Questions for Reagan

I asked Reagan these questions and found the answers pretty cute/interesting. 🙂


  • What’s your name? Reagan Kay Jones
    How old are you? 4
  • When is your birthday? December 27
  • How old is mommy? I don’t know. 100 years old. How old are you mommy?
  • How old is daddy? 100
  • What’s your favorite color? Green
  • What’s your favorite food?  Watermelon and chili
  • Who’s your best friend? Mommy and Paige (Feinstein)
  • Your favorite show? Wild Krats, Doc McStuffins, and Handy Mandy
  • What’s your favorite movie? I don’t want to watch a movie. I don’t like movies.
  • What’s your favorite song?  Twinkle twinkle little star – and then she sang it.
  • What’s your favorite animal? I don’t have a favorite animal. Not yet. Zebras.
  • What are you scared of? Spiders and ants
  • What makes you happy? My mommy and baby [sibling] and Paige and Jill and Daddy
  • What makes you sad? When I don’t have anyone paying attention to me.
  • Whats your favorite word? Watermelon
  • What do you want to name your new baby [sibling]? – Kupatana (from the Lion Guard on Disney; means a day of peace)

First swim 2016

After a long struggle with trying to get the pool ready for the summer, James finally got it figured out! The really cool part of this is that Reagan is finally tall enough to stand up in the shallow end with her head above water! Guess she’s done some growing since last year!

Fun with the Feinstein’s

Monday we went to the Feinstein’s for a cookout and to let the kids have some fun outside!

Reagan got to go on a slip and slide for the first time, which she loved!!

Then after dinner they had a water balloon fight!

Overall it was a great way to spend Memorial Day!

Impromptu Bloomington Trip

Saturday afternoon James needed a few things from Menards, and we were craving Chick-fil-a, so we decided to take a trip up to Bloomington to cover both things! We also hadn’t seen my Grandparents in a while so we made plans for them to join us for an early dinner at Chick-fil-a.

At first Reagan was pretty excited, but she didn’t get enough of a nap on the way there so she ended up rather cranky and not in the mood to be social. Luckily, even after eating her dinner on the floor because she didn’t want anyone to see her, she eventually warmed up and then shocked us by asking if she could go to my Grandparents house to play! We weren’t expecting this and when we explained that we still needed to get groceries she started wheeling and dealing to ride home with my Grandparents and have us meet up with her back at their house. My Grandparents were ok with this, so we buckled Reagan into their car and off they went!

James and I then did a super quick trip through Meijers and headed to my Grandparents to see how everyone was doing! When we got there Reagan was leisurely sitting on the porch watching for us with her Great-Grandma.


Reagan and the Grandparents had a nice time together and once we got there we decided to go on a little walk around their community. It was nice to walk and chat, and overall I think all of us had a great time!


Eagles nest additions

James wanted to make the Eagles Nest a bit more fun for Reagan so he added a few things we had around the yard/barn!

While they were busy playing I was working on the yard, but pretty soon they came to get me to show me what else they had added!

It’s great to see Reagan having so much fun playing outside and being active on her new Eagles Nest!!


Results are in

My gestational diabetes results are back and I’m fine! Yay!! I got the results when I came in for my rhogam shot, where they also confirmed that yes, I am A- blood type. Got my shot and I was back out the door. Overall probably the quickest doctor appointment I’ve ever had!

Test Strips

Wednesday morning James and Reagan went out to the pool to try the new test strip kit for the pool. This kit is like a mini Chemistry set and requires you to use different chemicals and titrate! Pretty cool and Reagan definitely enjoyed helping!


On Tuesday another surprise arrived for Reagan! This time it was a sand (or snow) excavator!! She’s always loved playing with these at playgrounds so James thought it would be cool to get Reagan her own!



Today for my baby doctor appointment I got to do the gestational diabetes test. Fun fun stuff.

Basically they have you drink a really nasty super sugary drink (has to be done in 5 min or less) and then an hour later they take your blood to see how your body is able to process the sugar. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t drink anything other than water, a minimal amount of milk (in cereal and that’s about it), and very occasionally a little juice. This means this sugary drink tasted really super awful to me. James made jokes while I was trying to get it down and that helped keep my mind off of it!

My regular appointment was no big deal. I’m measuring on track and baby’s heartbeat was good. Afterwards I got my blood taken and now it’s just a wait to see my test results! I’m hoping I get them on Thursday when I come back to get my rhogam shot (needed because I’m A- blood type). Ah the fun of being pregnant!


When we were putting Reagan’s Eagles Nest together I was holding one part and James was holding another and we needed Reagan to go get a part to keep everything together. James asked Reagan to get it for him and and when she did he sighed in relief (it would have been really difficult for one of us to hold it together while the other got the needed piece) and told Reagan thank you. Reagan looked at James and asked him, “Are you being sarcastic?”

This totally caught us off guard because we weren’t expecting a 4 year old to ask this type of question. James told her no, he was thankful for her help, and Reagan said good and then walked off. James and I both looked at each other with surprised looks on our faces because we couldn’t believe Reagan knew and used the word sarcastic the way she did. When she walked back by we asked her what sarcastic meant and she told us that you don’t mean what you say. Guess that answers that question, she definitely knows what sarcasm is.