan got her first teeth at 4.5 months (and had a full mouth by 1 year), but loosing her teeth this early? Absolutely crazy!

t ball practice

Reagan had another t ball practice and once again, she seems to like it ok once she gets out there but getting her out there isn’t easy.

Overall after a few practices it became clear that Reagan wasn’t ready for t-ball so we decided to hold off and try again next year!

21.5 weeks

We made it to 21.5 weeks and my cervix looks perfect!!! Yay!! I know they’re going to check one more time in two weeks, but for me this was the big check-up. Since I’m not having any problems this far along, I feel like I’m out of the woods and in the clear!

Today was also the big scan of the brain and all organs and Baby looks perfect! Everything is growing right on track and looks good!!


At this point in my pregnancy with Reagan I was already on bedrest, so to have made it this far and everything look good just feels amazing!!! Just two more weeks and if everything looks good then I’m officially considered a normal pregnancy!


T ball

This was the first year that Reagan was old enough to play t-ball so we thought we’d sign her up and see if she liked it. So far she seems to like doing some things, but doesn’t want to go out and practice unless Daddy is out there as well.