More fun in puddles

Reagan really does love playing in the mud and puddles from all the rain we’ve gotten lately!

She also likes it when I video her doing stuff like this!

She’s so funny… “I’m going to sit in this puddle!”

We also checked out the fruit that’s growing around the yard. The blackberry bushes are exploding with blossoms and the cherry and peach trees seem pretty loaded with growing fruit!

Reagan also had a blast playing in a little mud hole over by the pool! Kennedy (who was in her carrier strapped to me) was giggling and squirming and I could tell she wanted to get out and play as well! I would have let her, but she’s still in the stage where everything goes in her mouth (including the mud!). By next year though she’ll be able to get out and run and have fun with her big sister!

And after all that fun in the mud it was time to get cleaned up! Thankfully Daddy hooked up warm water running to the outside so Reagan had a warm outdoor spray down!

Eagles Nest Climbing

Reagan has come a long way since last year when we first got the Eagles Nest for her and is getting up and climbing on it all by herself!

Kennedy also wanted to try climbing, but is a little too small this year!

Daddy also decided to show off his talents and climbed up to the top! Go Daddy!

And before going inside, Reagan had to try out the pool. The water is still pretty cold and James doesn’t have it cleaned out yet, but that didn’t stop Reagan from dipping her legs in!

Fun in a box

I’ve been using the box the swing set came in to keep Kennedy contained while we do things outside. Unfortunately I underestimated her reach and she managed to grab some dirt out of a planter and got it all over herself!


Kennedy LOVES to swing and Reagan LOVES to swing her! What a perfect pair!

Playing in the mud

It’s been raining and raining and raining… which luckily for Reagan means lots of mud and puddles to play in!!

I especially like this one… you can’t make me get out… well unless you offer me warm milk!

Fun outside

It was a beautiful day so Kennedy and I took a walk around the yard!


It was a nice walk and we also got to see what Daddy and Reagan were up to out by the pool!