President Carter

When we got to Sombrero Beach they were starting to put up barricades to keep people from parking in certain areas and to keep people from sitting on the beach too close to the main entrance. When we asked what was going on they told us that they would be releasing a sea turtle from the Sea Turtle Hospital and Rescue in about an hour. We thought that sounded pretty cool so when it got close to when we thought they were doing it we headed down to watch.

What we ended up seeing was former President Jimmy Carter and a lot of his family help with the release of the sea turtle!

Here’s an article that discusses more about the release and how Carter helped – Former President Carter Helps Release Rehabbed Sea Turtle

After we got home I found this video of the event. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing check it out starting at 2:02

Notice anyone that you know…

Yep, it’s James standing there in the background during the interview portion with Jimmy Carter!

Day 16: Sombrero Beach

For our last full day in the Key’s we decided to stay in Marathon and go to Sombrero beach. It was a little cool out, but the water was ok and there weren’t many people on the beach!

Amazingly enough, while we were on the beach former President Jimmy Carter and his family showed up with people from the local Sea Turtle Rescue and Hospital to release a turtle!

All of the adults thought it was really cool, but the kids were more disappointed that they didn’t really get to see or touch the sea turtle.

Luckily we still managed to have a lot of fun!

And to really see how much fun it was check out the following video!

Day 15: Key West

On Thursday we headed south to Key West! Our first stop was Nancy Forresters Secret Garden, which is a parrot rescue. The place wasn’t huge, but we got to get up close and personal with the parrots which is something you wouldn’t be able to do at most places!

Reagan had a blast and asked a ton of questions (which the ladies very nicely answered!) and got to hold and feed parrots! Totally made her day!

We then left and (finally) found parking so we could meet up wtih the Feinstein’s at the Rooftop Cafe or some authentic Key West sea food!

The cafe was in Mallory Square so afterwards we did a little souvenir shopping.

While in the area we also went through the Shipwreck museum.

View from the top tower at the  Shipwreck museum.

Afterwards we stopped and got some key lime pie and ice cream at the Blue Iguana before heading back towards Marathon!

We ended up stopping for pizza at the Upper Crust in Marathon before actually getting home and collapsing from the long, but fun day!

Like mommy?

I showed Reagan this picture this morning and she thought it was her!! Guess she might look a little like me!

Notice the hamster in my pocket? wonder if we have that coming as well? 😉

Reagan’s 5th birthday

Five years! My big girl is five years old today and is precocious, feisty, spirited, and knows what she wants! Reagan’s intelligence and understanding amazes me and I can’t wait to see what the next five years bring! Love you to the moon and back my first baby girl!

Want to see what Reagan did for her birthday? Check out the following post – Day 13: Reagan’s Birthday

Day 13: Reagan’s birthday

We started Reagan’s fifth birthday by having special birthday pancakes!

Then we drove to Islamorada, FL to visit Theater of the Seas: Marine Mammal Park.

Reagan had a blast and even got to throw a ring to a sea lion!

We had a fun time and after we were done we grabbed some lunch and then headed to Founders Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Islamorada!

Reagan has been loving the beach and she had a great time playing in the sand and splashing around in the gulf!

Mommy and Kennedy also had a good time searching for sea shells!

Overall it was a lot of fun at the beach and the kids literally ran around chasing each other!

Reagan fell asleep on the way back to the house, but when she woke up she helped to make her birthday cake and then decorate it; which was her choice when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

After we got the cake decorated we sang happy birthday to Reagan!

We then had cake and ice cream and Reagan opened presents!

At the end of the day Reagan said she had a great birthday and it’s hard to believe our little girl is now FIVE years old!

Crazy travel memories

We are having a blast on vacation! As those of you who are FB friends have seen, we’ve been quite busy and having lots of fun!! 

Yet, some of the back (non-FB) stories include Reagan getting car sick because of the mountain roads and puking all over, Reagan having a cough/cold and me spilling the RED sticky medicine all over my jeans (after we were on the road for the day!), then James spilling the same medicine all over Reagan and the car, crazy people staying in the suite above us who were running laps and singing bad karaoke until 2am, and a timeshare lady trying to “convince” James (for 30 min) that her spiel wasn’t an attempt to sell him anything. 

 Fun times and we’ve still got 13-14 days left! Can’t wait to see what else happens on this trip!

Day 3: Meandering through Kentucky

We started our day by checking out Cumberland Falls, which is known as the Niagara Falls of the South.

We then drove to a place where we could view Natural Arch. Which was cool, but not too awesome when compared to the arches at Arches State park in Utah!

Unfortunately the winding roads got to Reagan and she puked on our way down the mountains.

Luckily she ate some saltine crackers and felt better in time for our visit to the Harlan Sanders Cafe and Museum (aka – KFC museum).

After eating and checking out the Museum we started heading towards Virginia and actually went through the highest point in KY along the way. We spent the night in Big Stone Gap, Virginia and had a good time playing in the pool before heading to bed!

Four months

Kennedy is four months old!

She’s had lots of new experiences even these last few days including sitting in a highchair for the first time at Cumberland Falls Lodge, and her first cave tour and golf cart ride at Kentucky Down Under!

Overall Kennedy is much more alert. Starting to know who we are and that we’re real people. She’s giving us lots of big smiles and talking to us as well! 

Day 2: Kentucky cave county

It was super cold out when we got up in the morning and was in the 20’s, but felt like 11! We stopped at Dollar General for hats and gloves for James (Reagan ended up getting a panda hat and new gloves as well!).

We then headed to Dinosaur World! The gift shop is huge and extensive in it’s selection and I was happily surprised by the number of dinosaurs we saw on our walk through their paths! It was kind of cool that we were pretty much the ONLY people there so we *might* have crossed the ropes to get a little closer to the dinosaurs. [No dinosaurs were touched or harmed from the taking of our pictures!]

It was a fun time, but I bet it would be even more fun when the weather isn’t so cold!

We next ventured to Mundford, KY to see Kentucky Stonehenge. I was expecting something a bit more like Foamhenge (so kind of cool), so was slightly disappointed at this. It was literally in someone’s backyard and while we could easily see it I didn’t feel comfortable getting out and walking up to it.

Our last stop for the area was Kentucky Down Under right outside Horse Cave, KY. Due to the freezing cold weather I went ahead and rented a golf cart for us to drive around the park and this ended up being a great idea and helped a lot!

We started with a short but interesting cave tour that was and perfect for Reagan in terms of the length of the tour (about 20 minutes) and the size of the cave (not too big!).

Afterwards we warmed up a bit by the fireplace in their gift shop before heading back out into the cold to see the animals!

We started with watching sheep herding in action and petting some lambs, but the highlight by far were the kangaroos! We were once again almost the only people at the park and so we got an extra special tour of the kangaroo area by one of their primary trainers. He personally escorted us around and told us about the kangaroos and allowed us to feed them as much as we wanted!

Reagan had an awesome time and overall it was quite a highlight of our day!

Afterwards we drove 2.25 hours to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park (inside the Daniel Boone National Forrest) for the night. We ate at the restaurant inside the lodge and Reagan really enjoyed the raccoon who stopped to visit while we ate.