65th Wedding Anniversary

Had a great time celebrating my Grandpa & Grandma Jones’ 65th wedding anniversary!


It was a great day yesterday and it was wonderful to spend time with so many family members!

Aikman Wildlife Adventures

Fun afternoon at Aikman Wildlife Adventures! Possibly the last Jones family adventure with just the three of us??

We not only did the walk through the park, but also took the wagon ride (instead of driving our own car).

It was a fun time and definitely something we’ll have to do again after the new baby comes!

38 weeks

Thirty-eight weeks today!!

And still no baby…

I know things are going to be crazy when the baby comes in August so I decided to do some meal prep. Reagan of course was happy to help!

Jill’s birthday

For the second year in a row we celebrated our friend Jill’s birthday with some swimming and then dinner at Fuji!


Reagan swimming

Out of nowhere Reagan decided to start swimming on her own today!! She was playing with James and then dunked her head under the water and swam to me!

She then turned around and swam back underwater to James!


Hair cut

In anticipation of the new baby Daddy and Reagan both got their hair cut!



Little bit sad

My hands down favorite conference of all time is the yearly Canvas (InstructureCon) conference. We’ve been as a family (me, James, Reagan, and my Mom) for the last three years and we’ve always had an absolute blast. It’s normally a highlight of our summer and we were 100% planning on attending this year as well… that is until we found out we were pregnant and due the middle of August! Yep, no conference in the mountains of Colorado for us when I’m 36-37 weeks pregnant!

In general this probably wouldn’t have been quite as big a deal except I also do contract work for Canvas, which means I not only communicate on a daily basis with a lot of people who are at the conference this year, but I also work online in the Canvas Community where a lot of information, posts, pictures, and video were being posted about how awesome the conference was. So yeah, I’ve been a little bummed.

Luckily, a few of the Keynote presentations were live streamed so Tuesday night James and I both tuned in to watch the opening Keynote by the CEO of Canvas, Josh Coates. It was a funny and overall interesting keynote, but the best part was when he put up the following slide!

Yep, who is front and center with my name and picture?? Yours truly! How  cool is that?? It was pretty awesome that even though we aren’t able to attend this year, I was still part of the keynote!

As an addition, later in the week, someone from the Canvas Community included me and James on his status update and what he said definitely brought out the warm and fuzzies (at least for me!).

So yes, I’m sad that we weren’t able to attend, but it’s nice to know we’re making enough of a contribution in the Community that we are missed when we’re not there! And as for next year?? Plans are for ALL of us to be there will bells on – first time as a family of four plus Grandma! 🙂