Day 13: Reagan’s birthday

We started Reagan’s fifth birthday by having special birthday pancakes!

Then we drove to Islamorada, FL to visit Theater of the Seas: Marine Mammal Park.

Reagan had a blast and even got to throw a ring to a sea lion!

We had a fun time and after we were done we grabbed some lunch and then headed to Founders Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Islamorada!

Reagan has been loving the beach and she had a great time playing in the sand and splashing around in the gulf!

Mommy and Kennedy also had a good time searching for sea shells!

Overall it was a lot of fun at the beach and the kids literally ran around chasing each other!

Reagan fell asleep on the way back to the house, but when she woke up she helped to make her birthday cake and then decorate it; which was her choice when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

After we got the cake decorated we sang happy birthday to Reagan!

We then had cake and ice cream and Reagan opened presents!

At the end of the day Reagan said she had a great birthday and it’s hard to believe our little girl is now FIVE years old!

Happy Holidays

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over! It’s been a crazy year and I can honestly say it’s been quite a whirlwind with the unexpected pregnancy and then birth of baby Kennedy! Yet, overall it’s been a pretty good year for the Joneses.

Family Updates:

Reagan will be turning five at the end of December and is in her second year of pre-school at Argenta-Oreana. She loves school and has amazing teachers that know just how to work with her spirited personality. Her favorite things include arts/crafts, playing outside, and her baby sister!

Kennedy is turning four months on the 16th of December and has a very sweet disposition/personality. She has mastered rolling from her back to her front, likes to suck her thumb/entire fist, is full of smiles, and overall is a pretty chill and relaxed little girl. Her favorite things include her big sister, Daddy playing the piano, and Mommy milk.

Kona is keeping busy with her job as Director of Online Learning, teaching Statistics as an adjunct Instructor, and doing extra contract work for an educational technology company (Canvas – the learning management system used at her main job). Kona’s free time is pretty limited, but she enjoys reading, taking pictures, and keeping the family blog up-to-date.

James is also pretty busy with his full time job as Professor of Mathematics, part time position as Internet Systems Specialist, and answering questions and creating/programming “Canvancements” for the online Canvas Community. James doesn’t have much free time, but seems to enjoy working on his tractor and doing other house/outside projects.

We didn’t travel too much this year since Kona was pregnant with Kennedy, but we have a big (3,000+ miles) driving vacation planned for this December! Time to introduce Kennedy to our Jones family traveling traditions and get her state count started!

For 2017 we have some big travel plans in the works for the end of July, Reagan will start Kindergarten (which seems impossible!), and Kennedy will turn one year old! Looking forward to a great year and wish everyone an equally wonderful 2017!

Happy Holidays!

James, Kona, Reagan, & Kennedy

Halloween at school

Mommy had a busy afternoon so Grandma Davis came down and went to Reagan’s school Halloween party!

They then went and picked up Kennedy and came to Richland to see everyone!


Halloween Hoopla at the Zoo

Saturday we met up with Cody and her family at the zoo for Halloween Hoopla. We’d never been and were amazed at how busy it was and how long we had to wait in line! Yet, it was a lot of fun and we ran into the Feinstein’s who were doing science experiments at the zoo for the kids!


Saturday afternoon we went over to the Feinstein’s for dinner and to let the kids play. We also got our obligatory picture of Kennedy in the leaves, but she definitely wasn’t too impressed!


K’s first Dr apt

Friday our friend Jill came over to see Kennedy and ended up taking Reagan home with her to play for a bit!

While Reagan was having fun with Jill and her kids, James and I took Kennedy to her first Dr’s appointment.

Kennedy looked good jaundice wise, but weight wise was down to 7lbs 8oz (this is from 8lbs 10oz at birth). The doctor said it wasn’t uncommon to see babies lose this type of weight, but that he wanted to see her back in the following week.

Jill’s birthday

For the second year in a row we celebrated our friend Jill’s birthday with some swimming and then dinner at Fuji!


4th of July

For the 4th of July we really didn’t have any plans. The weather wasn’t nice enough to have people over to swim (it was overcast and cool most of the day), but Reagan did get in for a little bit in the late afternoon (when it warmed up a little bit) while I was working on some stuff. Otherwise it was a pretty boring low key type of day, definitely not your typical 4th of July.

In the early evening I got a text from the Feinstein’s asking if we wanted to meet them in Clinton to see the fireworks. I honestly hadn’t been planning on going to see fireworks – James wasn’t interested, Reagan didn’t know/understand it was 4th of July, and I was tired – but figured that the good parent/mom thing to do would be to take Reagan!

Thankfully it ended up definitely being the right thing to do and Reagan had an absolute blast and I had a nice time as well!

I started the evening by trying to get a couple of decent pictures, but that didn’t work out too great…

What did work out was letting her play with sparklers! Reagan had a wonderful time with the sparklers!

I think her favorite part was running around and chasing the other kids with them!

Once the fireworks started Reagan sat down and for the most part seemed to be watching and enjoying them! Quite a switch from previous years when she either fell asleep or didn’t seem interested at all!

It was a nice way to end the long holiday weekend and I’m really glad we got to see some fireworks and spend some time with our friends!

Fun with friends

Saturday afternoon we had some of our friends over to swim and for a cookout! The yard and around the pool is looking really nice and it was good to be able to share this with our friends!

James even went all out and created a homemade slip and slide! A few of the kids tried it out, but James got to be the first (and best) at sliding!

It weather was nice and warm and the pool was cool without being too cold, so pretty much perfect for swimming and having people over!