Reagan’s first sparring class

Reagan is getting closer to being ready for white belt testing in June, so we thought it was time that she tried a sparring class. Here’s a video from her first time sparring — not too bad!

Before sparring, Reagan did a forms class and since it’s May (Mother’s Day month), Mommy got to attend as well!

AO Talent Show 2021

Reagan has wanted to participate in the AO Talent Show for a number of years, but never knew what she could do as a talent. This year, thanks to the pandemic and the talent show being done in remote fashion, she was finally able to!

Reagan Starts Taekwondo

Reagan has been begging us and begging us (well before the pandemic) to do Taekwondo. There is a place in the mall and Reagan would always want to stop and watch the other kids practicing. James and I finally broke down and agreed for her to do a trial class. She did her trial class this afternoon and LOVED it! In fact, she loved it so much, we went ahead and signed up for three months!

First horseback riding lesson

Reagan had her first horseback riding lesson today! It was at Stout Horse Farm in Argenta and Reagan was super excited! 

She had to learn about the horse she would be riding (Gracie) and how to get her saddled, and then it was time to ride!

Here’s Reagan riding Gracie during her first horseback riding lesson!

Reagan had a blast and it was really cool to see her actually riding a horse! The trainer who was giving Reagan her lesson was also super patient and a great teacher! She definitely knew her stuff and knew how to work with an excited 5 year old!

Overall it was a great experience and Reagan can’t wait for her next lesson!

Last day of Pre-K

Friday was Reagan’s last day of Pre-K at Argenta-Oreana. When Reagan started preschool two years ago she told her teachers that she was going to “train them like she trained her parents.” Thankfully she had an amazing and experienced team that knew how to work with her and not break her spirit. Reagan has come so far, loves school, and is excited for kindergarten in the fall.

For her last day they planned on going to the park, but because of the rain they ended up in the classroom having fun and doing all sorts of cool things!

Like singing and dancing!

And playing in the different centers!

It was a fun time and I enjoyed getting to see Reagan in her school environment! We also got to give Reagan’s teacher, Mrs. Ravenscraft her thank you gift for being such an amazing teacher!

It has been a great two years and we’re excited to see what new adventures Reagan has in Kindergarten!!