Second anniversary

It’s our second anniversary and so many things have changed in the last two years! We moved to our dream house, have traveled all over the United States and beyond, and have grown closer together as husband and wife through the highest of highs and lowest of lows.


Yet the biggest change in our lives?


It’s due to arrive Christmas 2011!

The little Gummy Bear at 11.5 Weeks!

Yep, we are 16.5 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be happier! Everything is going well other than me being tired and a little nauseated here and there, but I just figure it’s the baby busy growing!

Some people already know about the baby, but we decided to go ahead and come all the way out! It was getting hard to hide, especially since I really wanted to update the blog and haven’t been able to  since the end of April because we didn’t want the pregnancy out on the blog yet!

So, if you follow our blog, please take the time to go back to April to catch up on everything we’ve been up to including our crazy 6,444 mile trip in May 2011.

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about the baby, here are some of the posts we’ve just now made public!

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It’s been a crazy two years and I can’t wait for many many more to come!


Halloween was spent mostly painting, painting, and more painting… I had decided the previous week that I was done painting, but the boring WHITE walls in the downstairs bathroom were driving me crazy so on one of our numerous trips to Menards during the week James helped me pick out a great shade of blue.  It isn’t nearly as dark as the navy blue on the bottom of the downstairs guest room walls, but is more of a deep colonial blue.

For some crazy reason I had it in my head that since the bathroom was so much smaller than the other bedrooms I had painted, it wouldn’t take long at all to finish.  Wrong!! The bathroom ceiling drops right by the door, but then goes back up within about 2 feet, so there were multiple corners on top of all the miserable trim work!!!  Thus, I was still working on the first coat of paint when James looked in the door and asked, “Do you know what time it is?”.  I told him no, I was a little busy and hadn’t been paying attention and he said it was almost 6PM!  This wasn’t good because we had a Halloween party at Nancy & Scott’s to go to that started at 7PM!  So, I quickly finished up the first coat of paint, cleaned up the brushes, and tried (without getting to take a shower) to clean myself up so I looked halfway presentable. Luckily, we ended up only being about 15-20 minutes late and people were still arriving when we got there.

I had never been to Nancy & Scott’s house, so I was really excited to get to see the inside of their home.  It’s a “dome” house (here are some examples of dome houses from a google image search) and they have been fixing it up and modernizing it without loosing the aesthetics of the original house.  Nancy gave us a tour and it was amazing!  They are still working on it, but have gotten a lot done already (absolutely LOVE the kitchen!) and it is easy to tell how nice it will be once they finish.

After finishing the tour we grazed over the abundance of great food Nancy had prepared for the party.  The main course was chili and hot dogs (cooked over the fire), but there were a ton of side dishes, extras, and desserts!  Eventually I had to stop myself because even though I knew I wasn’t hungry the food was so good I wanted to keep eating!! Yet, as a last hurrah, I got the makings for two smores (James just grabbed some of the chocolate) and headed out to the bonfire to cook the smores and enjoy the fire!

Nancy & Scott had set up hay bales around the fire, so we found a spot to sit and relax.  It was nice after all the craziness of the past couple of weeks to just sit there, watch the fire, and listen to the conversations going on around us.  After a little while, Nancy went and got some type of flammable liquid that produces “red” fire when set ablaze.   Some weren’t that impressed, but after letting the liquid soak into the wood (or dried grass) for a while you really could see the “red” in the fire when it caught.

We hung out for a little while longer, but after the long day of me painting and James working on school stuff we were both exhausted and ready for bed.  We said our goodbyes and then headed home for the night!  Overall, a productive and pretty good Halloween!

Welcome to our blog!

Greetings and welcome to our blog! This blog was created for a number of reasons including (1) for us to keep track and remember all the fun things we’ve done, (2) for our families to keep track of what we’re up to, and (3) just as a place for us to post everyday musings, new words that James creates, and anything else that strikes our fancy.  Hope you enjoy!  James & Kona


This is one of many pictures from our Utah trip this May 2009