Pretty much every day this summer we’ve been swimming at least once! It’s pretty awesome to have a pool and we have definitely been taking advantage of the hot weather!

Four and a half

Reagan is 4.5 years (well technically on the 27th she was 4.5) and I thought I’d do an update on what she likes and what she is up to.


Reagan LOVES Lucky Charms. No idea how this happened, she had been on a Rice Crispy kick for a long time, but she switched to Lucky Charms and hasn’t looked back! And this isn’t just for breakfast, this could also be a snack or sometimes dinner!

Chili, yes, chili. Reagan loves eating chili (even in the summer) and won’t eat it with a spoon, but instead will dip her saltine crackers into the chili and eat it that way.

Greek yogurt is another favorite. In the past she liked the plain Greek yogurt with fresh cut up strawberries, but for a few months now she’s been enjoying strawberry yogurt by itself and/or with whole strawberries that she dips into the yogurt. She also seems to occasionally enjoy key lime yogurt and can even get the yogurt she wants out of the fridge on her own and open up the yogurt container!

Anything mint! Reagan really likes mint flavored things, but especially mint chocolate chip ice cream (as long as it’s GREEN) and Andes Mints (the little after dinner mints, also in a green package).

Favorite meal – Baby steak or pork chops (baby just means cut into small pieces), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and LOTS of butter on the side (she dips everything, even the meat, into the butter).


GREEN. Reagan definitely has developed a love of the color green and it is by far her favorite color. For a while she wouldn’t wear something unless it had green on it and we had to get her green shoes (ended up being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because they were the only green ones we could find in her size).


Reagan has been really into books lately. Here are some of her favorites: Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, anything by Dr. Seuss, Good Enough To Eat, Mama Henrietta, Babies Don’t Eat Pizza: A Big Kids’ Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, The New Baby, I’m a Big Sister, as well as many other books that she’ll sporadically have me read.

TV Shows

Reagan is still pretty into Doc McStuffin, but lately we’ve been watching a LOT more Handy Mandy. She will still watch a variety of other shows (Octonauts, Bubble Guppies, Nature Cat, Wild Kratts, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Dora, and Diego. Yet, she is really really not into watching actual movies, even kids movies.

Favorite Things to Do

Swim! Swim! Swim! She loves being in the pool and playing and splashing around!

Art. Reagan loves to cut up paper (she has open access to her own scissors), loves to color, and loves to glue things. Overall she just really enjoys art type stuff!

Playing with her stuffed animal and dolls. Reagan also enjoys playing with her many many different stuffed animals and dolls and comes up with some pretty interesting and elaborate situations that they are in (normally related to real life stuff).

Being outside. In general Reagan loves being outside doing things – walking around looking at things, picking fresh fruit, playing in the mud (or any water), and helping Daddy and riding around with him on the tractor!

This summer

This summer we took a break from external activities. No gymnastics, no t-ball, nothing extra. Reagan goes to her babysitters during the day on Monday-Thursday, afternoons/evenings are at home or doing errands with Mommy and Daddy. Friday-Sunday is “Mommy, Daddy, & Reagan time.” We’re either at home doing things or out and about doing things as a family.

Reagan’s regular evening routine is that we get home and putter around a bit (sometimes have dinner) before going outside and swimming. Normally Reagan swims while Mommy waters plants and the garden. After swimming we go inside and eat, sometimes take a bath, play (normally some type of art work and/or playing with her stuffed animals/dolls), and watch some TV. Reagan gets warned how many shows she can watch before bed and will normally have a snack with her last show. After the last show she gets her teeth brushed, we read books (normally 4 of them), and then we turn off the lights and it’s time to go to sleep! Normal bedtime with this routine is between 9:30-1opm.


Reagan is very independent minded and makes her own decisions about things – and isn’t easily swayed! She is very intelligent and picks up on things very quickly, asks good questions, and has an amazingly diverse vocabulary (which she uses correctly).

New Baby

Overall Reagan seems pretty excited about the new baby. The other day she was patting my belly and talking to her baby. She was telling the baby that the baby needed to hurry up and come out because she wanted to play and do things with the baby. Reagan also likes talking about all the ways she’s going to be a good big sister and help out, so hopefully she’ll be a big help once the baby comes!

What not to say

These types of conversations are just too funny not to share and I hope they serve as a PSA to others of what NOT to say to someone that’s pregnant!
To set the scene, I went to an open house here at work and had the following two conversations in within 10 minutes of each other.
Guy1: When are you due?
Me: Middle of August.
Guy1: Wow, I would have thought like tomorrow!
Guy2: I didn’t recognize you walking down the hall.
Me: Really?
Guy2: Yeah, you didn’t even look pregnant until you turned sideways then I could tell it was you because you’re so big. When are you?
Me: Middle of August.
Guy2: So you’ve got a ways to go?
Me: Yes.

Bath paints

Monday afternoon Reagan went for a pretty long swim, but after we got inside she decided she needed an after swim bath! In getting the bath ready she found the [not so well hidden] bath paints and begged to use them for her bath. I relented and she ended up having a great time and actually didn’t get things too messy!

Shampooing carpets

Over the last few days we’ve completely cleaned our bedroom and Reagan’s room, like clean, clean! As part of this cleaning I decided to shampoo the carpet in both rooms as well as the hall area outside Reagan’s room and the living room rug and furniture! Yes, quite ambitious, but it definitely needed it!

Reagan wanted to watch me shampoo the carpet in our bedroom so I told her she could watch from the bed, but she had to stay there until I was done. She made herself a pillow fort and got herself ready to watch. Before I was even done she was passed out on the bed, with the shampooer going and everything! Guess watching someone shampoo the carpet isn’t that interesting… 😉


More pasting fun

Reagan’s second pasting project was a butterfly! She didn’t get all the way done with this one – she wanted to go out and swim half way through – but it’s looking pretty good so far!

Biting flies

We’ve got some really nasty biting flies around the yard that don’t seem to be impacted by the pesticide James sprayed. He did a bit more research and found out they are attracted to blue and online people recommended getting a plastic blue hat and putting this sticky glue stuff on the hat to trap them. James went ahead and bought the needed supplies and then he and Reagan went out to see how it worked!

It was pretty cute to see them heading down the driveway and Reagan seemed pretty determined to catch some flies on her hat!

When they got back from walking around the yard (and picking and eating blackberries – check out Reagan’s mouth!) it was clear that they definitely caught some flies!! Yuck!!

Not sure how practical it is in the long run since there are a ton of those little biting buggers in the yard, but it was fun and good to know what attracts them… now if we could only do this on a grander scale!


Paste Activities

I got Reagan an activity box filled with different pasting projects. Reagan loves doing art (of all types), so she was super excited to try out her first project!

Reagan had a great time coloring her fish and then pasting the tissue paper gills all over it’s body!


33 week check up

Thursday afternoon we went to my 33 week check-up (a day early). Not much fanfare for this visit as it was just a normal visit. We got there early and while waiting for my appointment saw a Baby Name book and decided to look at names. As of right now we’ve tossed around a few names and thought maybe we had one, but ultimately we ended up back at square one – with no name.

As we were going through the baby name book James came across this page and commented on the fact that apparently only girls could be “sexy” and “sweet” while only boys could be “strong” and “wimpy.”

This really seemed ridiculous, especially because we’ve said from the beginning that we wanted a strong name for this little one. The book was published in 2008, but still how sad is it that this type of gender stereotyping goes on before kids are even born!

Back to my actual appointment… Everything went fine. My blood pressure was good, baby heartbeat was good (Once they found it! The little one was moving all over and not cooperating!), and I’m growing at the right pace. So, nothing really to report other than everything looks good, no reason to not think I’d make it to 34 weeks – when I can safely deliver in Decatur versus Springfield or Champaign. Decatur hospitals aren’t equipped to handle babies that are younger than 34 weeks; which is exactly why I ended up at Carle in Springfield with Reagan! Onward to 34 weeks!!

Bumping around

Thursday morning Reagan ended up sleeping along the edge of my belly. She wasn’t on it enough to hurt, but she was on it enough that her little sibling was able to kick her in the head! I was could feel the baby kick and then see Reagan’s head go up a little, so I know she was getting it. Yet, Reagan just slept through her little sibling kicking the heck out of her and didn’t even stir. Too cute, but I wonder how it will be when they are both older!