First horseback riding lesson

Reagan had her first horseback riding lesson today! It was at Stout Horse Farm in Argenta and Reagan was super excited! 

She had to learn about the horse she would be riding (Gracie) and how to get her saddled, and then it was time to ride!

Here’s Reagan riding Gracie during her first horseback riding lesson!

Reagan had a blast and it was really cool to see her actually riding a horse! The trainer who was giving Reagan her lesson was also super patient and a great teacher! She definitely knew her stuff and knew how to work with an excited 5 year old!

Overall it was a great experience and Reagan can’t wait for her next lesson!


Our little daredevil! She climbed into her car seat and was in it backwards and upside down and giggling the whole time!

New hamster cage tour

Reagan got a new small cage for her hamster and joined it together with her big cage to create one gigantic cage!

Here’s is Reagan doing tours of the new cage.



This picture makes me think about and wonder what things are to come once the girls are old enough to actually drive! Ah the fun these two sisters are going to have!

More fun in puddles

Reagan really does love playing in the mud and puddles from all the rain we’ve gotten lately!

She also likes it when I video her doing stuff like this!

She’s so funny… “I’m going to sit in this puddle!”

We also checked out the fruit that’s growing around the yard. The blackberry bushes are exploding with blossoms and the cherry and peach trees seem pretty loaded with growing fruit!

Reagan also had a blast playing in a little mud hole over by the pool! Kennedy (who was in her carrier strapped to me) was giggling and squirming and I could tell she wanted to get out and play as well! I would have let her, but she’s still in the stage where everything goes in her mouth (including the mud!). By next year though she’ll be able to get out and run and have fun with her big sister!

And after all that fun in the mud it was time to get cleaned up! Thankfully Daddy hooked up warm water running to the outside so Reagan had a warm outdoor spray down!

Hamster fun

Reagan having some fun with Cherry this afternoon!