Making slime

Reagan really wanted to make some green slime so Daddy got the ingredients and helped her make it tonight!

They had a good time and ended up having a lot of fun making it!



Sisterly love

I love that Reagan loves baby Kennedy so much and I love that Kennedy already seems to know and like her big sister!

I know there is a 4.5 year age difference between them, but I hope as they get older they’ll be able to play together and remain close.


K’s first time in the pool

It might be the last weekend of September, but it’s 90, sunny, and our pool is still open!

We had some friends over for a cookout and had Baby K in the pool for the first time!!

Tired Daddy

I think Daddy and Kennedy were worn out today!

Fishing trip

Kennedy’s first fishing trip and Reagan’s first fish that she caught 100% by herself!!

Big day for both my girls, but Reagan was a bit more excited!


Getting Big

Both of my girls are getting so big!!


Kennedy had her first FULL day at the babysitters and yes, it broke my heart, but she did just fine!

Argenta Fall Festival

Saturday we headed out to the Argenta Fall Festival. It was a nice relaxing time and Reagan loved riding the horses!

Afterwards we went home and relaxed and Reagan and I even got some snuggle time in while baby Kennedy was sleeping!