Halloween at school

Mommy had a busy afternoon so Grandma Davis came down and went to Reagan’s school Halloween party!

They then went and picked up Kennedy and came to Richland to see everyone!


Happy Halloween

Reagan trick or treated for a little bit and then spent the rest of the night handing out candy, including ALL of her own candy!

Thank you to the Feinstein’s for the fun evening!


Family pictures

My Mom came home with us after Deb’s birthday party and we used this as a great opportunity to take some family pictures at home!

We started with our annual tradition of getting a picture on our porch of all of us!

And then moved on to take some pictures out in the yard!


Today I got the necklace that I ordered a couple of weeks ago to represent all my loves.

It’s my KRJ necklace – a gold chain with three gold discs with the letters K, R, & J. This necklace is meaningful because my initials are KRJ (Kona Renee Jones) and my family’s initials are KRJ as well (Kennedy, Reagan, & James). To make it even more special I got everyone’s birthday’s on the back of their letter! I actually had a similar necklace that was given to me back when Reagan was born, but I decided that since our family is now complete I would upgrade to a super nice version.


Deb’s Birthday

Sunday we went to Bloomington to celebrate my Aunt Debbie’s birthday!


Halloween Hoopla at the Zoo

Saturday we met up with Cody and her family at the zoo for Halloween Hoopla. We’d never been and were amazed at how busy it was and how long we had to wait in line! Yet, it was a lot of fun and we ran into the Feinstein’s who were doing science experiments at the zoo for the kids!

My girls

More pictures of my girls. Love them so much!

AO Fall festival

It was the AO Fall festival and we had a ton of fun!

We took a great family picture!


Reagan having fun playing one of the many different games!

Reagan and her pumpkin


Sleep is kind of precarious thing around our house so it’s not surprising that James woke up this morning to find his girls crashed on the couch like this.

What’s really funny though is that I didn’t know that James took this picture and I woke up and found Reagan sleeping with us and thought it was cute and took this picture!